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December 6th, 2011 : Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits' Store Email On Our BUBBLY Annual Tasting, Also On : CASA NOBLE Tequila Blanco, Pisco PORTON, Paet MONSTER Malt Scotch Whiskey of Compass Box Imports/ SElections, COMBIER Peach De Vigne, SMALL'S American Dry Gin,American Triple EXIT 4 of Flying Fish Brewing Company, Lips Of Faith ' Fresh Hop " India Pale Ale, Recoltant-Manipulant French Champagne,POMMERY & HEIDSICK-MONOPOLE FRench Champagne and More!

JOIN US For Our CHAMPAGNE/Sparkling Wine BIG THEME Tasting tomorrow night,
Wednesday December 7th, 2011 from 5:30-8:30PM. THERE IS NO CHARGE for this
tasting and so bring family and friends, office associates, neighbors :
EVERYONE WELCOME! This is the most popular event that we do each year and
people talk about it all through the year and get these really big smiles and
grins that cover their faces. It's fun to witness, always makes me smile and
grin, too. ALL Sparkling wines and Champagnes will be On Special tomorrow
during our tasting, and that's from Bottle #1! You can get even better deals by
buying six or more bottles or even more when you buy twelve or more bottles.
That can be assorted between all the bubbly we sell here in the store, any
size, any style ( everything except the Veuve Clicquot ) : SAVE and SAVE and
SAVE SOME MORE.  ...   MOSTLY have a great time and learn something as you
taste, meet others and PLEASE BUY ONE BOTTLE Or More to show your thanks for
these Monthly BIG THEME Tastings that we hold here and do not charge for.

WE ALSO HAVE BAILEY'S Washington D.C. Chocolates back again for you all to add
to your purchases if you like what you taste. She makes them herself here
locally in Washington D.C. and she has sampled them here now twice already and
so many of you already know them and have bought boxes of them to share with
loved ones. They make an excellent gift and when combined, for example with the
sparkling red Lambrusco's of Italy that we sell like tomorrow's ROSENERE Black
and Red labels ( BOTH $14.99 a bottle ) that Regis will pour for you.

WE WILL HAVE SIX Sparkling Wine Stations and ONE for Bailey and her chocolates.
I still have not added all of the sparkling wines up yet : I will let that be
one big surprise tomorrow for all of you that come and brave the wet and the
rain that we are supposed to get. Sorry for that but for those of you brave
enough all the bubbly and the chocolate and good cheer will certainly make up
for the rain I believe.

WE HAVE MATT coming to show you about how sparkling wine/champagne is made.
Matt will pour the three wines of CHANDON, Carneros, California :  1)
Chardonnay,  2) Pinot Noir  and  3) Pinot Meunier : all still wines without
bubbles. Next he will pour the CHANDON Napa Brut, Rose and Blanc De Noir and
you can all debate and see what flavors in the three still wines manifested
them in their bubbly counterparts. This is a great idea and of course it
carries over into the MOET Et CHANDON French champagnes as well that we have
often included in these Big Theme tastings. This will be a fun addition. Both
Ean and I got a chance to try the still CHANDON wines of the Pinot Meunier and
the Pinot Noir and we were both blown away by their high quality. They will
also be here On Special along with the sparkling wines.

FRANCOIS HURTEL of Brittany, France will be our Special Guest of this evening.
Francois came to us years ago selling the PIERRE FERRAND cognacs and the Pineau
des Charentes, too. We still carry them today thanks to all his hard work on
that front. Since then Francois has gone onto representing the VRANKEN USA
house that represents both POMMERY and HEIDSIECK-MONOPOLE champagnes. Both will
be tasted here by Francois and that includes some of the excellent and
ridiculously low-priced vintage-dated 1995 POMMERY champagne that we are
selling for $71.99 a bottle!  SO : ask Francois about his French sparkling
wines, cognacs and congratulate him, too as he and his wife are expecting a
baby : all good.

BRENNAN DOWNEY WILL BE POURING Fun French sparkling like those made with the
Mauzac grape as well as many sparkling Italian wines that go from grapes like
Asprinio to Malvasia, Erbaluce, and others, as well as a dry Spanish cava made
from the Xarello and other indigenous grapes. He will have some of those
treasures that we all still need to discover.

JODY JACKMAN WILL BE POURING some more eclectic sparkling wines made in places
like Austria ( the Gruner Veltliner ), in Greece ( an organic Mascofilero ),
some great cavas, some Veneto Italian Prosecco and a fun, out-of-the-way
off-dry French rose made in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains ...
something for people wanting to discover more of the far-reaches of our
wondrous world.

MARK CONGDON WILL POUR some sparkling wines from as far away as South Africa,
some LOUIS DE VARANCY N.V. ( non-vintage ) Brut champagne, an organic Cremant
D'Alsace from France, some Spanish Cava from Penedes and some Italian Veneto
Prosecco, too : ALL great values.

REGIS WILL POUR Three Grand Cru Champagnes from tiny little producers that none
of you have ever heard of before. Many if not all of them are  " RM " that
means " Recoltant-Manipulant " and not " NM or CM " which mean "
Negociant-Manipulant " or " Commerciant-Manipulant ". He can explain that to
you all tomorrow ask him. If you need clarification seek me out at the tasting
tomorrow and ask me. I will be happy to explain more about this because it does
make a difference and you should all know about this. I can address more about
this in my next store email to you all. Regis will also have some Italian
Veneto Prosecco and some inexpensive Italian spumante that our delivery driver
just told me makes a " killer " Mimosa as well. That's always nice for the

WE HAVE COVERED ALL STYLES, all levels of sweetness, from clear to dry, all
prices, and from as many grape varieties and regions of the world as possible.
Some of these are back by popular demand and many have never-ever been tasted
here before. SO  :  JOIN US.

JUST ADDED : Came In Just In The Nick Of Time : French Blanquette De Limoux of
DOMAINE B. & B. BOUCHE Brut, proprietaires-vignerons ( a Jack Siler Selection
)is dry and smooth and creamy and a blend of Chardonnay and Mauzac is it? It's
On Special for $14.99 a bottle, regularly $19.99 a bottle. Mark Congdon will
pour it tomorrow for us all,

BEER From SANTOS : We Have Not Forgotten The Beer!

1) LIPS OF FAITH " Prickly Passion Saison " ( On Special for $8.99, a 1
pint, 6 fluid oz., 8.5% alcohol. newbelgium.com, Fort Collins Colorado ) is
brand new and exciting. On the label it sez : " Peter picked a prickly pear and
paired it with a passion fruit.  'Perfect! Pitch It In' he proclaimed. Now we
have this pleasing prickly passion saison brewed with fruit juices and French
saison yeast to our brewmaster's picking. " I'll lend my lips to this ...

2) LIPS OF FAITH " Fresh Hop " India Pale Ale  ( On Special for $6.99, 1
pt 6 fluid ounces, 7% alcohol by volume, newbelgium.com ) is also new and
exciting with colorful and fun labels, too. The label sez : " Fresh pickings
for some lip lickings. This beauty of an ale boasts a fresh crop of cascade,
centennial, and amarillo hops. We're talking from vine to brew within 24 hours
fresh. Citrusy. Soft fruit tones. Fresh hop IPA ". Let's all lend our lips for
some " lip licking "!?! Sounds fun.

3) " American Triple " Bottle-Conditioned Ale , this " Exit 4 " from the
FLYING FISH Brewing Company ( On Special for $14.99 a six-pack of twelve ounce
bottles, Cherry Hill New Jersey, 9.5% alcohol by volume , flyingfish.com ) : "
This hoppy Belgian-style tripple has a hazy golden hue, aroma of citrus, hints
of banana/clove with rich malt character followed by a subdued bitterness in
the finish ". I love the name : it has some heft and weight to carry one along
as they follow their dreams and caprices I believe...

LIQOUR From Ravi - So Many Wonderful Choices Here :

1) SMALL'S American Dry Gin ( The People Have Spoken , $27.99 , 43%
alcohol by volume , www.localwineandspirits.com ) is made from 100% neutral
grain spirits and " new and shiny and bright " and everything nice for all you
gin lovers out there.

2) CASA NOBLE Tequila Blanco ( On Special for $36.99, 750ml bottle, 40%
alcohol by volume ) is " tried and true " and a fun package and certainly a
very good tequila, too. You have to try it if you have not.

3) Pisco PORTON Hacienda La Caravedo, ( $52.99 ) imported from Peru,
established in 1684, 43% alcohol by volume is Pisco Mosto Verde. Great package,

4) The Paet MONSTER Malt Scotch Whisky of COMPASS BOX/ Whisky Company (
$61.99 ) is a great idea and there are various " other " styles and concepts
here that we have to offer as well. Come check this out : Big, Peaty, Smoky ...

5) Peach De Vigne COMBIER ( since 1834, Saumur, France ) is 20% alcohol
liqueur  by volume is brand new and very exciting!

6) Fruits Rouges  COMBIER ( Saumur, Loire Valley, France ) is a 20%
alcohol by volume liqueur is again really exciting to have as we have several
requests for it and the others.

TASTINGS For The Week:

Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2011,  Big-Theme Champagne-Bubbly-Sparkling
Wine-Tasting 3-40 Types, No Charge, Join us between 5:3-8:30PM. Bring family
and friends.

Friday, December 9th, 2011 , Estebe will be here fresh from his wedding in
Spain to wax poetic on being just-married and happy as can be and his Spanish
and Argentina wine selections which include the La Rioja region of Argentina
that most of still do not know.

Saturday, December 10th, 2011 , Sean of Cape Classics will be here to
taste a range of his excellent South African wines which will includes some of
the EXCELSIOR Chardonnay and Syrah, some THELEMA and a surprise or two. We will
see tomorrow. Join us, NEVER any charge for any of these tastings of ours.

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but that's alright : they will have to
wait until the next time. The store is full with " new " wines and so I will
discuss those in depth next store email. Just come by to check with us as there
are many " new " wine selections from all over the world.

CHECK US OUT AT :www.clevelandparkwine.com,  on Facebook at : Cleveland
Park Wines & Spirits, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, also at :

LET US KNOW What We May Do For You this holiday season. We are here for
you. We have free delivery here in Washington D.C. of deliveries over $30. Call
us at : 202-363-4265. Let us know how we may assist you.

COME TO OUR Big-Theme Champagne-Bubbly Wine-Tasting tomorrow. Let's
celebrate some here together as we wind up this year and move into the NEW
2012! Cheers and thanks for everything, we really do appreciate everything.

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