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Thursday, December 11th, 2014 PART TWO Anthony Quinns' Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Store Email On : Dindori Reserve Shiraz 2011 From SULA Vineyards, Nashick, India / Pinot Gris 2013 from Chateau d'Auvernier, Neuchatel, Switzerland / ' Il Dosso ' Barbarossa Romagna Itlaina Dry Red From FATTORIA PARADISO / 'Blanc Noir ' From DLC Dry White 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux / Bize LEROY White Burgundy Savigny-Le-Beaune / EVE'S CIDERY Sparkling Pery Pear / POLI Distillery From Soave, Veneto - A BRandy / & Much More : READ ON!!!

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PART TWO Of this TUESDAY'S Store Email : I have been under the weather and
so everything has been slower and more calculated for me and so I apologize
and will try and make up for it now on Thursday! FUN. I will list here an
assortment of really fun and exciting bottles of liquid joy and glee and
excitement and pleasure and learning, too : expanding your palates perhaps,
making ' new ' connections ' , yeah, connecting the dotes ...


1) Single Malt Scotch Whiskey ( from one single cask ) , un-chill
filtered, at natural color, distilled at ABELOUR Distillery for Douglas
ofDRumlanrig, On Special for $93.99 a 750ml bottle, from Speyside, this is
THE ULTIMATE craftmanship, the absolute care, the most authentic and pure
and true expression that you can have : WOW, this is incredible and I had a
chance to enjoy it, too : thanks to our local rep Alexis that came with
them and spent a couple of hours here with us tasting and explaining them.
What an opportunity, like being right there at the distillery and drinking
there, too, this is special indeed.

2)  Nurtured & then matured for 18 Years Natural Color from  ( time
and oak casks alone ),  from GLENGOYNE, a single-malt Scotch from the
Highlands, unhurried since 1833, $114.99 a bottle, from Robbie Hughes we
get this. He's the distillery manager and here we have so much finesse and
delicate nuances of flavor that are perfectly-balanced and harmonized, this
is a real treat for those wanting to taste the purity and the brightness,
the freshness and the silk and satin of a really fine single malt scotch :
LOOK no further! Distilled June 2000, Bottled : December 2011

3) Single Malt Scotch Whiskey from one single cask, distilled at
MACALLAN, aged 21 years, from Speyside, un-chill filtered, all natural
color,  distilled April 1990, bottled August 2011, for Douglass of
Drumlanrig, On Special for $187.99, this is again as close to the source,
and as pure and un-manipulated, as honest and authentic as an experience
gets. This is THE ultimate, try some, drink slowly, linger and relax and
feel so alive and so in touch!
4) Vodka Imported from Poland, distilled from grain and potato, "
Ultimat " , 100% neutral spirits, 40% alcohol by volume, this came to us
years ago by many people coming and and asking for it. On Special for
$42.99 a bottle, the dark blue glass bottle with silver-writing shouts out
that it is special, and when you combine this with the bottle-shape and the
silk and distinct quality of the vodka inside : well then you have the
complete package and then some, actually more than just some,... it's quite
the vodka and intriguing because it is a blend of both potato and grain, I
you never see that, so when you buy this you have something truly unique.
SPECIALS for you all to take advantage of. We also deliver for " no charge
"here in the area as long as you purchase $30 or more. You may tip our
drivers but that is optional and your choice. The important thing is that
your time is very valuable to you and it's being chipped at away by
everything today so we are happy to come and see you.

5) Brandy L'Arzente ( Brandy Italiano ) , distilled and bottled by
POLI Distillery ( Schiavon , Italy ) : On Special for $58.99, regular price
$75.99, for a 375ml bottle, this 1905 brandy is made in Veneto in the
Colline di Soave region, aged in Slovenian oak, beautiful color, and in a
FABulous Italian hand-blown glass bottle that is so classic and stylish and
would brighten up, and create conversation from taste to smell, to color,
to bottle, to place , to family and friends : this is pretty exciting,
really a lovely treat for the holidays.

6) Asian Pear Eaux De Vie from SUBARASHI KUDAMONO from in Ashford, CT
from ASian Pears grown in Pennslyvania is so SUBLIME, the definition of
SUBTLETY, liquid-clear-gleaming-glistling liquid that is as pure as
mountain water, ... of the gods, delightful and at $49.99 a bottle it also
comes in a great gift bottle and will be a grand accent for any event or
special moment. Highly Recommended.

7) Naturally sparkling Perry Pear that's fermented in the bottle from
the EVE'S CIDERY, $16.99, 8% alcohol by volume, this 750ml bottle was just
tasted here yesterday with our rep Jody Jackman, and I have to say that it
was so refreshing and lively, very distinct in taste as well, and perfect
to sip on while nibbling on something or some ... one ... yes, you just
have to decide what you like most when sipping it, maybe a combo of things
to serve along with it to draw it's flavors out to their farthest reaches
and fullest extent and potential!?! GO!

8) " Autumn's Gold " Naturally sparkling dry cider has a lovely dip
and a prick and a nip and a tug, a pull, gentle, present but not a yank,
YES : it will lead you without yanking or jerking you around, ... a bit of
a lovely tease .... made from a blend of traditional European cider
varieties, with a deep gold color, sparkling and quite dry, acidity that
only pushes you so far, and there's weight almost like the subtle tannins
of a grape in wine, you get some of that same mouth-grip, and it smells
like apples blossoms, some dried apple accents, leather and terroir, too in
the smell that is so attractive and hooks you immediately! Go to : for more info. Quite timely for the holidays ... ' new '
here ...

9) 2000 white burgundy 100% Chardonnay from the town of
Savigny-Les-Beaune from owner and winemaker Bize Leroy from her LEROY
burgundy house, On Special for $127.99 a bottle, a supreme expression of
some of the world's very finest wines, an exquisite dry French white that
rewrites the definition of what white burgundy can and should always be :
SUBLIME, the best, she only makes the very best ever. You must try some
Bize LEROY wine : we have four of her wines, two reds and two whites.
Perfect gifts for the holidays.

10) ' Blanc Noir ' from DLC, a dry and complex, unique, unfiltered,
unfined, sur-lie style 100% Cabernet Franc that's white - not red -
SHOCKING! - and in a Burgundy-style bottle and not a Bordeaux-bottle :
confusing! What is amazing is the rich and full and complex flavors that
are really a beauty with nutty overtones and cream and multi-layered honeys
that are so sun-baked that you have to stop and pause, close your eyes, and
swallow in small steps, always leaving a bit in your mouth to have more of
the whole taste come and reveal itself ... yeah, it's special, yeah, it's
HIGH MAINTENANCE but well-worth it.

11) ' Dindori ' Reserve Shiraz 2011, from Nashick, India, $21.99, 13.5%
alcohol by volume, from the SULA Vineyards, WE ARE THRILLED TO HAVE IT BACK

12) Pinot Gris 2013 from the Chateau d'Auvernier , Thierry GRasjean &
Company, Switzerland, $38.49 a bottle, 13% alcohol by volume, from
Neuchatel, Switzerland : " deep gold color, full-bodied, rich and mellow
taste. Food suggestions : fish in cream sauces, veal stew ( blanquette de
veau ) or chicken, will go well with aged cheese ... "

13) 'Il Dosso ' from the indigenous red grape variety BARBAROSSA in
Romagna, Italy, made by the FATTORIA PARADISO, $32.99, a dry lighter-bodied
red, one of the true liquid wonders of the world, I loved it, I fell '
head-over-heels ' in love with it from the bouquet to the color to the
taste and long , satisfying finish. It was quite the COMPLETE TREAT! Highly
Recommended. With 14.5% alcohol .... so delightful ...

SO : Here are some things to excite and invite you to call us or come by
and celebrate here with us over the holidays ... we are here for you. Let
us know how we may be of help. Cheers,  TONY

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