Monday, November 3, 2014

My Current October-November Conversations Through Email With Owner And Family Member Miriam Of The TENUTA VALDIPIATTA Winery in Montepulciano, Tuscany Italy That Makes Such Fine Wines Including Brilliant Vino Nobile!

Thinking of you...
Have a nice Thursday Miriam , it's rainy and wet and cool and gray and I am at work and LOVED the fall foliage leaves colors ( as I drove to work just a little while ago crossing the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge and seeing the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, the Kennedy Center, the low Potomac River with a fog hanging just above the water ) ) that are becoming magnificent now, they are so beautiful in contrast and shapes and textures and sometimes sheeny and bright and other times matted and dull and yet the contrasts of all this are wonderful. Cheers, thinking of you, hoping you have a grand day ...   TONY

Ciao Tony,
also here in Tuscany the colors of the nature are slowly changing and the leaves of the vineyards are moving to orange/red, which is what I really love.
This is the only moment of the year where I feel really relaxed and I can simply enjoy whatever the weather wants to give us: sun, rain, cold, fog,...
The grapes are no more there, everything is well protected in our cellar and I am finally appreciating the results of all the hard work that we have been doing during the past 12 months.
I would really love to make you taste the new born wines, the changing that they do every day in this period (between the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation) is so exciting... and I can't wait to arrive in February when we will do the new blends of Rosso, Chianti and, above all, the Vino Nobile.
The 2014 has been a very hard and challenging vintage and my father and I are really proud about how the two of us and all the Valdipiatta team have been able to manage it.
I wish you all the best and send you big hugs.

Tenuta Valdipiatta
Via della Ciarliana 25/A
53045 Montepulciano - Italy
Tel./Fax +39 (0)578 757930

As always Miriam  it is with great pleasure that I read your emails. I was so tired the other day when it came that I said to myself that I must wait. I did, and am thrilled that I did, the wait for me to find a calm moment like this one was really well-worth it and I ad so thrilled with your news Miriam. ...   You and your father, Sara, your vineyard, your guest house, your wines, the valley, the village are such an important part of me and my sales and I love speaking about all of this each and every chance that I get at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits. It seems I do each and every day refer to one of the above points as I sell, even to your excellent olive oil that I have enjoyed here and there from your father Guido on the very first day that he pressed it and was walking up to us with a big green clear bottle of it to share with Sara, my daughter Abigail and me! What a thrill that was! I tell that story always. I tell the story of your FABulous guest house to those that might be going : I did this this past weeONY  11/ / 2014k. I love to tell the story, too , how I spoke French with your father and English with Sara. I also love to tell the story about our dinner there at your sister's restaurant with Anthony was it , our waiter that spoke excellent English with us, and how, walking back to our car that night it was very quiet and very darK and very spooky, just like it is supposed to be everywhere on Halloween, and just like it must have been in the second movie filmed there of the Twilight-novel series?!? I ALSO LOVE to speak about the excellent wines and I did with Dan that is married to Carrie  - they have twins - and Carrie loves your Vino Nobile and Dan bought her two bottles this past week. When Carrie comes to the store she buys everything we have on our shelves! ... And I speak to Jody Jackman about your wines all the time and need to order more for November as I am almost out. I will send her an email as soon as I finish typing this Miriam! ...   And my son Alan and Kyle ask about you and your wine and always want me to send them some. I will be sending some soon within a week as it is Kyle's birthday this Thursday! ... Thank you for sharing all the harvest info, I like that very much and am proud of you for doing such a great job with such a difficult 2014. Bravo. I am jealous that I am not there to taste the developing young wine, jealous for that and not to be able to see you and meet your husband and see Guido,

 Sara and the rest of the FABulous Tenuta Valdipiatta team of hard-and-dedicated workers! Cheers, and have a great week. I also loved how you feel so calm and can better enjoy the moment now that all the work is done until February, nap time for the wine, relaxed time for those that tend it ... cheers, miss you, hugs and kisses to all, say Caio to your sister and to Tony that served us, too ...   TONY 11/3/2014

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