Monday, January 19, 2015

Tony's Tastes Of Italy On Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 @ Company's Coming With Ed And Jinny Fleischman @ 3313 Ross Place, N.W. Washington D.C. 20008, ; Turn Your Love Of Food Into A Fun Dinner Or Party This Fall!

It was a great event and I was happy to come and pff er a selection of Italian wines to go with their meal to be prepared and eaten there, on the spot, with Ed and Jinny of :  1) Bruschette with Blue Cheese and Apples,  2) Red Potato Vinaigrette,   3) Sicilian Swordfish Rolls, and ... 4) Cheese Tart With Pears.

Picyures and more to follow, cheers, TONY   1/19 / 2015

Happy Martin Luther King Birthday today, Monday ... enjoy ....

Happy Martin Luther King birthday today, this is a special day indeed, a time to reflect, to lookb back, to see the present and to work towards the future, ... for me to be less-prejudiced, to be more open, to be more accepting, to embrace and help and support those that need me and my faith and my trust and my committment , and not my prejudice, none of it, ... as, unfortunately , we all have some, and I am embarrassed for mine, and I try to look beyond it always, do no racial profiling at all, to treat everyone as my equal, to be open to everyone equal, no matter what their color or race or religion, to embrace life and people and all animals in their uniqueness and humanness, ... with humbleness and gratitude for having them 'in my life. I am enriched by everyone and I am very happy to celebrate Martin Luthers birthday today. I am off and able to appreciate this day more as a result. Cheers. his is a watercolor that I did in the past in a series, enjoy it!

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