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   Written January 15th, 2013 .... enjoy while I compose today's ...   TONY  1/13/2013

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matters. Trust me on this, I know. I want to teach you.
and so I am going to do something about it now as I have the means and the way
to do so and have I guess just been lazy about it over the years and that is my
fault and I apologize for this, really I do.

SO WHAT AM I GOING TO DO about it? I am going to offer starting now a
series of WINE-CLASSES here ( the first 3 are  in the store on Saturdays while
many of you are still asleep, enjoying the outdoors or having a nice slow
wake-up in the comfort of your own homes. I am thinking about a one-and-a-half
hour introduction wine-tasting starting not this Saturday.

WE WILL START AT 11:30 AM here in the back of the store and will start with
a half-hour INTRODUCTION about wine.

I WILL CONDUCT THEM, I have done them for many years having started way
back when I went to college after taking the very first Steven Spurrier
wine-class at the Academie du Vin/ Caves de la Madeleine, in Paris, France in
1974 I believe it was? I started small and taught myself over the years how to
do them, make them fun and educational all at the same time without anyone
knowing it as they would all get caught up in the moment.
COST FOR THIS FIRST CLASS is $10 a person. It will be for six different
wines that we will taste, and we can go from there. I will speak of the
wine-food pairing possibilities, of the four components of wine ( with a 5th
included sometimes ), how to taste and appreciate the wine. If I can get you all
to know, understand, appreciate your own palate and realize that that is all
that really matters, then I will consider my efforts to be very successful.

THE IMPORTANT THING  for everyone to realize is that their palate is as
important as that of anyone else. Learn it, learn that both the wines and you
are living things and constantly changing, and that place and time and
temperature all figure into the equation. It can be fun and you can learn to
actually taste most of the flavors in the wine that you pay for.

AT THIS POINT-in-time many of you pay for a bottle of wine and only taste a
third to a half of the flavors it holds, if that. That means that you are paying
too much for a bottle of wine when you only taste a half of it's flavors if
that! Harsh reality, let me help you change that for you. YOU WILL BE AMAZED at
the difference!

PRICES MAY VARY depending on the classes. But for now they will remain at
$10 a person to try six wines. WHAT AN AMAZING VALUE.
I will hold the next one the following Saturday  at the same time and for the
same price. The third class will be held on the following Saturday,  also at the
same time and at the same price.

PLEASE CALL MICHEL DUMAS OR ME ( TONY ) - 202-363-4265  and sign up now,
early as I do not want to take more than twenty people at each class. The space
here is limited and I do not want anyone to be inconvenienced or put-out as
there are too many people here at one time.
I WILL CONTINUE to offer them HERE as there are so many things to teach you
and for us to all share together. I will start work on that immediately once
that I begin this first BEGINNER'S SERIES of 3 CLASSES.I am happy to conduct
classes on any themes that you might be interested in. We can talk about that.

THIS IS A GREAT WAY to start 2013 : wine-food-getting to know your own
palate and appreciate it, not fight it, not accept another's  as your own, and
move forward. CHEERS.
CALL US AT : 202-363-4265/ or email us at :
anthony.quinn@clevelandparkwines.com,  or  :
michel.dumas@clevelandparkwines.com. CHEERS!

HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., and his day, too " I have a dream ... ".

WE HAVE ALSO FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA'S  2nd inauguration celebration whatever
you may need as well. Inquire now and that way we can be ready for whatever you
may want. Call : 202-363-4265. Cheers.

an exciting week for us as we get into 2013 and move forward and ahead with our
various projects. Life is good for the most part and that's encouraging. I just
finished putting some " new " email addresses into our system. I LOVE when you
all leave me your card because it helps to remind me of all of this as life
never stops and it's hard to keep up even when we all make the most valiant
efforts to do so.

WE HAVE A " new " REP , Chuck Leopold from Lanterna imports. We already
know Chuck and work really well with him. Welcome on board Chuck! Thanks for the
good wine-tasting/ sampling here last week.

WE SAW FOR THE 2nd time our Treasury Wine Estates rep, Lisa Barnes that
used to work with me years ago at Forman Brothers distributors. Lisa showed and
tasted me on some of the " new " Aussie ROSEMOUNT wines and we are now waiting
to see when she can come and do an in-store wine-tasting here? That will be fun.
The wines showed well, and they all have " new packaging " as well. Good way to
start the " new " 2013 year - freshly!

WE WELCOMED BACK from New York some of our favorite customers : Jack and
Sarah that love the CHATEAU FELICE " London Cab " dry red California red,
Bordeaux wines, and now, more than ever before the reds of Spain as they just
returned from a wonderful honeymoon there. Great to see you Jack and Sarah! I
did not know that your full name was Jonathan, Jack?! I learn something new
every day.

ONE OF THE PARTNERS of ST. ARNOLD'S Mussel Bar, Alex Herrgott made a
special point to speak with me a week or so ago and introduce himself. I
appreciate that, we are a tightly-knit community here an that is all very
important. Nice to meet you Alex. For info on ST. ARNOLD'S go to :
starnoldsmusselbar.com, 202-621-6434, 3433 Conn. Ave. N.W. Wash. D.C. N.W.
20008, 202-621-6434. The word on the street is that ST. ARNOLD'S is doing a very
good job and that people like their meals and experiences there overall. Cheers,
thanks Alex.

WE DID A SUCCESSFUL BEER TASTING here this past weekend with Drew Usry of
the Colorado Ales BRECKENRIDGE , mid-atlantic sales manager ( 471 Kalamath
Street, Denver, Colorado, 80204,  www.breckbrew.com.) Thanks Drew, we are happy
to have your ales here.      FOR THE LAST THREE or so weeks the paths of Samir
Dhir ( General Manager of Ardeo, Conn. Ave. Wash. D.C. www.ardeorestaurant.com,
Tel: 202-244-6750 ). I first met him there when Tim was leaving and I was there
with Tom Clare and the owner of ALTROCEDRO La Consulta, Mendoza, Argentina ( we
sell three of the wines, I love the 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Ano Cero, $19.99,
14.1% alcohol by volume, www.altocedro.com.ar) invited me to taste the Gran
Reserva Malbec. It was a treat. Samir got a taste along with Tim and we all had
a great time there at the bar. I look forward to working more closely with you
Samir in the future. Welcome to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and our lovely
neighborhood, as I realize you are joining us recently from the north. Cheers.

WE ALSO HAD Sid Dilawri, Vice-President of FILIBUSTER " Be Heard " Dual
Cask Bourbon spirits, finished in French oak barrels, Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Whiskey, $40.99 ...  here tasting ( 202-289-1414, Washington D.C. ,
sid@filibusterbourbon.com ). You can come back any time Sid. Call Ravi to set up
another bourbon tasting. Thanks again. The two sold well when you tasted them
here the other night. We have


ALE / BEER / CIDERS From Santos :

1) Oatmeal Stout Dark from Fine Colorado Ales BRECKENRIDGE Brewery ( On
Special for $10.99 a 6pack, 4.9% alcohol by volume, 471 Kalamath St. Denver, CO.
80204, 303-623-BREW ) : " Dark and Dreamy ... Smooth in Character ". Cheers.
Tasted mighty fine to me. Great winter brew ale. Cheers.

2) Bifrost Winter Ale  from ELYSIAN ( On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack,
7.5% alcohol by volume, www.elysianbrewing.com ) : " A bold and smooth winter
warmer - named for the mythical bridge connecting the mortal world to the
heavens. Hops : simcoe, Amarillo, East Kent Goldings, Styrian Goldings... malts
: pale, Munich, Crystal. " Try some. Cheers.

3) 950 Cuvee Quadruple Hopped Belgian Blond Ale from ABDIJ-ABBEY " Affligem
" ( $10.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, 750ml bottle, 6.8% alcohol by volume,
product of Belgium ), founded in 1062. History, tradition and great taste and

4) Avec les Bons Voeux de la BRASSERIE DUPONT, Vieille Bier sur lie,
non-filtre, non-filtered ( $10.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, 750ml bottle, 9.5%
alcohol by volume, product of Belgium, ) brewed and bottled by Brss. Dupont,
Tourpes. Cheers.


1) Natural Cherry from GRAND MARNIER  limited -Release Liqueur ( On
Special for $36.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, Louis-Alexandre
Marnier . Facebookcom/GrandMarnier ) is " new and exciting ! "

2) Opal Nera Original Black Liqueur alla Sambuca ( $20.99, 40% alcohol by
volume, Ghemme, Italy, www.opalnera.com, ) : " Sensual, Seductive, Satisfying,
Smooth. Intense anise with a hint of lemon. Serve straight or over ice with a
twist ". Cheers. It's a beautiful " new " package for a " classic " Italian
product from SAMBUCA.


1) Jonge 100% Grain Neutral Spirits Young Genever Gin from BOOMSMA (
$21.99, 40% alcohol by volume, from Leeuwarden, Holland, ) has been made since
1883 and we are thrilled to have it here. GREAT PRICE, affordable, how

2) RON VIEJO De CALDAS Rum, Aged 3 Years ( $18.99 a 750ml bottle, 40%
alcohol by volume, product of Columbia, ) is made by the Industria Licorera de
Caldas. We are pleased to have it as rum is such a hot category these days. This
one has been made since 1928, that's a whole lot of history for you! Cheers.

3) Premium Vodka Triple Distilled from 100% Pure Grain by ERISTOFF ( On
Special for $9.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, imported from France )
: go to : www.eristoff.com . WOW : What a GREAT DEAL!!! Try some while we still
have it!!!!!

4) Experimental Collection 23 year old Giant French Oak Barrel from the
BUFFALO TRACE Distillery ( $72.99 a 375ml bottle, - ONLY 4 BOTTLES AVAILABLE -
greatbourbon@buffalotrace.com - 1-866-729-3722 ) has got so much detailed info
on the front label! Come and get one of these 4 bottles available to us. Just
came in earlier today.

WINES from Michel and Tony :

1) Sauvignon Blanc 2010 from the TEN SISTERS , a Single Vineyard in
Marlborough, New Zealand ( On Special for $12.99, regularly $16.99 a bottle,
13% alcohol by volume, www.TenSisters.co.nz ) has ten sisters and one brother.
Look closely at the label. A family operation and we have Ellie here of the
family to remind us how good it is : like the French dry whites from the Loire
Valley - excellent! Love it!!

2) Shiraz 60% / 40% Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 dry red blend from 100 Year-Old
Vines in Australia's Barossa Valley , from HEATH WINES ( On Special for $21.99 a
bottle, regularly $34.99, 15% alcohol by volume ) : this is a treat and we have
a few bottles here for you all : first-come, first-serve. Cheers.

3) 80% Gaglioppo, 10% Nerello Cappuccio, 5% Cabernet Franc, 3% Cabernet
Sauvignon and 2% Merlot from SCAVIGNA, this " Vigna GARRONE " 2004 ( On Special
for $21.99, regularly $39.99 ) is a great , classic style of an Italian food
red, with a flavorful meal, a " Super- Calabrian red blend from southern Italy.
We have a few bottles left so , again, first-come/first-serve. Come and get some
and drink the very best!

4)  " Tigiolo " Rosso Veronese IGT from Begali Lorenzo ( On Special for
$23.99, www.begaliwines.it ) is a steal. You should get some : a ridiculous
price and value for this excellent 2008, 14.5% alcohol by volume. Again, limited
availability. Don't delay. Cheers.

5) 2009 DOMAINE LA CROIX CHAPTAL " Les Terrasses "  du Larzac, Languedoc,
southwest France red blend of Grenache and Carignan ( $19.99, 13% alcohol by
volume ) is a mouthful and a hearty food wine for this weather - a blend of 38%
Carignan, 38% Grenache and 24% Syrah. Great with a lamb, pork or duck dish, even
beef. Cheers. Go to : www/lacroixchaptal.com for more info.

PHILIPP and CLAUDIA just came from Switzerland to buy some wines for this
evening before heading back to Switzerland soon. I got them to try red wines
from Gabrielle Rausse , the Blue Nose Zin and some of the great Ridge Three
Valleys, too. We will see what they like. It was fun to sell to them both : open
to " new " ideas, and I sent them home with the wine maps of Virginia with
addresses and all. Cheers , prost, sante, chin chin Philipp and Claudia!  Have
a great visit!

WEEKLY - WEDNESDAY STILL-WINE SALE : 3-Part, January 16th, 2013 : ALL DAY
LONG! Call if you cannot come, pay and have it delivered or collect it later at
your convenience ( 202-363-4265 ) :
1) BUY ANY Still/non-sparkling wine over $20 and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker price.
2) BUT 6 or more still wines/ non-sparkling and SAVE 15% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
3) BUY 12 or more bottles of still wine/non-sparkling wine and SAVE 20% OFF
the marked sticker prices. If you cannot come, CALL. Ask for Michel or Tony.


Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 ( ALL DAY ) Still Wine/Non-Sparkling SALE :
3-Parts. Read above.

Friday, January 18th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : Sam of LVDH will be here to try
some fine Aussie wines with us all from owner Peter Logan of his own LOGAN
winery. Fine wines. Join us, never any charge. Come with friends and family.

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) Marcie Weinstein of Constantine
wines will be here to taste a selection of her Argentina and German portfolio
that includes a light and fresh Malbec, a Dornfelder fruity/off-dry red, a
flavorful Gewurztraminer and an excellent dry French Viognier. Two reds and two
whites, something for everyone as we approach Obama's 2nd term and the
festivities this weekend / as well as Martin Luther King's birthday. Lots to
celebrate. We will start here early on Friday.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we owe it all to you, you are the best! Cheers,  ...

DON'T FORGET : No-Corkage at Dino tonight and No-Corkage at Lavandou on
Monday nights. Buy a bottle of wine here and take it down to either restaurant
and do not pay any corkage fee for them opening the bottle for you. Tip the
waiters generously, though as you are not paying them on the bottle that they
open for you. Cheers.

Take care,  TONY    Check us out on Facebook, " Like " us on our Facebook
account at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

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