Sunday, November 2, 2014

Owner Peter Finlayson Of South Africa's Vineyard - Winery BOUCHARD-FINLAYSON Visits Me @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits For The Second Time In Late October 2014 To Taste Current Vintages Offered By Mark Congdon & Prestige Imports, Thanks Mark For The Call, Thanks Peter For These Fine Tastes!

I Met Peter Finlayson a second time this past week at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits here in the heart of Washington D.C. a ' happenin ' place and I told  Peter about this blog that I had written and I did not have the time to find it and show it to him unfortunately as we tasted some really fine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, too ... as well as his ' new ' grand value dry white : a blend of 50% Riesling and 50% Viognier : I loved all the wines. he Pinot Noir I tasted was a lovely cream-spread of barnyard, the finest barnyard in flavors that were calmly present and a touch insistent, a touch poking with bits of twang and ' boing! ', as in ' pop ', yet all so well orchestrated, placed, mastered and presented : I loved it , not as much as this 2005 I have gone bonkers over here, and yet I did love it , too, and with a meal it would have been delightful, not as profound as the 2005 ' Galpin ', but deliciously nice. I also loved the Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc was also wonderful, and the new " Hannibal " dry red blend of grapes was so silky and so delectable and nice and pretty and pleasing : but, I fear, of the bunch I tried, I would tire of it the quickest as little was expected of me. I did not have to do anything myself to excite or elicit or con or tease or try-and-reveal the flavors here : they are front-and-present. SO : in summary : I LOVE the balance, the focus, the flesh and . what I told Peter as well, the ' viscosity ' , and resilience, the richness and pleasure that they give, almost equaling what I got with the 2005 " Galpin " Pinot Noir, but not quite. I would trade them all for the chance to try another bottle of this 2005 Galpin Pinot Noir! BUT, saying this I will be pleased to have these wines in the store this or next week! I love what Peter does with his wines : liquid magic! Thanks Peter! Come again anytime, you are always welcome. Cheers, happy Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 ... and a windy, sunny, blustery day - cold some - here in northern Virginia on my day-off. Enjoy : drink Bouchard-Finlayson when you get the chance, really a grand, grand, great JOY!   Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 11/2/ 2014 at 3:59PM ...   TONY

Check my earlier blog here talking about the drinking of the Bouchard-Finlayson 2005 Galpin Peak Pinot Noir that blew my mind! Cheers all,  TONY

Pictures to follow soon. I have some great ones, really I do.

I found my blog of you and the Galpin Peak 2005 Pinot Noir on my I was putting in the search part : Peter Finlayson when I saw you this past week. I had it under Bouchard Finlayson instead and it came up immediately. I also did a current one, I will have to add the pictures I took, but the two blogs are up-and-running at You may already have seen them as I tweeted them, too on my two sites : cpwinespirits , and also on : wineenabler. Love your wines, really am a fan. Great to have you come, and the wines will be in the store soon for us to sell once again. Thanks again,  TONY    Come anytime, you are always welcome.    LIKE us on our Facebook page please at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits.     TONY   Happy Monday wherever you are, I am off at home in northern Virginia now ... blustery, cool, leaves falling by the thousands, beautiful fall day here for me, may grill tonight outside as I did last night sweet Italian sausages and pork chops, and tender young slim asparagus shoots ,,,, yummy all.   I want to taste some more Galpin Peak Pinot Noir : what vintage are you on now? Any chance of getting any?

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