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Today Is Veteran Day, November 11th, 2014 : This Is My Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Store Email, A Weekly Email From Anthony Quinn : Enjoy Dinner Tonight With Owner Karim Mussy Safie @ La Chaumiere French Restaurant In Georgetown, Washington D.C., 6 PM , $95 A Person All-Inclusive ...

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ON VETERANS DAY , how beautiful, gorgeous day this Tuesday, November 11th,
2014 here in Cleveland Park and I just helped Izzy with his requests ...
and I am copying and pasting what transpired just a few minutes ago as I
start this email of the week ...

JUST SOLD to Izzy a few minutes ago on Veterans Day that also happens to be
his birthday, and he's celebrating with another and it is that person's
birthday : two with birthdays today, two without : four people together on
Veterans Day celebrating birthdays on a very very special day indeed! I
love it. I asked Izzy what he liked : " Cabernet Sauvignon " he replied. I
showed him three different Cabs, one from Spain that is organic and On
Special now for $9.99 with 50% Tempranillo blended, one from Mark
Honeycutt  called MYTHIC Mountain, 2014, Mendoza, $14.99, 13.9% alcohol by
volume that I tasted a couple of weeks ago and really liked, and .... the
CHATEAU VARTELY Sec Rosu Cabernet Sauvignon, $12.99, 2012, from Moldova's
Cimislia region, 13.5% alcohol by volume. Izzy picked the CHATEAU VARTELY,
liked the story about Dmitri and Dmitr's mom that helped to make the wines
there, and customers of ours that have visited there and been blown away
upon their return to discover both the Cabernet Sauvignon and the
Chardonnay here! Love it, all at the start of Veterans Day on a very
special day indeed. Cheers,  TONY

I JUST SPOKE TO Leanni that was nice enough to read the last review posted
on us on Yelp and that makes my day, really it does. So nice to have
customers leaving their opinions there on how we are doing  so that we may
improve on what we are already doing well and possibly augment here any
suggestions that they may have, things that have ' fallen through the
cracks ', that perhaps we have not realized ourselves that we should be
doing to improve our customer services, and services here to you all
overall! Love it.

COPPI'S Organic Italian Ligurian food just opened down in the old Lavandou
location and it looked like they were doing well. That is great news indeed
for our fabulous neighborhood here. Good luck Carlos and team! Let us know
if we can help in any way?

WE ARE WORKING on wines for Thanksgiving with FAT PETE'S Barbecue with
Peter, Hondo and Woody, and that is exciting. We will have a series of six
wines that we offer and that they will promote in their fliers and on the
Facebook and web page :

UNDER $10.00 -

BOTH sell for $9.99 a bottle
Both will taste good with the meal and sipping before the meal. Both
are quite amazing for this price, they over-deliver with taste, flavor and
character. I'm very pleased with them, really I am.

UNDER $20.00 -

CHATEAU BIANCA , Oregon Willamette
Pinot Noir, 2011, lighter, brighter,$19.99 : such elegance, such
finesse, a delicate flower of a Pinot Noir with great focus, silky flesh
flavors, a delight to sip and enjoy with a meal, with a glass or two before

STEELE '  60+ Old Vine ' Zinfandel, 2011,
$19.99 a bottle : softer, rounder, silkier, nice to sip, so generous
and so pleasing, love it each and every time!

UNDER $30.00 -

NORTH GATE Vineyards  Viognier 2013,
$24.99 a bottle, softer, rounder, fruit-forward. Lovely to sip or
enjoy with a meal. I like this so much, am so pleased for owner/ winemaker
Mark that came here with Doug Fabbioli of FABBIOLI CELLARS to taste awhile
back : both were Governor's VA. Cup winners , two from ten wineries to get
the award, out of 250 wineries now in Virginia.

OUR ALTO CEDRO Argentina Mendoza Wine Owner / Maker Dinner with Kalim is
tonight at La Chaumiere Restaurant in Georgetown across from the Four
Seasons Hotel, starting at 6PM, for $95 a person, all inclusive, call and
get a seat tonight if you have not already. Ask for Martin Lumet the owner
of La Chaumiere to reserve a seat!

CALL FAT PETE'S to place your orders for their Thanksgiving Specials at :
202-362-7777 , or go to : info@fatpetesbbq.com. Cheers.

LOVE THESE 6 wine selections here, some really fine, fine quality to enjoy
this Thanksgiving.

HERE From SANTOS in Ale, Beer & Cider :

1) Grapefruit Hefeweizen Wheat Beer from SCHOFFERHOFER, $9.99 a 6-pack
of 12-ounce bottles, from Germany is : " unfiltered Hefeweizen beer with
grapefruit flavors added and colored with cochineal extract."

2) " Dirty Little Freak " , There's no safe word , a Coconut, Caramel,
Chocolate Brown Ale, On Special for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles,
from the DuClaw Brewing Co. Baltimore, Maryland, 5.8% alcohol by volume, is
: " ale brewed with Vanilla Beans and natural flavors added."

3) Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine Ale " Cockeyed Cooper " from  UINTA
Brewing CO. CROOKED LINE, On Special for $14.99 a 750ml bottle,
bottle-conditioned, from Salt Lake City, Utah.... just got some in, Santos
opened the case and handed me the bottle just now. Come check it out!

4) ' Single Trade Mark Belgian-Style Blond from HARDWOOD, On Special
for $12.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 6.2% alcohol by volume, 30 IBU, :
" Certified kosher, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and uninhibited. Hardwood
single is a feat in balance, sunshine golden with fruity head and a veil of
Belgian Ale yeast, Singles tropical fruit esters compliment its spicy hop
aromatics... " You have to try some.

LIQUOR / LIQUEUR From Jagir, Malkit :

1) Hazelnut liqueur from Italy and made by FRATELLO, $22.99 a 750ml
bottle, 20% alcohol by volume, is " a luscious Italian liqueur from the
best Piemonte hazelnuts." It is also new and exciting here and we are
pleased to offer it to you now.

2) Lychee Flavored Liqueur from SOHO , $33.99 a 750ml bottle, 21%
alcohol by volume, has a really refreshing flavor that is very appealing.
It is made in France and we are very pleased to offer it to you as there is
something so tempting, so pleasing and teasing with the taste of Lychees!
You must try some soon.

3) ' Winter Jack ' Original recipe Tennessee Cider from JACK DANIELS
is On Special for $18.99 a 750ml bottle, with 15% alcohol by volume, and
this will be a fun addition now with the holidays coming up and we have so
many drinks to warm us during the cold spells! It is also well-priced and I
like that a whole lot!


1) Reposado Tequila from FORTALEZA, this 100% de Agave Tequila has a
lovely golden color, is a ' new delight ", $63.99 a bottle, 40% alcohol by
volume ... when you want some of the very best. EXCITING. Love the bottle
and the package, and the tequila top-closure is so much fun!

2)Vodka from Hank Birdwell's, this One Bushel Per Lot Vodka hails from
Lawreceburg, Indiana and is On Special $10.99, 40% alcohol by volume, from
7 generations of family distilling : that speaks volumes! Cheers.

ALSO  : In Sake :

1) Dewakura OKA " Cherry Bouquet " Ginjo sake, $15.49 a 300ml bottle,
some of the very best from Japan!

JUST HAPPENED : in preparation of our wine-dinner tonight with Karim :

WE HAVE KARIM here now tasting Jane and Me and Walter on what you may
expect at dinner tonight to write about the dinner , in Spanish and in
English : "thanks Tony and Martin to bring us again to DC!! We'll have a
great dinner tonight so I'm sure we'll enjoy Altocedro wines with the
beautiful food from La Chaumiere ;-) Cheers! "  ... and Jane sez : " These
wines just get better and better. I will not forget this tasting! And
Walter sez2 : " Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits is a great wine
shop...couldn't ask for a better partner for tonight's dinner! Looking
forward to it, and to partnering with Tony and the rest of the team here in
the future as well!"   SEE YOU ALL TONIGHT : Call, there is still room!
TONY Go to : Bodega Altocedro for more info, also go to :    join us
tonight! I REALLY LIKE THE BALANCE, the fruit-forward taste to these wines
from La Consulta in Argentina from Karim, the wines are exceptional and we
are sold-out now with more to come. I tasted with Jane six and picked three
to come soon or in December at the latest :

1) Ano Cero 2012 from Arentina, $20.99, also ..., 14.8% alcohol by
2) La Consulta Select 2012 dry red blend of : 42% Malbec, 27% Cabernet
Sauvignon and 22% Tempranillo .... 14.5% alcohol by volume,

ALL THREE have tremendous balance and finesse, spit and polish and
refinement. These are wines to be proud to sell as they never lose track of
the fruit and the balance from which they started.

BRAVO KARIM! Gracias Karim ...

WEEK'S TASTINGS / Wine Dinner, Too:

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 2014 ( Veterans Day today ) 6 PM dinner with Karim
the owner and winemaker at LA CEDRO at 6PM at La Chaumiere in Georgetown,
$95 all inclusive a person.

Friday , November 14th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Chris tasting the
Spanish and the Argentina wines of Tradewinds Specialty Imports ...

Saturday, November 15th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Chris Bartha tasting
a selection of the Exclusive Wines portfolio, some of our very, very

JOIN US : NEVER any charge, always everyone is welcome. Bring family
and friends.


3 WAYS to save BIG ON BUBBLY TONIGHT : come by or call for more info.
UP TO 15% OFF your bubbly purchases.

3 WAYS to save BIG on Non-Sparkling Wines Tomorrow, Wednesday. Come by
or call for more info : UP TO 20% OFF your non-sparkling wine  purchases.

SOME MORE Wine-Finds :

1) INSANE DEAL on the Piemonte Moscato from Italy, from CHIARLE, On
Special for $9.99 a bottle, regularly $12.99 a bottle, and that's a great
deal! Fresh, vibrant, sweet cheeriness!

2) CLEAN SLATE 2013 German Mosel Riesling, dry, bright, crisp, so much
delicious slate, too ... and great balance, great value, amazing all the
way from start-to-finish! Jody Jackman poured this here this past Friday
along the wines that Andrew Stover poured for their 4 Grapes Wine TASTE-OFF
: what fun this all was!

3) Prosecco from Italy that is OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD , just like the two
above, really fine this VERV Extra Dry, $11.99 from ANDREOLA, all three
above are Highly Recommended.

4)  Xinomavro indigenous dry red from the inland area of Greece called
Siatista, this ' old vines ' Xinomavro from the DioFili Siatista Winery,
$18.99, 13% alcohol by volume,  go to : www.diofili.gr for more info ....
it is so distinct, so filled with it's own elegant yet racy and spicy -
flaired/ flaired/flared we-they-all-of-us-really-CARE taste, identity and
personality. It's a really, really fine Thanksgiving wine. I agree
wholeheartedly on this one with Nassos that poured it here this past
Saturday with Caroline Holland. What a great tasting, loved it!

5) " Ship Of Fools " 2013 from Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan, an
off-dry red blend of three Pinot grapes that Andrew poured on Friday night
of :60% Pinot Blanc, 35% Pinot Gris and 5% Pinot Noir. It's a delight that
has been delighting our customers now for two - three years here! It's a
delight with or without a meal. It's a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving
with a taste that just keeps on pleasing, and pleasing almost everyone,
even with the extra fruit, that's perfect for so many : all ages like it.

6) 100% Gamay from Burgundy, France, this dry and elegant red with
some acidity and real liveliness, a touch of spice and toasty-roasted
flavors is a great way to cut through the various Thanksgiving flavors.
From the region called Chenas in Beaujolais, this wine is made by
Christophe Pacalet and it turned many a head here on Friday night when Jody
Jackman poured it for you all.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we could not do any of this without you. Thank you
for your continued, invaluable trust in us and support and business. We
greatly appreciate all of it.

FOLLOW / LIKE  US : On Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, and on
Twitter at : cpwinespirits, as well as : wineenabler. Cheers, join us
tonight for our dinner at La Cahumiere, and


ALSO : Beaujolais Nouveau is coming really soon. We have some MANOIR DU
CARRA for you, a favorite every year. And from Voila Imports we introduce a
' new ' Beaujolais Nouveau here for the very first time. Now this is
exciting :

NOUVEAU AVAILABLE here on Thursday, November 20th, 2014. JOIN US, taste
them with us on that Thursday!

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