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Drinking DEGANI Valpolicella Late On New Year's Eve DEcember 31st, 2014 That Just Turned To New Year's Day January 1st, 2015 : Wonderful, Grazie Alessandro Furlan!

  • Chantel DuBois Sounds very nice...I don't think I have ever had that...What is it like?
  • Anthony Quinn It is soft as the cheek skin as you go to kiss the rim of the glass, open your mouth just so to permit the bright red, translucent Corvina grape from the rolling hillsides of the Veneto in Italy enter your mouth with a lovely toasty red cherry, cheery berry flavor and a dry matt gloss of herbed spice and mature cinnamon round your palate and rock it in the gentlest of non-breeze inside your warm mouth to select and elicit the best it has tooffer come forward , the first and the second sips being essential to the third taste, to bring it all together, fleshing and meshing it all out, almost as if there were three players in your mouth, or at least one as an audience to the other two, the players being interchangable, of course. Lovely : in a word, I sip heartily now once again having written this all now off the tip-of-my-conscious thoughts ... you need to try some soemtime.
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  • Chantel DuBois You wrote that So well I could taste it in my mouth as I was reading. . I'm going to have to taste it now!
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  • Anthony Quinn The color draws you for forth in so into around UPon to curcle the perimeter of the glass with your captivated / cptivating eyes that, like around a volcano crater circles as if circling the eyes of someone for the third time as the glint of reflection of the dimmed room's lights shine just enough and are absorbed by yours as you find yourself sitting up momentarily as you descent or approach the landing of that glass with a clear and bright and musical medley of sound and cadence, nuance and noise that's calibrated ever so to just jostle and shake you so that you have to rearrange your orientation to both seat and glass and focus to get a good long draught, a sip to quech the imminent and the wave of flavors that you start to smell and that rush languidly and yet purposefully to their end of making you completely spellbound and entrance you at the entrance of thier three-ring play or circus of excitement and liquid translucent red tastes that have to be tipped to tongue, savored and tasted and absorbed to me completely believed and lived till you want to smile a shout of deference and sudden emotional satisfaction that is better with an audience of at least one, perhaps two, if you dare?!?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Weekly Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Store Email Of December 30th, 2014 : Cheers, Enjoy : Come Chase BUBBLES Here @ Cleveland Park!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and
Want To Feel? Feelin' Alright?!? Dave Mason was, He & Traffic Were
Playing Up A Musical Store, a storm of sound and great cheer, just like we
are doing here today!

This Tuesday eve of the eve of New Year is beautiful here this morning
in Cleveland Park, breezy, a clear baby blue sky, some white clouds,
everything passing by, everything rolling past, people carrying cups of
coffee, one in each hand, that's four cups of joy for someone on a brisk,
lovely morning here in Cleveland Park, a ' happenin' neighborhood ', with a
collection of really wonderful people, too : many that are our customers
and we love that, really we do.

This Tuesday store email will be all about BUBBLY, all about the
BUBBLES ABOVE that I mentioned in the store header, we all need our share
of bubbles, and luckily for us all they come in so many sizes, so many
tastes from the driest dry to the sweetest sweet : we have some of all of
them bubbles.

We have BUBBLES here in all size bottles, too.

We have BUBBLES HERE from all the different countries.

We have BUBBLES HERE in all colors, from the palest whites to the
darker gold-to-straw-to-nut-and-honey-and-gold tints and squints and squats
and squares and wholes to fill all holes and the Albert Hall, too ....
ahhhh, a Day In The Life, where is that comb anyway?!? Any of you Sargeant
Pepper's fans? How many references, if any to BUBBLES are there in that

1) 2010 Brut Reserva Especial Metode Tradicional from CANALS CANALS ,
Spanish Cava, $16.99 : rich , flavorful, full, dry and creamy and complex!

2) French Champagne Brut from Ay, Champagne, France from AYALA, this '
Brut Majeur ' non-vintage is On Special for $49.99 a bottle. Come try some
of this delicious small-bubbles, dry and long-finishing, exploding
gracefully-middle that is quite rich and peaceful, too ... a great
state-of-being ...
3) ' Settimocielo ' dry blend of Lugana and Chardonnay grapes from the
PERLA Del GARDA in Italy, a magnum, double-bottle size non-the-less, and a
beautiful bottle and shape, with a beautiful and graphic and great design,
too label : it's part of : you see it and think and say immediately : WOW!
The ' Wow Factor ', and so well-priced. This in two regular bottles worth
of sparkling wine and it is On Special for $49.99 a bottle today. Come get
it today, or call and pay today, 202-363-4265 , and SAVE 15% OFF the bottle
price, and pay only $42.49 a magnum, 1.5ml bottle ... what a great deal. I
was drinking this last night with my family and we were loving it, really
loving the whole experience. It is a visual and a taste treat as it is so
smooth, so bright, no bite,not heavy, smooth and light-enough - just right,
fits all palates pretty well I believe.

4) SPRIZZ'ter Bianco Lajarda Organic from Italy, $8.99 a bottle, it's
very popular in Venice, it's fun, it's easy-to-enjoy, with grapefruit and
lime, makes a great sparkling cocktail, no fuss, great psychedelic label
that plays with your eyes as you hold it in your hand to see and read and
you sip more... and so inexpensive, PERFECT for a large party of happy
revelers celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of the ' new one
' ....

5) Clasico Spanish Cava Tetode Tradicional Brut from CODORNIU, this
sleek and slim and fun and sexy, practical, too 3-pack of 187ml bottles
sells for only $11.99, and can be enjoyed one at a time, or one when you
want just one big glass or two regular-size glasses. We love having it
here, it works for many of our customers yearly and is perfect, too as
gifts to offer, or late stocking-stuffers, last-minute gifts!
6) Brut Grand Cru French champagne in a 375 ( half-bottle ) size from
LOUIS SACY at $23.99 a bottle, for convenience, for easy-traveling, for
just two, romantic, tasty, long finis, and absolute delight!

We have BUBBLES HERE in shades of rose and delicate salmon and peach
to deep and even deeper textures and thicknesses and opaquenesses of said
rose all rosy all blushing all blue all cheery, all cherry, all strawberry,

You Can Read that I am quite relaxed as I sip my cup of Firehook coffee now
as I type. But it is joy and warmth and thanks that I want to convey here,
less seriousness, more casualness and relaxedness. YES, I was an English
major and here I am destroying and at the least rearranging the English
language and the words to suit my temperament and mood that is quite
cheerful and content now. I am awaiting your visit now as I type quickly.

We Also Have Red BUBBLES HERE from the delicate tint that is almost
transparent to the deepest and richest, darkest, dankest, most brooding and
blissful and blessed and cheerful-blued, too : from clear to cloudy with
more of the grape left in and not filtered out.

We Have IT All ... really we do, Trust Me , Trust Us ....   come on by, do
not be a stranger ...

R U Bubbly All Over? If not, you should be, come let us help you, it is
easy, really easy, wear your BUBBLE, your good cheer, your sparkle with
pride and freely, and share it all as that way we all grow, we all feel the
warmth and the joy of being alive and getting and giving all that we can

And Just From Melani on Facebook ...

Melanie Asher Happy new year Tony
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Anthony Quinn Thank you Melanie Asher, I appreciate this, miss you , love
selling and talking about you and Aunt Rosa and your FABulous Macchu Pisco
and La Diablada, too finest piscos from Peru, part of the Cleveland Park
family of fine products from around the world. WE are also thrilled now to
be selling the wines of Peru here as of a month or so ago : dry and
off-dry, semi-sweet wines that are tasty and add something to our selection
here! Happy New Year to you and to your family .... I toast you all ,,,
always do .... TONY 12/30/2014
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THERE IS MUCH MORE to say but the store is filling so please accept my
apologies for not writing more! Come see us today and tomorrow and let's
share our BUBBLES with one another, tell stories, laugh, smile, relax and
get ready to celebrate New Year's Eve and ring in 2015 in style and in good
cheer, too ...

Thanks for everything, more to follow. Check our Facebook page for updates,
at : Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits to see what we are doing here on a
daily basis ....  TONY

One Year Ago Today, Tuesday December 30th, 2013 Anthony Quinn - I - Wrote And Posted This Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Weekly Newsletter On : BARROS Portuguese Port, Chateau Saint-Didier Parnac , Cahors French Red, Russell's Reserve Rye 6 Year Old Wild Turkey, TREMONTIS Mirto From Sardinia ... and More!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

Want To Feel Bubbly All Over?

COME TONIGHT for Part-TWO of our Big-Theme Sparkling Wine-Tasting , 5-8PM, No
Charge Everyone Welcome , Monday, December 30th, 2013. Taste & Buy In Time For
New Year's Eve!


THE STORE HAS NEVER, EVER BEEN FULLER, with more selection, with more product
behind the selection, never been better displayed or stocked and organized ...
and WE ARE READY for you and all your needs !

A Big " Shout Out " To Malkit and to Jagir for all their passion, diligence,
dedication and all the " extra hours " to being here and opening on Sundays now
to help any of you with " last minute " needs and requests! Thanks Malkit and
Jagir! THANK YOU, too for having the faith to invest in our current selections,
too : as we feel better-equipped now to handle any situation we encounter,
planned or unplanned!

CAN ONE EVER GET ENOUGH BUBBLY? I know, I know : not everyone shares the
bubbly passion. That's okay. That's why we have a full store filled right now to
overflowing with many more still wines than sparkling ones. Good. Something for
everyone : come check it all out and let us help you live your lives real and
imagined and fun and fanciful with whatever liquid libations 'n alcohols that
your heart or guts fancy?!

FUNNY, JUST BEFORE NEW YEAR'S WE SELL as much still ( non-sparkling wines )
as we do SPARKLING ONES. As some of you know we did our Sparkling Wine BIG THEME
Wine-Tasting here on Wednesday, December 4nd, 2013. We served 35 different types
and many of those are still here.

BECAUSE MANY of you could not come like Mark and Gay and Evie, Evan, Jim,
Richard, and so many more we decided to do another, smaller Big-Theme PART TWO
wine-tasting and to attach it to the wine-tasting that we had already planned
with Mike Cavanagh to taste more SALTON still and sparkling wines and also some
of the " new " OVER THE MOUNTAIN South African wines that Mike and his wife
Katie sell in their own import company called Cavanagh Family Imports. THUS : we
have five still wines which include from SALTON, in Serra Gaucha, Brazil :
1)  2012 Pinot Noir, $17.99,
2) SALTON  2011 Tannat dry red, $11.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume,  and the
3) SALTON " Flowers " off-dry, rather floral and fragrant and fruity white
blend, $10.99 that is 70% Moscadel.

FROM Mike From The Western Cape  , we have  ...

Seven Spring's OVER THE MOUNTAIN in South Africa ( as we celebrate both the
wine, and Nelson Mandela's inspiration and South Africa, too we have :
1) OVER THE MOUNTAIN 2010 Syrah, $21.99, 14% alcohol by volume dry red,
and ...
2) OVER THE MOUNTAIN Unoaked Chardonnay 2012, $15.99 a bottle, 13.5%
alcohol by volume

WE HAVE ALREADY SOLD many bottles of each so this will be a great opportunity
for you to try and buy some still-non-sparkling wines, too for tomorrow's
celebration as you may all tire of sparkling wines by then and want some still
wine to enjoy! This way you have choices, and you've just tasted them so they
will be fresh and exciting for tomorrow's celebrations!

WE OFFER TONIGHT Sparkling and Champagne wines, Prosecco , Cava, Vin Mousseux,
some dry , some sweet, some with more and tinier bubbles, some with fewer and
larger bubbles.

YOU WILL TASTE Sparkling Wines from Argentina, Austria,  Australia, Brazil,
France, Italy, Missouri, New York State, and Spain.


WHITE, ... like the NY State Vidal Blanc dry Shindig,$21.99...

ROSE ( includes the FABulous ESTANDON Sparkling dry rose from Provence, France,
$29.99 , and the STONE HILL, Missouri dry rose, 21.99 Methode Champenoise, and
the ... LOVISOLO dry Nebbiolo Piemonte, Italina rose, $16.99....and ...

RED  sparkling wines ( 2 types, one from Australia - THE CHOOK drier Sparkling Shiraz,
On Special for $19.99, 13% alcohol by volume, one fruitier  from Italy ), from


- 187ml size from France and Spain(  like CODORNIU, individual or packed as
three for a gift, ...

- 375ml bottles from , New Mexico - GRUET , Champagne, France - DUMANGIN,
$27.99 Brut rose, $29.99 Brut; Burgundy, France - BAILLY-LAPIERRE Reserve -
$12.99,  Valdobiaddene,Prosecco - ADAMI , Italy, $14.99 ; ...  and

- in Magnums ( From France, that's two 750ml bottles in each magnum, 1.5ml
size ), like the CHARLES DE CASANOVE Non-Vintage Brut, $71.99 - great value - ,
also a dry Loire Valley one  ...         and in

- 3-Liters from France and Prosecco, Italy - the FOSS MARAI cut-glass
bottle, beautiful, #179.99 a bottle ( that's four 750ml bottles in each 3-Liter
- like DUMANGIN dry Brut and dry Brut rose from Champagne, France!

LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM, some of which we will taste, others you have already tasted
or you have to trust us when we recommend it to you!

YOU WILL TASTE : 3 Sparkling wines you already have tasted. 21 that are " new "
and you have not tasted, and 5 non-sparkling wines listed above that we have not
tasted yet.

you have never tried any sparkling wines from Portugal and were not even aware
that they made any either.TONIGHT : We have the CASAL GARCIA for you all to try
at $14.99 a bottle!

the various ones that we still have from white to rose to red as well as from
dry to off-dry and sweeter still. Most of them sell for less than $20 a bottle
and have clever packaging and sometimes very classic, old-world labels as well.

CUSTOMERS HAVE TOLD US that they have never seen so many sparkling/bubblies and
champagnes here at one time like this. It's true. We have a whole selection of "
new " as well as " Favorites ".


HERE IS ONE TO ENJOY  From our 1st BUBBLY Tasting : Highly Recommended:

- LAETITIA " Brut Cuvee " Arroyo Grande Valley, CA.( $19.99 ) dry sparkling
wine was recently owned by the DEUTZ French champagne house and recently sold.
It has maintained the high quality of DEUTZ and for years we have enjoyed
selling it when it was available to us. It's made in a methode champenoise
traditional technique from France and I like the extra flavor and intensity of
taste that involves some yeast and some nice bread/dough overtones. This is fun
and exciting for us and perhaps a brand new discovery for you. TASTED On Wed.
December 4th, 2013 Part-One BUBBLY Tasting, Highly-Recommended!

BEER From Santos :

1) SAMUEL SMITH Handcrafted Fruit Ale " Organic " English ale brewed with
cherry juice natural flavors added. It's On Special for $4.99 ( 1Pt. 2.7fl. USDA
Organic ) is something that would be especially nice now with
this really cold weather. Also, my family is in London and I want to mention an
English product as I think of them. This is from the Melbourn Brothers All Saint
Brewery in Stamford, England.


1)DLC Cider Hard Cider from Jefferson, Maryland, $11.99, 7.5% alcohol,
plus all the " other " CIDERWORKS here as well, dry, unique, refreshing!

LIQUEUR : To Mix With Sparkling Wines Tomorrow:

1) Framboise-Raspberry from MATHILDE ( $12.99 a 375ml bottle, 18%
alcohol, make a lighter-brighter Kir Royale ). Also have the traditional Creme
De Cassis.
2) Premium Limoncello Lemon Liqueur from GIOIA LUISA, from Sorrento,
Italy, $24.99 a bottle, 30% alcohol by volume, blend with Prosecco!
3) Mirto from TREMONTIS, from Sardinia, $32.99, 30% alcohol by volume, be
fun and cutting-edge and give the French Kir Royale a " new " definition!
4) French Ginger Liqueur made with French VSOP Cognac from the DOMAINE De
CANTON ( On Special for $31.99, 28% alcohol by volume ) : GIVE a flavorful punch
of GINGER taste to the sparkling wine!
5) Elderflower liqueur flavor - Delice de Sureau -  of ST.-GERMAINE (
$32.99, 750ml bottle, Vie Parisiene en bouteille, 20% alcohol by volume , from
France ) : gives the sparkling wine a lovely elegant, delicate, charming
Elderflower taste. Cheers!!


1) RUSSELL'S " Reserve Rye " 6-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey ( $
56.99 ) is " new and Exciting " and well-worth the price. We had 55-year-old
veteran distiller of WILD TURKEY here a few months back pouring this as well as
all his other excellent small batches and " goodies " . Jimmy created quite a
stir here and we sure did have some fun. He knows so much and is willing to talk
about it and share with others. Thanks Jimmy : here's to you!


1) BARROS LBV 2007 Port on display, $29.99. This will make a great gift
and something wonderful to warm you over these remaining holidays into the New
Year. There are only three left so do not delay and respond to this email or
call Chris or me immediately. Cheers .... it sure does have some nice character
and many wonderful nuances of flavor.

FOR FRIDAY, January 3rd, 2014 we have Joe Buchter of LVDH Imports here from
5-8PM to taste a selection of wines from France, Portugal and Spain : RISCO dry
Portuguese red, $10.99, BARCO NEGRE Portuguese dry red 2009 Duoro, $12.99, VILLA
BARBI dry white Orvieto from Umbria, $18.99, and CHABERT Roussanne, $8.99,
French Pays D'Oc dry white ... and ...

SATURDAY, January 4th, 2014,  WE WILL HAVE Various Bottles Open Here at my
and Michel's choice. This will be fun. Now we have the CHATEAU St.
DIDDIER-PARNAC Cahors' Malbec red blend French Malbec 2010, $15.99, 13% alcohol
by volume. We will try and talk Damien to come by and taste his dry 100%
Viognier Cotes Du Rhone French white as well, $17.99 and his Old-Vine Granacha
Spanish dry red, too, the TEOREMA, $11.99! We'll make the call now and see! CALL
us here if you need to know, 202-363-4265. We are winging-it for the moment as
all our focus is on BUBBLES right now!

COME BY AND HAVE A TOAST WITH US! Happy New Year 2014 - as we say Bye-Bye
to 2013 - ...    and

THANKS from Malkit, Jagir, Michel, Louis, Santos, Sifredo and Tony ( me )
for a Great Year and all you support, patronage and belief in us. We appreciate
it, really we do. You all are the best. We are here for you, really we are,
without you we cannot survive.

CHEERS and do stop by anytime.... we are always glad to see you.   TONY

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Weekly Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Store Email Of DEcember 23rd, 2014 : Read & Enjoy! Cheers. Come Taste Tonight 5-8PM With Sotiris Bafitis His Greek Wines : Free, No Charge! Everyone Always WElcome... Happy Holiday Everyone...

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

happy holidays to one and to all! let us help you wherever we can, let us
know what we may do for you to make this holiday all the more memorable and
successful for you

IT TAKES a community, it requires working , sharing, yeas : caring and
trusting that a collective good can and should be achieved in a community,
neighborhood, ... we do our best to do our part.

KEEP A VIBRANT CLEVELAND PARK ALIVE and healthy and constantly changing and
growing and we're thrilled to be a part of all this! Thanks for including
us in your rich and busy lives ...

THIS IS THE TIME of our lives ...

Don't wait, we sure are not these days. We are doing our best to keep up
with everything bursting on the scenes, at the seams constantly now these
mili-seconds, these minutes and moments, so much to witness, to absorb, to
digest, to filter, to take-in, ahhhhhh , AGGGHHHHHHH it's almost too much,
BUT : if we work as a team, we work together then perhaps maybe, possibly
we can,, YES, WE CAN, the Little Engine did , Si, OUI, YEAH ...IT TAKES ALL

Like this time of the year, starting to feel the holiday spirits a whole
lot now. How special. Still one day of HANUKKAH Sara tells me, our favorite
Super Soup Girl that just came by as she needed something still and we had
it for her : something ' new and exciting ' for her to discover. That will
be fun to hear what she has to say about it? I can't wait as I liked it so
much myself and was so pleased to add it here as a ' new and exciting '
product! Oh yeah, all good....

DAVID was just by for his case, Doug and Crystal just came by for gifts and
wines for their home,...

Jenn just came by for her LEROY red and white Bourgogne, her ARNOULD Grand
Cru French dry rose champagne, $49.99 a bottle...   she read a book of corresondence between
Julia Child and Avis that talked a whole lot about DOMAINE ROMANEE CONTI
and so I told Jenn about Bize Leroy and we were off ...... ,

Jean with her bad back needed presents of dry red and so we did a Spanish
Mazueol, $17.99 from Rioja, and she needed some really fine French cognac
and so we did the KELT that travels in schooners on the open seas that add
that something special to their already distinct flavors, $69.99 , ...

and another customer just bought here Pecorino dry Italian white and her
Ciro for her Italian meal, too ... and it just goes on and on and on,

and Ron that used to have his own catering company with his Brazilian wife
and I are talking about the GRACE Winery in China, and that the French have
been there for ten years and the CHENGU that was served to President Obama
five weeks ago got a good response, sez Ron, he was given a bottle as a
gift ....

and Katie was just in : " Do you have any Cabernet Francs? " I responded
that we did and showed her Jen Breaux's Virginia 2012 Purcelville Cab
Franc, $21.99. Katie sia d that she did not know that Virginia had Cab
Francs, she knew only about the French Loire Valley ones. I showed her our
' new ' Saumur Champigny, $24.99, ' Tuffe ' from CHATEAU Du HUREAU, 2011,
that blew me away the other day, as well as the white 100% Chenin Blanc,
$24.99 from the town of Chinon, ' Les Chanteuax ' from COULY-DUTHEIL, 2012
that I found ' amazing! " - only one bottle left of it ... come on by

BUT HEY< let's talk about Beer now from Santos :

1) Scotch Ale from McEwans, est 1856, $10.99, for 4 11.2 Oz bottles,
8% alcohol by volume, perfect to warm you up in this cold and damp and
breeze, too now ...

2) Pumpkin Ale On Special from the POST ROAD Brewery is still here and
so smooth and nice to sip. It is always one of the very favorite pumpkin
ales that we sell here. Come get some while you still can : On Special for
$7.99 a 6-pack of twelve-ounce bottles.

3) " Belle Fermiere " beautiful farm , a Belgian-Style Saison from
OVERSHORES Brewery In Connecticut, East Haven, On Special for $9.99 a
4-pack of 11.2Fl Oz bottles ...  good for this biting damp and nipping cold
breeze, too ...

AND THERE ARE plenty of Liqueurs and Liquors from Jagir and Malkit here ,
too :

1) Orchard Apricot fruit liqueur from ROTHMAN & WINTER, $28.99 from
Austria : get your Austrian on! Enjoy!!

2) 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from WILD TURKEY, On Special
for $21.99 a 750ml bottle, drink some of the classic, tried-and-true ...
great product at a great price, too!

3) Bourbon Whiskey Finest Kentucky from LEXINGTON, $26.99, 43% alcohol
by volume, great price, great bottle and package : try some on for size,
fit and feel and enjoy!

4) Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean rum aged 5 years from ANGOSTURA, On
Special for $21.99 a bottle, 750ml , from the people that bring us their
bitters that everyone must have in their bar! Try some, excellent value,
excellent all around, what do you think?!?

5) ' Amaretto ' French CIROC vodka made with grapes and infused with
Amaretto, On Special for $15.99 a 750ml bottle, regularly $36.99 : what a
flavor, what a savings, what a great deal! Cheers, discover for the first
time Amaretto and vodka ... what do you think?

THE STORE IS FILLED WITH GREAT WINES, I have mentioned some in the text
above, come by and talk to Tony and Chris for some suggestions!


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : Come and taste with Sotiris
his FABulous Greek wines tonight - a selection, no charge!

Friday, December 26th, 2014 : Chris will select some wines to taste
you on from 5-7PM, his choice. Wines good for the holidays of course ...

REMEMBER : SAVE TODAY on Sparkling wines, up to 15% OFF, TOMORROW, Save on
still/ non-sparkling wines, up to 20% OFF the marked sticker prices : ask
Tony and Chris about the savings.

IT'S DEFINITELY the holiday season here and I love that.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we appreciate all that you do for us, we cannot be
here without you and your support. You are the best.    TONY

THIS IS LAST YEAR'S Store email from exactly one year ago ... enjoy it if
you have time ...   TONY

Anthony Quinns' Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Tuesday Weekly Store Email Of December 23rd, 2013 On : OVER THE MOUNTAIN South African Wine, Come Taste Them Here Tonight With Greek Wines, VOIRIN-JUMEL French Champagne, TOCCO Prosecco, ANDREA OBERTO Dolcetto D'Alba 2011, DOMAINE MONPERTUIS Counoise Red French, IL BORRO Tuscan Wine. LIEFMAN'S Goudenband Juicy Beer, DOMINION Baltic Porter Winter Brew And Much MOre : Enjoy, Come By!! Happy Holidays 2014 ALL!!!!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and spirits

CLEVELAND PARK ALIVE and healthy and constantly changing and growing and we're
thrilled to be a part of all this! Thanks for including us in your rich and busy
lives ...

THIS IS THE TIME of our lives ...


Like Carroll that is never too old to learn. He and his wife shop here and come
by and call us all the time. They buy when here, we deliver sometimes. He loves
his GEORGE DICKEL, his MOET & CHANDON, his HARVEY'S Bristol Cream... but as he
said this weekend : " Tony , I want you to teach me. " I recommended the AYALA
Non-Vintage Brut French champagne ( On Special for $40.99 a bottle instead of
the MOET Brut Imperial Non-Vintage champagne at $49.99 a bottle. For the Spanish
sherry I recommended to Carroll to try the ALEXANDRO Cream, $20.99 : his wife
still prefers the HARVEY'S so we keep both. EVERYONE has to be happy, as Elmo
The Grouch said years ago on Sesame Street :  " Everyone plays again. "

WE NEED all our customers to feel comfortable and welcome here. There's a lady
that grew up here and tells amazing stories of spending the whole day
practically across the street at the Uptown Movie house and going to the same
movie more than once, the prices were insanely low and the whole day cost way
less than a dollar for so much popcorn, soda and entertainment : those were SOME

IT TAKES lawyers that are amateur photographers like Michael that bring us gifts
of their own calendars with their own photos in black-and-white that we use here
to record the dates when owners and winemakers will be here doing in-store
wine-tastings, as well as other " events ", from dinners, beer, cider and liquor
and liqueur tastings as we are equal opportunity to everything as you all are
interested today in everything!

WE ENJOY the shared experiences of so many like the quiet man that comes and
plays the lottery and that Stephen my friend and customer told me that I know,
that I speak to in French, and that wrote the story : " To Sir With Love " where
Lulu sang so beautifully in the movie and that Sidney Poitier acted so
brilliantly in!

AND OUR MOVIE STAR look-alikes : Michael that looks like Brad Pitt and his wife
Penelope that presents herself with the warmth and charm of Susan Sarandon, that
have a lovely daughter in John Eaton and Michael today needs beer for a good
friend and so has just selected some large format bottles like ALAGASH, some
Riondo " New " Baby Blue Sky RIONDO, $12.99, and other things, too. Thanks
Micahel, grazie Michael : he loves Italy and goes often ...

NASA'S ANDREA that we love and that always needs a three-liter bottle to give to
her dad each holiday season. She just stopped by and picked up a bottle each -
packaged nicely in wooden boxes of Spain's  :  1) MAD DOG 2003 red blend of
Shiraz, MONASTRELL and Canernet, $79.99, and  the  2) LIBRANDI from owner Paolo
who's wife had a baby recently that has tasted here with you all, his 3-liter
Gravello IGT Gaglioppo Calabrian Italin red 2010, $133.99, too. These two will
provide a nice contrast to one another and we have a couple of bottles each here
for any of you looking for a large size! Let us know how these two go this
holiday season Andrea? Cheers.

IT TAKES Clark that knows our favorite " Pam The Butcher " to come by for a
bottle of the BORGES' Ruby port, $11.99 that will be used in a recipe soon to
stop by and say " hello ",  ask : "what's a ruby port? I've never heard of it. "
I explained. Clark said he's sitting on a case of port at home. I asked him to
write down what it was so that we can better help him here. It may be a vintage
port, or it may be a Late-Bottled-Vintage port, or a Tawny or even a Ruby port
or a " Character House " style that shows the typical style of the Portuguese
port in it? Once I see what it is I will be able to advise him to to serve, and
when to drink what he has : IMAGINE : twelve bottles of port just sitting
there?! Good thing that they age slowly and gracefully and are nearly

THANKS Cathie, thanks Samantha for your cake and cookies thanks STEVE Our Eye
Doctor Across The Street for your gift of Pretzel-chocolate-covered treats ...

THANKS Melanie Asher and Aunt Rosa for your cinammon bread- or is it banana

ROMA stopped by just now, poked her head around the corner of our office, waved
and said : " Merry Christmas! " Thanks Roma for that and for all the great
visits and conversations over these many years. She just got a bottle of the
Eric Mellot " Sincerity " dry Loire Valley still rose, $10.99, a favorite, and
made by a fine Sancerre producer, too! What a value. We need all the VALUES that
we can get, can hold onto, not lose, remember, cherish and live with and by ...
cheers Roam ...

EMILY JUST STOPPED BY, she needed a red for lasagna, maximum cost $30 a bottle.
I sold her the D & N  FOSSI  Vino Nobile de Montepulciano 2007, $21.99, anfd
them two Croatian wines, a dry red Teran indigenous wine, from TRAPAN , $32.99,
and then the last dry white Mavasia from BASTIANICH, $21.99 a bottle! She wants
to go there and to Italy as she's Croatian on her mother's side. I told her we
would help her and that Scott of Monument Imports that will pour wines here this
Friday sells us the BASTIANICH " Adriatico : series and that perhaps he can pour
some, or Alex that sells us the TRAPAN can help her with her visit? Cheers
Emily, thanks for stopping by, thanks for your beautiful smile.

IT INVOLVES CALLS like the one I just got now from Tom that simply asked me on
the phone : " Do you sell Barolo? " I said immediately : " Of course. " He then
said : " Do you have any 2008? " I responded : " Is that all you need to know? "
He responded : " Yes " So I went to see what we had, returned with a bottle in
my hands and told him : " We only have Barolos from the 2007 vintage like
VIETTI, $54.99 a bottle. We also have the BRUNO ROCCA 2008 Barbaresco, $61.99
that's like a Barolo, from the same Piemonte region, using the same Nebbiolo
grape, and with similarities to a Barolo. " Tom said he would think about it and
call back if he needs the BRUNO ROCCA 2008 Barbaresco. I told him my name was
Tony. We will now wait and see? Cheers Tom, Happy Holidays 2013 I wished him
before hanging up.

IT SURE DOES TAKE A CLEVELAND PARK with a National Zoo to have spectacular
lights like those Holiday Zoo Lights that are so bright and colorful and that
present such a vibrant contrast to each other there almost side-by-side, one
tree after the other, and climbing all the way up the stark brown tree trunks as
they do! Wow, imagine of there was a structure to walk up in the tree tops like
they do in western Australia in the old, ancient trees just about an hour's
drive from Denmark, Western Australia that is so breathtaking! This could be,
too. Anyone ever thought of this before? Cheers. Good work, what a lovely
spectacle for this time of year. Bravo!

I GOT A CALL EARLIER from Beth asking me : " Do you still have the two bottles
of the JOHNNIE WALKER GREEN that I bought and paid for last week? " I said : "
Yes. " And then Beth added : " Tony, can you mix me up a case of
medium-to-full-bodied reds that I can give some as gifts and some for myself? "
I said : " Sure. " Beth came by just now and asked me if I had done her case,
and I said I had . We chatted, got her rung up for the case. Found out she does
marketing for Ogilvy Public Relations, that she's done work for Diagio . that :
" JOHNNIE WALKER GREEN is : " My favorite. So smooth and so nice. " Sorry they
are not making it anymore Beth. Happy holidays to you !

CLEVELAND PARK TAKES people like Evan that's organizing a tasting on the Tannat
grape used all over the world like in Madiran, southwest, France where it's the
best-known, as well as now in Uruguay and also in Brazil where SALTON Vineyards
is making an excellent version that we sell for $11.99 that made Evan perk up
immediately and want to try to include in his tasting of five Tannats for his
group that meets locally, they set up several tables  - up to twelve tables, and
each table gets a bottle to share . It's fun, it's entertaining, it's
educational, too!

CLEVELAND PARK NEEDS PEOPLE, TOO like Jim that comes with his Summer and his
Winter sampler of music mixes that he gives out for free and helps to spread the
world of music that is quickly dying and disappearing as it is old and not
available anymore. I sold Jim a bottle of this SALTON Vineyards' Tannat dry red,
$11.99, that he liked and wanted a case now!

OUR COMMUNITY @ CLEVELAND PARK is also about getting letters in the mail like
the one Michel just gave me from this very same Jim that addressed it to : Tony
Quinn & Michel Dumas . Michel loved how it was addressed : Jim ... Total Wine
Trash ... and wanted to see the label that's Jim's personal invention : called
:  FLEUR DE PLONK  2013   " Deep Dew-Dew Red  " ... Alc. by Vol 14%   ,
Bonaparte, and the Government Warning reads : " Changing patterns of female
pregnancy ... have brought us new drinking regulations. Visit our web sit - ...
" I cannot print it all here , ask to see the label and we will share it.

CLEVELAND PARK has people like Jane that we have known forever that loves French
red Burgundies, California Zinfandels, traveling, culture, the local museums,
theater, our wine-tastings, that knows well the same Jim mentioned above and
that have been at his home when he tastes the wines he has found while visiting
many of the lesser-known states for wine on his BMW motorcyle - until it was
stolen in front of another wine store - not ours - Phew! - and then opens these
various bottles with whoever shows up to his home on the Sunday afternoons.
Thanks Jim.


IT TAKES A GROUP , it takes many people, it takes many organizations, many
businesses, many individuals, many people of all ages and all religions, all
ways of life, all cultures, all countries, all colors and that's Cleveland Park
at it's most dynamic, most appealing, most interesting, most engaging ...

LIKE ...

Michon and Taqquiena that just came in with a request for a $10-$12 bottle of
dry white that would be good with a recipe from the book " Jerusalem ", a
cookbook by Ottenghi for Pan Fried Sea Bass. They are going to Twitter me with a
picture the results and how the PURATO Pura Sicilia dry white blend of Organic
grapes  Pinot Grigio and Cataratto went with it, $12.99. I had to bump them up a
dollar from their budget to have a wine with enough flavor to hold up to the
extra seasoning! They were cool with that, thanks Michon and Taquiena. Happy
holidays and happy new year 2014 to you both and your families, too!

We ALSO HAVE HERE Sarah that came looking for reds for a lamb dish. Michel
helped her. She had three bottles in her hand and asked me what I thought for
lamb ? 1) TERRA SAVIA Reserve Petit Verdot 2009 Organic California Dry red, On
Special for $29.99 a bottle, the  2) Chateau Cheval Brun Grand Cru 2009
Saint-Emilion red Bordeaux On Special for $31.99, and a bottle of the OBSIDIAN
Cabernet Sauvignon On Special for $27.99 a bottle. I said these would be fine,
especially with a flavorful version of lamb. Cheers Sara! Enjoy!

I WAS STRUCK , too by a visit from two of our oldest, charming and faithful
local Cleveland Park customers, Hona and Lidia. They have discerning relatives
that really know their French Armagnacs and Cognacs and needed to have some " of
the very best " in each category. Once I fully understood their request I was
able to really help them and they bought a bottle each of the PAUL GIRAUD Grand
Champagne Cognac XO for $70.99 a bottle, and the TARIQUET XO Bas Armagnac,
$82.99. That was just this past Saturday. What fun. I know that they will have
happy relatives as these are two of the very best! Cheers Hona and Lidia, happy
holidays to you and to your relatives. Travel safely.

WE HAD Nicolas' parents from San Raphael by Nice. It was nice to meet Nicolas'
father, Jean. Jean's wife Monique was shopping in another store. Jean and
Nicolas needed good French wines at a good price so I showed them some Touraine
Sauvignon Blanc On Special for $12.99 from Eric Fournie. We still have a few
bottles left of this excellent, full-blast-flavored dry Sauvignon Blanc! Now
it's just a matter of waiting and having Nicolas or Jean come back with their
report! Cheers, sante a vous, bonne annee 2013!

MARY ANNE just came by needing Marsala for a Chicken Marsala dish/ recipe and
she bought a small, 375ml bottle of the DUCA Di CASTEMONTE I.P.  D.O.C. since
1880  V.L.Q.P.R.D. for $9.99, going with a half-bottle because she does not know
if she will drink any while cooking, or serve any with the meal, though I
suggested she do both as Marsala was made for drinking and not just for cooking
: try some ; live a little, largely!

SO :

IT TAKES A CLEVELAND PARK to be all that we can be as individuals and as a
functioning group of people gathered together here for the wonderful but brief
and fleeting moments that we have here and on this glorious land and wonderful
and amazing earth of ours!

WE @ CLEVELAND PARK Ales, Beers, Ciders, Spirits, Waters, Olive Oil & Wines are
thrilled to be a part of this and of your lives. Thanks for that! Thanks for
your faith and trust in us.


DON'T WAIT until the weather turns nasty as it most surely will and soon.  I
implore you all to call , come by, think about what you may all need for the
rest of this December to celebrate your holidays with family and friends.

THERE'S NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW to shop as the store is filled with " new " and
" exciting " things in all categories for you to enjoy as the temperatures
tumble and you want to bundle up and enjoy that precious time you have off with
family and friends. Read on :


CHECK WITH SANTOS for the availability and prices of these below:

1) LIEFMANS Goudenband Juicy is " one of the world's most complex beers. An
aged Belgian Brown Ale... it is brewery-cellared for many months until it
matures, only then is it blended and bottled. " It's a 750ml bottle beautifully
wrapped in paper. Try this Belgian Brown Ale!

2) Tripel Ale Brewed With Honey & Ginger from BEERHIVE, this high gravity
series from NEW HOLLAND (, Vintage 2010, 1 pint, six f.
oz, 8.4% Alc. by volume is made from Little John's local bees that create a
wildflower honey that gives a sweetness, an earthiness complexity with a snap of
ginger, too. Great with fresh veggies, soft-ripened cheese, fruit of late
summer, custards and biscuits. Fun, great package, great gift, too.

3) Baltic Porter Winter Brew from DOMINION ( a 6-pack, 6.8% alc. by volume,
12 fl. oz, made in Dover, Delaware ) is " a bottom-fermented lager brewed to
meet your need for warmth on a cold winter's night. Hints of licorice, toffee
&chocolate mingle with German Pilsner, Crystal, Dark Speciality Malts and a
touch of Rye giving our Porter a full-bodied taste. "


1) Nux Alpina / Walnut Liqueur Nusse-Noix-Nocino  from Osterreichisches
Ereugins, 375ml bottle size, product of Austria is here at last! We have had so
many requests recently for a walnut liqueur and there simply has been none for
us until we got this one last week. Beautiful, stylish bottle shape and
presentation and it, too would make a great gift for someone wanting something
fun and definitely on the cutting edge!


1) Vieux Carre Absinthe Superieure grain neutral spirits distilled with
herbs with additional herbs added is On Special for $56.99, 60% alc. by volume (
120 proof, ) and was a Gold Medal winner at the San Fransisco Spirits
Competition 2009. It's made and bottled by PHILADELPHIA DISTILLING and inspired
by New Orleans the old-quarter- vieux carre - the soul of the city. Great
package, great gift that will keep on giving until it's all done. Go to : for more info. Cheers.

Wines : From Michel Dumas and Tony -

WHITE - Try the full and firm and fragrant, FLESHY, creamy -dreamy 2011 "
Lamelle " Toscana I.G.T. Chardonnay from IL BORRO , from San Giustino Valdarno,
Arezzo, Tuscany, $30.99, that's na delight to drink with or without a meal - so
deliciously subtle and pleasing.


1) -Counoise, this " Cuvee " made from the indigenous grape called Counoise
( one of the thirteen grapes that are blended to make the famous French
Chateauneuf-Du-Pape ) at $17.99 from the DOMAINE MONPERTUIS is a real joy and so
fun and unique and special. You have to love it : I used it recently in one of
my wine-classes and it was a huge hit. You need to try it on for size, fit and
feel - you won't be sorry that you did. It will hold it's own against many meals
served at this time of the year.

2) Dolcetto D'Alba 2011 from Andrea Oberto, $21.99, 13% alcohol by volume,
from Italy's Piemonte region, this dry and tasty red will cut through many
flavors, may sauces, and really refresh and brighten and accent any meal. It's a
great food wine as it helps to highlight a food as the food helps to flesh it
out even more - together the combination is a piece of magic on earth, a piece
of magic locally here in Cleveland Park and around here! Cheers.


Friday, December 27th, 2013 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Scott of Monument imports
here to taste California, Oregon, Washington State, some great sparkling Cava
wine - the MONTEVICOR that's made from the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir grapes.
$17.99 a bottle - delicious! Colorful, festive label, too!

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 ( 2-6PM ) We have Regis here to try two
delicious and value Prosecco Veneto wines, One for only $10.99 a bottle, and the
TOCCO Prosecco D.O.C. Michelangelo TOMBACCO for $16.99 - bright, fresh, vibrant-
a whole party and so energetic and so dance-like/musical, too! WOW!! It's a
pleaser! ALSO the French Champagne, a 1er Cru VOIRIN-JUMEL Brut Non-Vintage from
Cramant, a Blanc de Blancs, $43.99 a bottle, 12% alcohol by volume - that's so
tasty and flavorful and mesmerizing, too! Another great winner.

Monday - December 30th, 2013 : Our PART TWO  Bubbly-Champagne - Sparkling
Wine-Tasting With a few still wines, too from Brazil ( SALTON Vineyards' Brut,
Muscatelle sweet, and their dry still Pinot Noir and Tannat mentioned above ...
and South Africa's OVER THE MOUNTAIN dry Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and
Syrah dry red ... to challenge and please and surprise you all - in the spirit
of discovery and celebrating! Ohhhhhhh WHAT FUN! Come with family and friends,
no charge ever! JOIN US.

WE HAVE MANY MORE THINGS, TOO Of Course - but not enough time to list
everything. These Are But A Few of the SPECIALS we have going now here in
Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and we encourage you to come by in person and
check out the variety of beers, liquors, liqueurs, etc.

I'M SURE I'VE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it's time to post this.

I had a great  writing about Stephen Stills and Veronique Sanson and the concert
that I saw them perform in Paris on Thursday, June 1st, 1978 vers minuit- close
to midnight at the Palais des Sports at the Port of Versailles when I was in my
twenties... wonderful.

Go to :

ALSO please LIKE us and follow us daily on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines &
ALSO FOLLOW us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also at wineenabler.

CHEERS and THANKS For ALL Your SUPPORT!! Happy Holidays to one and to all and -

SHOP NOW! SHOP EARLY : Come while we have so very much for you to choose from
.... AND AT SALE PRICES, Too ... Call us with any questions at : 202-363-4265.

WE DELIVER, call for orders, 20-2363-4265. Thank you again,   TONY
Please visit our website below for more information, events and specials, and
our calender of wine tastings!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wine Bottles And Painted Wine Bottle Collection Over The Years : Enjoy!

Enjoy these , I sure have, had some real fun with them, too. How many do you know? How many do you recognize? Cheers, TONY

Wedsnesday, December 17th, 2014... Happy Holidays to one and to all, Happy New ear 2015 , too!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Anthony Quinns' Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 Store Email : Come Celebrate All Teachers Tonight From 6-8PM Along With Sara & Tess : Cheers To You All!

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

HAPPY HANUKKAH Tomorrow! It starts tomorrow and we have any last-minute '
needs ' here for you. So come by and let us know if there is anything that
we may help you with to enjoy fully your holidays.

More Still Bottles Of Wine EVERY WEDNESDAY: 3-Part Still-Wine SALE : Read

raining ' cats and dogs ' " everywhere, damp and cold and flu and cold
weather, and that is no good!The weather was gorgeous yesterday here and
now we have buckets of rain. Listen to Bob Dylan's 1970 album " Blood On
The Tracks " and the one with the lyrics about buckets of rain that he sang
and played his 12-string guitar, I love that song, used to listen to it all
the time!

WHAT WINE WILL you drink, or what beer will you enjoy tonight watching the
Grand Finale for " The Voice " tonight at 8PM? My money is on Damien
winning, we will see.

I WILL ENJOY something, I have not decided what yet, but something to warm
me like perhaps the French Vin de Pays de Vaucluse from the southern Rhone,
a 2012 from BOSQUET Du Sanglier/ Wild Pig , $17.99 , 14% alcohol by volume

AS WE CELEBRATE  Sara's birthday, Jess's Diploma Ceremony of passing the
Maryland Bar, and any of you that are born today : COME on by from 6-8PM to
taste with us this ...
1) delightful dry French Rhone red, as well as some of the more lively and
...  the
2) spritzy Italian Rosso Lajara Organic SPRIZZ'ter, $18.99, , 5.5% alcohol
by volume that is very fruity, for some quite sweet, so chill it and enjoy
this Italian ' wine cocktail ' with orange, strawberry and blueberry ....
sounds perfect for tonight. No charge, join us, ...
Everyone  always welcome!

SO : CHILDREN ARE GETTING off from school for their holiday break ( if they
are not off already?!?  ) : I know that Virginia and Maryland get off this
Friday for their holidays. I know because my wife and my daughter were
speaking of it on Sunday and I was all-ears as this is big news. They were
talking about how crazy this week will be to keep their students' attention
as they are all so excited already about the approaching holidays. Who can
blame them. I should have asked Colleen this past weekend when she came in
search of her annual dry French rose champagne and settled finally on her
bottle of the Grand Cru, Recoltant-Manipulant Verzenay Brut from MICHEL
ARNOULD Et Fils, $49.99, ...

SO : TEACHERS Join Us TONIGHT, Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 from 6-8PM with
Sara and Jess ... we will celebrate the holidays and accomplishments and
those things that we are all thankful for : FINE TEACHERS, FINE STUDENTS,
FINE GRADUATES : funny, it's all about education, or it all comes back to
it, anyway, EDUCATION is so IMPORTANT, really the foundation, the
cornerstone, the roots, the threads that bind, inspire and fire and inspire
and motivate us all to do better, be better, do more ...
JOIN US TONIGHT, even in the rain, do not let it dampen our spirits...

HEY SANTOS : What Do You Have In BEER/ CIDER ?!

1) Honey & Apple Hard  Imported Cider from STRONGBOW, On Special for
$9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 5% alcohol by volume, : it's
gluten-free and with natural honey flavors, perfect for this damp, dank,
brrrrr nasty weather that's biting, too!

2) An American Tradition Hard Cider From McKENZIE'S, Hand-Pressed,
Seasonal Reserve, Naturally Gluten-Free, $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce
bottles, West Seneca, New York, ... " Sip, smell and savor the rich, mulled
spicy goodness of McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve. Aromatic fall flavors warm
you from the inside out and chase away the chill on those cold nights ... "

3) Lager that's local from Richmond, Virginia's LEGEND Brewing Co., On
Special for $10.99 a 6-pack pf 12-ounce bottles, something lighter and
brighter to enjoy as almost a palate-cleanser between the heavier bouts
with these other bolder beers! It's a nice contrast, I enjoy it ...

4) ' Coffeehouse Stout " Craft-Brewed in Williamsburg, Virginia from
ALEWERKS Brewing Company, On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce
bottles, this is perfect for this biting cold, what a way to warm ourselves
around a blazing fire at home or in the country!

5) Aged Red Ale ' The Key To Heaven ' from PETRUS, On Special for
$12.99 a 750ml bottle, product of Belgium, this is another smart way to go
and to boost and enliven, to refresh and animate our tired and flagging
spirits after a hard day's work with another kind of spirit that has
prepared all it's life for such an opportunity.

UPDATE : News That's Happening Now With James Henry : Tasting the Cider
Snap that is brand-spanking ' new ' : Here's James to tell you more :

"Hard cider with a bite of a ginger beer! Hitting the market this
week, Cider Snap is made from only apples and ginger. Let the fresh ginger
make you all the more chipper this holiday season! Cider Snap is invented
and brought to market by a local born and raised in Cleveland Parker. 'I'm
happy to see it at my favorite store, Cleveland Park Liquors. Try it out
along with TEAVINE, a bubbly blend of organic green tea, white wine and
organic honey. Two sold feel-good healthy holiday alternatives.'"
Thanks James for writing this here for us. It will be great to have the
CIDER SNAP here soon. Cheers!

LIQUEUR & LIQUOR From Malkit & Jagir :

1) ' Old Tom ' Gin from GREENHOOK GINSMITHS , $47.99, 50.05% alcohol by
volume is golden in color and brand-spanking new here, from Brooklyn, NY
and made with corn. Cheers!

2) Straight Bourbon Whiskey from PINHOOK, $62.99, 45% alcohol by
volume, hand-bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky is also brand new here, 90
Proof... come check it out.

3) ' Owls Brew ' A Tea-Crafted For Cocktails, this ' Coco-Lada ',
$13.99 a 32 Fl. Oz bottle is a blend of black tea, coconut, chai spices and
pineapple. Tasty, so many possibilities here ...

4) ' Owls Brew ' a Tea-Crafted for Cocktails, this ' Pink & Black ' is
a blend of Darjeeling, hibiscus, lemon peel & strawberry... Rolf was
tasting them here this past weekend. Perhaps you tasted them here already?

TODAY : Tuesday, Save on your Bubbly/ Champagne & Sparkling Wines , SAVE UP
to 15% Off the marked sticker prices. You can also save up to 15% on the
still wines today. You either have to buy  ... 1) any sparkling or still
wine bottle at $19.99 a bottle or more, or  buy  2) twelve or more bottles
of still or sparkling wine at any price to save 15% OFF the marked sticker


Wednesday, ALL DAY we have our 3-Part Still Wine SALE :

1) BUY ANY BOTTLE of non-sparkling wine and SAVE 20% OFF the sticker price,
whether it is already on sale or special or not.
2) BUY ANY 6 BOTTLES or more of still wine and SAVE 15% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
3) BUY ANY 12 Bottles or more of still wine and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.

ALWAYS SAVE BIG here @ CP Wine & Spirits!

WINES From Chris & Tony :

1) Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 California from CHATEAU JULIEN ( also comes
in Chardonnay and in Merlot ) , $9.99, really balanced and flavorful and
honest expressions of the grape for such reasonable prices : I like this, I
like it a lot.

2) Dry WHITE4 Paso Robles California from VINA ROBLES, this 2012 is
fully-developed and ready now and is a blend of 61% Viognier, 33% Verdelho,
3% Vermentino and 3% Sauvignon Blanc. Tasty and flavorful, great with this
damp cold!

3) Brut Suid Afrika South African sparkling wine from PIETER
CRUYTHOFF, $13.99, 10% alcohol by volume : really flavorful, dry and
refreshing and loaded to the rim with individual character, too : at a very
affordable price we believe.

4) Una Pera Pear Wine that is smooth-dry and refreshing from FABBIOLI
CELLARS in Loudoun County, Virginia, $16.99 a bottle, 12% alcohol by volume
: PERFECT for these holidays. Come get some, sip and relax and smile. Go to
: for more info.

5) 2011 Chianti Colli Senesi dry Tuscan red from Tenuta VALDIPIATTA is
medium-to-light-bodied and a simply delightful smooth and
thoroughly-engaging red to sip or enjoy with most any meal today or later
this evening. A favorite!

6) 2012 Merlot from Virginia's Loudoun County at the NORTH GATE
Vineyard, $21.99 a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume is a fine, balanced
medium-bodied dry, fruit-forward red that I enjoy sipping as well as with a
meal. It's so surprisingly good considering how young this winery is! Get
some quick for these holidays ...

7) 2011 Meritage dry Colorado blend from GUY DREW Vineyards, 14.1%
alcohol by volume, $22.99, is a lovely, tasty and so clearly-distinctive,
personal blend of 67% Merlot, 27% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Cabernet Franc
.... I like it, got to meet Guy Drew and taste with him at the Smithsonian
Institute a couple of years ago : he knows wine and how to make it. Bravo
Guy! He also has the name of my father-in-law that I miss that has passed
away several years ago sadly ...

8) Bourgogne Mousseux Rouge / Red Sparkling Burgundy from L. VITTEAUT
ALBERTI, a dry brut, French, $24.99 : is spicy, earthy, forest-floor warm
and tasty and lovely , I really like this French sparkler that is
medium-to-light-bodied ...

9) ' Vignette ' 2011 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir From R. STUART, On
Special for $33.99 , 12.8% alcohol by volume, is a symphonie, a ballet, an
orchestra, a choral ensemble, a jazz quartet, a blues revival of flavorful,
balanced, distinct and really unique flavors to enjoy now with no further
wait. You did another fine job here Trish with your team!! Congrats!!!

10) Porto 10-Year Old Tawny from CALEM, a gift-set with a free glass,
$36.49 is a great gift for someone now if not for yourselves. I like it, a
Portuguese house owned by the Portuguese that is not as well-known, but so
stylish, so fine, so fruit-forward and elegant. I like it.

Michael Robinson our favorite local photographer just dropped of the 2015
Calendars for us here to do when we sign people up to do their
wine-tastings, beer-tastings, liquor tastings, cider-tastings, all dinners
and all tastings! Thank you Michael, grazie e enjoy your Italian class


TUESDAY, December 16th, 2014 : 6-8PM : For ALL TEACHERS, for Sara, for
Jess : for all our customers - JOIN US TONIGHT to celebrate our knowing one
another, being friends and being one large family / community! NO CHARGE,
everyone welcome.

FRIDAY, December 19th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : Tony's Picks! Come see what
Tony pulls from his sleeves!

SANTOS has organized two beer-tastings :

1) Cisco tasting with Mike Moran from 5-8PM, as well as ...
2) Harpoon tasting, too : same time.

SATURDAY , December 20th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : MORE of Tony's Picks! Come
see what's still to be pulled from his sleeves! Cheers, everyone always
welcome. JOIN US.

DRIVING HERE TO WORK this morning I loved seeing the Zoo Lights sign and
all the joy the display must bring at night to many. I also liked very much
seeing the American Bison poster/ sign hanging just behind to welcome us to
this entrance of the National Zoo : so cool!

PLEASE ASK FOR OUR BOOK at the computer here for guests to sign and say
whatever you care to , and to share whatever you would like with us all.

EVERYONE WAS AT THE POST OFFICE this morning as I took a package to mail to
my mother and brother. I stood behind Michael's wife and she had a flat,
long rectangular box with gifts inside. I loved the box, it still had a
wine label on the side of the box : cool again! Now that was inspiring to
me. I almost started to talk to her about it but instead I will wait till I
see Michael here and tell him this story and bring a smile to his face as
they both LOVE wine!

CHEERS, THANKS for everything ...

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James Henry Come Today, Tuesday December 16th, 2014 With His ' New " Cider Snap To Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits : Exciting, So Tasty, Nice For The Bite Of This Cold Snap-Of-Weather Now! Cheers!!

James Henry our local Cleveland Park resident and inventor of the TEAVINE, $13.99 just stopped by to taste Santos and me on his ' new ' Cider Snap that we will soon have here for you all : really pleasing, really enjoyable, I liked it, I can still taste it, soothing and perfect for this drab cold and wetness outside, I feel better already! Cheers, TONY