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Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Store Email From January 22nd, 2013 : On : Saint-Didier De Parnac Cahors, Long Trail Vermont Brewery, Matiz Ribera De Duero, Teorena Vinas Viejas Dry Red Spanish Of Garnacha & So Much More!

From Tuesday, January 22nd, ... in the past ... enjoy while I write today's store email, cheers, we have whatever you need for tonight's State Of The Union address ... TONY 1/20/2015
Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

WE START OUR WINE CLASSES this Saturday, january 26th, 2013 from 11;30am-1pm
with six wines. cost is $10 a person, call 202-363-4265and sign up or respond to
this email. we need a minimum of six people to hold each class, bring friends,
make it a great experience , learn and enjoy all in one!

INAUGURATION I wrote about starting up again our Saturday wine classes and I am
game if you all are? You have over the years approached me where you can learn
more about wine? The answer is : " here, with me ". I have done them now for so
many years and to make this first class really a great experience we will
include a dry red, white and rose and an off-dry red and off dry white and one
sparkling wine, too. I want to cover some of the various styles and types with
this first class and so it will be fairly broad to set some boundaries so that
we may better understand the enormity and the excitement of the wine world
available to all of us today, especially those of us fortunate enough to live in
big cities like Washington D.C. where there are more choices available to us.
IT'S ALL VERY ENRICHING, very exciting. Let's create some wine noise together
this Saturday.

that Abe, John and Maggie were headed that way yesterday and I have to catch up
with them now. Karen posted a nice picture of the Washington Monument seen
through a bunch of leafless brown trees that I liked. Kathy posted one of
President Obama and Michelle Obama walking along in the motorcade just before
the Viewing Stands. It was exciting to see so many great performing bands from
around our great country. That was very inspiring. All the colors, the motion,
the sounds, the energy and on a beautiful day, too with a splendid sunset and
all. I watched the parade until the very end myself and saw later that President
Obama was there until the last and largest band from Virginia marched by in all
their splendid uniforms. Quite solemn and impressive.

WE HAVE SO MANY " NEW " PRODUCTS to offer you all. Here are some to bring to
your attention on a really cold, brisk, bright, baby-blue skies and chilly
blasts of invisible wind day! It's beautiful and so cold!!



1) Apple Ale from REDD'S ( On Special for $9.99 a six-pack of 12-ounce
bottles, 5% alcohol by volume, reddsappleale.com , ) is an ale with natural
apple flavors and caramel color. Try some.


1) John John Ale from ROGUE, Pale Ale Brewed with Juniper Berries and Aged
in Spruce Gin Barrels ( On Special for $10.99, 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottles, 13%
alcohol by volume, Newport Oregon, since 1988 ) is made with no chemicals,
preservatives or additives. Try some!

2) " Blitzen Bier De Noel, Belgian-inspired Christmas Ale from Blue
Mountain BARREL HOUSE ( $12.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl Oz bottle, 7% alcohol by volume,
www.bluemountainbarrel.com, from Arrington, Nelson County, VA ) : " ... Dark,
spicy ales full of character will emerge from the cellar and join your meals,
bringing a brightness to the end of another year " ... and a liquid brightness
to this cold Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 day as well! Cheers.

3) STOUT Brewed with HOG ISLAND Sweetwater Pyster Shells : " Marooned on
Hog Island " ( On Special for $10.99 a 4-pack of 12 Ounce Cans, Hog Island
Oyster Co., 21st-amendment.com, 7.9% alcohol by volume ) - this is something to
be experienced! Cheers.


1) Brown Cacao Liqueur from MARIE BRIZARD ( $25.99 a 750 ml bottle, 25%
alcohol by volume, France, www.mariebrizard.com ) , make the Alexander :
one-third Cream, one-third Marie Brizard Brown Cacao and one-third Cognac and a
shaker. Try some, a real step-up and worth the money!


1) Rich Dark Chocolate from Vincent VAN GOGH ( $27.99 a bottle, 35% alcohol
by volume, 100% grain neutral spirits caramel colored, since 1879, Royal
Dirkzwager Distileries ) is naturally infused dark chocolate flavored vodka. Try
some. Good for this biting cold.

2) Gin from Washington Island, Wisconsin's DEATH DOOR ( $36.99 a 750ml
bottle, since 2005, 47% alcohol by volume, deathdoorspirits.com,one4gl.org, 1%
for the Great Lakes , distilled from grain, Middleton, WI ) : " ... DEATH'S DOOR
GIN is about more than just the exceptional product ... Inspired by the the
treacherous stretch of water between Washington Island and the Wisconsin
mainland that bears the name ' Death's Door Passage " , a group of committed
individuals set out to create products that could RESTORE the small farming
community. PROTECT the local environment and PROMOTE the bounty of this special
place ".

3) Tequila Reposado 100% Agave Azul from CABO WABO ( On Special for $42.99
a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, Jalisco, Mexico, cabowabo.com ) is : "
handcrafted from 100% Estate Grown Weber Blue Agave in the lowlands of Jalisco,
Mexico, our tequila reveals the true flavor and earthy character of it's origin.
... ". Try some. Cheers.

4) Rum Aged 4 Years Three Stars Rhum BARBANCOURT, aged in oak ( $19.99 a
750ml bottle, 43% alcohol by volume, 100% sugar cane rum, from Haiti, Port of
Prince, www.barbancourt.com ) is pot-stilled from 100% pure cane sugar juice and
aged in imported white oak casks in a method similar to the finest cognacs. ...

5) The ORGANIC Mid Coul, Coulmore Mains of Tullibardine Farms ORGANIC Islay
Single Malt Scotch Whisky from BRUICHLADDICH Progressive Hebridean Distillers (
$62.99 a 750ml bottle, 46% alcohol by volume, Isle of Islay, Scotland, using
Bourbon casks, Jim McEwan the Head Distiller ) is " new and exciting " for us.
Try it! Cheers!!



1) 80% Chardonnay & 20% Semillon dry white 2008 Blend from the Wine Men
of GOTHAM ( $9.99, South Australia, 13.8% alcohol by volume, Adelaide ) is made
by GOTHAM by it;s owner Bruce Clugston that comes to see us here when he's in
the area ) is dry and flavorful and perfect for this biting cold weather. I just
had to include it today having just read this past week about the original
Batmobile in the early t.v. series having been recently sold for a whole lot of
money! Come and try this dry white blend and watch an old episode of the
original series and have fun and smile and enjoy this excellent wine! Cheers.

2) 2011 Chardonnay from South Africa's Swartland, this " Collection "
series with the deep bright key-lime green color label from RIEBEEK CELLARS Est.
1941 ( $8.99 a 750ml bottle, 14% alcohol by volume ) " ... offers intense
tropical flavours well balanced by a crisp acidity to ensure a fresh & fruity
wine enjoyable at any occasion. "

3) Reserva Viognier dry white by TABALI and made in Chile's D.O. Limari
Valley ( $16.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, www.tabali.com ) is from an
up-and-coming wine region in northern Chile. It's dry and flavorful and it sure
did show ell this past weekend and sell really well when our local wine rep
Marcie Weinstein tasted it with our customers this past Saturday from 2-6PM.

4) 2011 Gewurztraminer from VALKENBERG, Weinkultur seit 1786 ( $16.99, 10%
alcohol by volume, from Germany's Pfalz region ) also was showing brilliantly
this past Saturday when Marcie poured it for everyone from 2-6PM. It was so
fresh and bright and flavorful and easy-sipping, such a delight to drink with or
without a meal. Medium-bodied, not too strong one way or the other, no bite,
full and rich on the palate and a delight to sip all by itself. It's a perfect
cold-weather wine and it will hold it's own against many a meal in our winter
time. It may be showing better than ever before. I was very pleased tasting it
here this Saturday afternoon!


1) 2011 South Eastern Australian Shiraz from GOSFORD Reserve ( $8.99 750ml
bottle, 13.9% alcohol by volume ) is smooth, silky , a softer-dry, less bite,
less burn. It's a perfect sipping Shiraz and what a great value, too. It's just
so pleasing and smooth. Sip and relax and smile and feel good about life and
yourselves! Cheers! Marcie poured it here this past Saturday afternoon from

2) 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon from Arentina's Mendoza region and made by
NAVARRO CORREAS, this " Colleccion Privada " ( On Special for $10.99 a bottle,
regularly $$15.99 a bottle, 13.9% alcohol by volume , www.ncorreas.com ) is the
single wine that back in 1983-85 set the standard for the wines here in the
United Sates from Argentina. If it was as good as the NAVARRO CORREAS Colleccion
Privada then it was a wine to be reckoned with!!! And today at only $10.99 a
bottle it represents a great deal still. We've sold over a hundred cases so far.
The price had to go up a dollar but it's still an amazing deal and so far it is
already doing really well this 2013! TRY SOME, you will be pleased and not

3) Dornfelder off-dry German indigenous grape-variety from VALKENBERG (
$14.99 a bottle, 9% alcohol by volume, Qualitatswein b.A. ) is a fruity
medium-to-light-bodied delight of a red that should be chilled up to 30 minutes
and enjoyed all by itself or with food, too. It's so easy to enjoy all by
itself. It will also be great soon on Valentine's Day when everyone needs some
easy-sipping red to match with some chocolate and strawberries. You should get
some now while you still can. It's perfect and so pleasing. It tasted great this
past Saturday afternoon when Marcie tasted it with our customers from 2-6PM.

4) 60% Carmenere/ 40% Syrah dry red blend from Chile's Elqui Valley , this
2009 Reserva ( $15.99 a 750ml bottle, 14.5% alcohol by volume,www.falernia.com
) is flavorful and really got some body , weight and attitude. It's a
rich-tasting, medium-to-fuller-bodied red to enjoy with a meal or tasty hors
d'ouevres. We really like it and it's perfect for this colder, windy weather.
Enjoy it now, no need to wait. Made by a fine Italian winemaker in Chile with
grapes that originally came from France. Carmenere has become " the red grape "
for Chile. and when blended like this it shows even more potential as it is not
a heavy grape on it's own.


1) BUY ANY BOTTLE at $20 Or MORE and SAVE 20% OFF the marked sticker price.
2) BUY ANY 6 Bottles or More of Still/Non-Sparkling Wines and SAVE 15% OFF
the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY ANY 12 Or MORE Bottles of Still-Non-Sparkling Wine & SAVE 20% OFF
the marked sticker prices.
Included in all of this are sherry, port, madeira, marsala, sake,
half-bottles, magnums, 3-5liter bottles, boxes of wine.
MIX things up some and cover all your needs and SAVE BIG here at Cleveland
Park Wines & Spirits!
CALL Michel or Tony at : 202-363-4265 and we can help you with your orders.
PAY on WEDNESDAY and SAVE BIG here at CP Wines & Spirits!


Wednesday : SAVE BIG all -day long on our 3-part still weekly Wednesday
Sale mentioned above.

Friday, January 25th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : 3 Tastings -
1) We have Frenchman Damien coming to pour from Opici imports and this
includes some a) fabulous French Cahors' Malbec from the Lot region south of
Bordeaux. It's from the SAINT-DIDIER DE PARNAC, since 1755, that I imported
here into the United States way back in 1984 I believe at the Mayflower Wines &
Spirits. The wine is tasting great now and it's great to have it back! b)
Damien will also pour a fabulous Vinas Viejas from Calatayud, Spain, the dry red
Garnacha/Grenache from TEORENA , www.castillodemaluenda.com for more info , and
the c) MATIZ Ribera Del Duero dry red, too. WOW, really special wines this
Friday with Damien.
2) Santos has a rep from LONG TRAIL, a Vermont brewery coming to pour a
selection of their beers at the same time.
3) Ravi has a organic FIO Pisco Peruvian tasting going on at the same time,
using no water or additives.
JOIN US, NEVER any charge for our tastings. EVERYONE is always welcome.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) : We have John and Theresa Morrison
of BOUTIQUE Selections coming to pour some of their great selections. This will
be a treat : some South Africa wines along with some from California, Oregon? We
will see? Join us, something perfect for this cold weather. Cheers, JOIN US.

CHRIS DUROCHER Of National-Republic Distributors and Veronique Beittel , owner
of FLEMISH LION just came by and we are setting up a tasting of Veronique's
products here in February : of the 1) DIEP 9 Old GRain Genever, the 2) DIEP 9
Young Grain Genever and the 3) DIEP 9 Passion Fruit Genever. Probably a Friday
with a local D.C. mixologist. This will be great! These are fine products indeed
with also 3 others available : the Red Currant, the Vanilla and the Chocolate!
Have you had them already? if not this will be a treat for everyone. Thanks for
stopping by Veronique and Chris. I was delighted to reconnect with you after our
first meeting/tasting several months ago!!!

I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY things and yet it's time to post this week's
store email. Thanks for everything. Check us out on our Facebook page and " like
" as we want to be there for you all : Facebook Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

ALSO : YOU CAN SEND WINE/LIQUOR/ BEER with us at : www.Cleveland Park Wines
Spirits.com. That is where it is legal of course.


YOU CAN ALSO HAVE PEOPLE register here to give you all wedding gifts?

WE DO MANY WEDDINGS here, that is, we set up the liquid liquor, beer and
wine side. 202-363-4265. Working on one now as I type ...

SO MUCH GOING ON HERE at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

LET US KNOW HOW we may help you. Cheers and thanks again, and Happy New Year
2013 to you all ... TONY

NEXT WEEK WE HAVE SEVEN EMPTY SEATS to be filled by you all. So, if you have
been debating about this and want to come call and/or email/respond to this
e-mail and let us know that you wish to attend. It's $10 a person and if you
cannot make this one there will be one on the next Saturday the 9th, 2010 (
11:30-1PM ) : same as usual.
special class for you please let me know and we will try and accommodate you,
but it will have to be early on Saturdays or perhaps on Wednesday evenings from
5- 6:30 PM? That can be worked on as I get the requests.Let me know. I just have
to work out the timing but I would welcome doing some more
in-store/wine-tastings crafted to your group of friends here. Let me know : call
or respond to this e-mail

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