Sunday, November 9, 2014

Meeting Caroline Holland And Matt Yesterday, Saturday, Nov. 8th. 2004 @ Cleveland Park Wine Spirits' Greek Oenos Wine-Tasting With Nassos, Talking Greek Xinomavro Reds, White Malagousia Brazilian CASA VALDUGA SALTON Wines, Too!0

So yesterday I saw Matt looking over at the sparkling wines on our wall behind Caroline Holland and Nassos that were tasting Greek wines. I assumed he had tried them, found out later he had not.

 I asked him if I could help him and he said that he was looking for a gift  and I discovered that he was willing to pay around $3 dollars for it to go with a good red meat meal I believe he said? I asked him if he wanted to be more traditional or more cutting=edge with his gift? He said : " cutting edge. " I started to look around and saw the bottle of reserve Tannat fro Uruguay and I proposed that. hen somehow after he decided on that, over the dry red from Croatia that I buy from Alek  ( Matt has been to Croatia ) and we were walking to the front of the store he offered that one of the people the gift was from liked Brazil I stopped dead in my tracks.

 I immediately smiled, said that I had another suggestion and I rushed back to find the bottle of the CASA VALDUGA Reserve Merlot from Serra Gaucha, $29.99 a bottle. I had three bottles left! I told him about it and we both smiled knowing that this was the gift, and it was still wrapped up in it's white paper that it cam in. I told him that Caroline was from Brazil and so we went up to show her the bottle. She smiled and she and Matt got to talking while she poured Matt the Greek wines he had not yet sampled. I told him he could buy one of them , too : but that he still had to give the CASA VALDUGA as heis gift bottle!

NASSOS was very interested in the CASA VALDUGA, he and Caroline spoke quickly and she said it was one of the wines of Brazil that they had enjoyed in her home of Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil when there for the World Cup. Nassos asked immediately if I bought it from Katie Cavanagh and I said it was not, that I had bought it from the Country Vintner and that there was no more to be had from them of from Southern Imports.

Nassos and Caroline bought one of the last bottles. One is till on our shelves!

I told them all about giving a bottle of the SALON 2009 " Volpi " Cabernet Sauvignon a few days ago ( thanks to Michael Cavanagh ) to owner and chef Pietro of Sorriso ( as his new daughter-in-law is Brazilian ), I told Caroline she should go by and say ' ola ' to her, and that I hoped Pietro and his family would enjoy it? I still have not heard. Anyway, it all went well. Matt was thrilled to taste these Greek wines and chat with Caroline.

It was a great time had by all, cheers, TONY  11/ 9/2014  Happy Sunday all, the fall foliage is smashing now! DRINK Greek and Brazilian wines : both available at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits!   TONY

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