Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reflecting Back On TABLAS CREEK Vinery / Vineyard And How It Started Finding Two Sales Sheets Earlier Today As I Cleaned My Art / Wine Office And Made Many Wonderful Discoveries!

Just like this discovery of the two sales sheets that made me smile as I had been refering back to these days in my most recent conversations with Jason Haas through his last visit to Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits as well as posts made here on Facebook. What fun, what grand memories, what a stretch I thought the whole thing was way back when Danny first came with bottles for me to try. And look at where TABLEAS CREEK VINEYARD / WINERY is today!?! Fine, elegant, silky and balanced wines that are really starting to show lots of mettle. depth, agility and grandeur, richness, soulfulness, earth , fire, darkness and flame and style, termerity, virtuosity, elasticity, groans and moans and muscle and brawn and dirt and all-things NAURE including dust and sandpaper and toast and burn and wrinke and dried and daring, all-in-one : le monde, on ne peut pas demander plus que ca nos amis! A bientot, et bonne annee 2015 TABLEAS CREEK!     Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 1/ 25/2015

Here to two sales sheets are as they should be, cheers, check out the previous post here, too. Cheers, TONY 1 / 25 / 2015
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  • Anthony Quinn #tablasCreek #Tablas Creek Vineyard Cheers all, go ther for more info and for the history, I will post this all now in a short blog form going down memory lane at : TONY 1/25/2015
    I often combine many things here and do use the word " chat " liberally as I feel it is like being face-to-face with...
  • Anthony Quinn Look what I just found as I was cleaning up, continuing to clean up my office space and Jason Haas and I were talking about the start of TABLAS CREEK that I remember so well so many moons ago and that I tasted with Danny Haas and bought and sold to help get the ball rolling, so to speak many equal suns ago! Cheers, thanks Danny, thanks Robert, thanks Jason, thanks Olivier, thanks Sal .... thanks, merci, and a lady was in the store the other night and thrilled that I had ABLAS CREEK red blend and she bought two bottles, LOVE this, this is what it is really all about, sharing, cheers, giving info and stories and making it easier for everyone to enjoy their wines! Wine, food, table, blanket on grass, feet gangling in brook cool and refreshing water, sunshine, moonlight, warmth, great cheer, grand vibes and food, laughter, love, conversation, kisses and hugs, smiling eyes, and joy and health and fine wines like this! Cheers, TONY 1 / 25 / 2015 .... 19 YEARS since this 1996 Marsanne dry and flavorful white and the 1996 Cuvee Rouge TABLAS HILLS VINEYARD, I have that colred sales sheet, too, I will include it here soon. Happy brrrrr gray Sunday with snow coming later tonight here 1-3 inches expected, good to have some fine wine and fine food on hand ....

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