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Happy Tuesday November 11th, 2014 : Veterans Day To One And To All : Enjoy This Old Store Email I Wrote And Posted A Couple Of Year's Ago, Cheers!

This is an old store email I wrote a couple of November's ago I believe, read and enjoy it and remember that you are never too old to go to a concert at the 9:30 Club as I did with my wife to see the group YOUNG MAN ... cheers, Happy Veterans Day all ...
Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and
THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO STOCK UP Early as between Ravi, Santo, Ean & I we have
ordered and received many great beers, ales, liquors and liqueurs, wines and
ciders, too. It's nice to see so many wonderful choices now, for example with
ciders that are gluten free and sometimes organic, too. This category seems to
be getting a whole lot of attention recently. Ravi just got some great Kahlua
gift sets, too. We are also getting ready to receive our Beaujolais Nouveau
from our favorite producer MANOIR DU CARRA. We even will have some football
wines for the holidays as well as some " Santa's Little Helper " dry California
red. The wines is already here and will make some great " stocking-stuffers "
all by themselves.

IT'S SUCH A SMALL WORLD , really. I have a pretty amazing story to relate to
you all. Last night my wife, son, and his good girlfriend and I were at the
9:30 Club to see the " new " singing sensation YOUNG MAN. The drummer is a
great family friend and so we were thrilled to be there. When we got there for
the first time ever and stood on the big floor in front of the stage I remarked
that we were definitely the youngest people there with a bunch of old geezers!
That shocked me : first time in such a situation really. Oh well. We were there
for a good show and YOUNG MAN ( they have a really good video called " Enough "
on You Tube. Check it out - really cleaver and artsy and I really liked it )
and our drummer friend.

IT'S A SMALL WORLD because as our drummer friend and I both sipped our
Negro Modelo beers ( $7 a piece ) and I sketched quick portrait sketches of all
the band members in their private rooms behind the stage one of the young men
wearing a Great Lakes Brewing t-shirt asked me if at Cleveland Park Wines &
Spirits we sold anything besides wine? I smiled and said immediately that we
did. At that point he told me that he was the son of one of the two owners of
the Great Lakes Brewing Company! Wow, I loved that. I think that they will all
be coming to the store today before tonight's performance which by the way is
sold-out. We are lucky that we got tickets through our friend.

I TOLD THE PIANO PLAYER of YOUNG MAN that we had just done a really successful
beer dinner with his family's Great Lakes Brewery beer selections at Dino
ristorante. He liked hearing that.

WE SELL MOST of the various 6-packs of the GREAT LAKES Brewing Co. like the "
Burning River " On Special for $9.99 and the seasonal release 4-pack "
Blackout Stout " On Special at $10.99. I will ask to get some of these packs
signed as gifts for all of you lovers out there of the GREAT LAKES Brewing
Co.'s great beer selections. Check with me when you come later today or this
week and I will fill you all a bit more on this fun development. Imagine that :
I had to go to the 9:30 Club to meet a family member of the GREAT LAKES Brewing
Company! Go figure ...

CHOCOLATE ANYBODY? We have Bailey Kasten returning for our next American
Big-Theme Wine-Tasting on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 from 5:30-8:30PM to
taste an assortment of their really fine chocolates. After the tasting we will
also have a small display case up front and sell the chocolates for special
gifts and just plain treats for ourselves when we feel the urge, desire, need
or want. This is what Bailey writes about her homemade chocolates : "
Double Premium Confection creates natural, high quality, handmade chocolates,
caramels, and treats right here in Washington, D.C. area. Our chocolates
feature unique flavor combinations made out of only the finest natural
ingredients. In addition, we also have seasonal favorites like our very popular
Pumpkin Spice Truffle. Do Come down to Cleveland Park Wines for our free
tasting where we will be sampling out our customer favorites! "

WE ARE INVITING a number of people to participate in this upcoming American
Big-Theme Wine0Tasting and that includes owner Rachel Martin of the BOXWOOD
Winery in Middleburg, Virginia that will be here to pour her 2009 " new "
releases of both the " Boxwood " and the " Topiary " Bordeaux-styled/inspired
red blends of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot grapes. The "
Boxwood " dry red blend is made like the Bordeaux wines from the Left Bank and
the " Topiary " dry red blend is made like the wines from Bordeaux's " Right
Bank ". They even come in half bottles. Those would make great
stocking-stuffers as well. The 375ml bottle of the 2008 " Boxwood " sells for
$17.99 and we have it here now. It's a hearty, more robust, more angular and
steely version of a dry red Left-Bank Bordeaux that will really benefit a lot
from being served with a meal as needs the food to help flesh out it's flavors.
It can easily be cellared much longer : no need to rush the 2008 vintage : it's
a keeper.

LIKE I SAID, we also have a GREAT DEAL from Ravi now with his KAHLUA Gift
Box which includes a bottle of KAHLUA Rum and Coffee Liqueur and three small
187 bottles of : 1) Hazelnut, 2) French Vanilla and 3) Mocha to help spice
up any occasion. They are also easy to travel with and enjoy just about
anytime. They also come with a nice shiny deep brown colored mugs. The cost for
all of this On Special is $16.99. You only pay for the regular-sized bottle and
the other four items are all free.

BUT HEY, It's not even Christmas time yet ( it's not even Thanksgiving yet
) and here we already have the Santa's Little Helper " Proprietary Red Wine
2010 dry California red blend at $14.99 a bottle. It's really quite good. Greg
that was working with us really liked the idea and so I said : " okay, let's do
it! " I think any of you wanting a good California dry red at $15 and a holiday
theme on the label will be delighted with this wine. It certainly over-delivers
for the price. That was the other reason that we bought it.

WE ALSO HAVE FOOTBALL REDS ON the way here as I type away madly at this
Apple computer of mine. They are named after some of the most famous " plays "
of our many beloved football teams. They should be here within a couple of
weeks and they will sell for $17.99 a bottle. The VON STRASSER Diamond Mountain
vineyard people are behind this in California and so you can be sure that the
wines will be really good. So stay-tuned and keep an eye peeled for these three
special " football " bottlings.

AND BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU is just around the corner. More French Nouveau :
Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages Nouveau all coming our way. We have our
favorites again from MANOIR DU CARRA coming : 1) Beaujolais Nouveau 2011 at
$9.99 a bottle and the 2) Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2011 at $10.99. They are
really lovely with a big more guts and brawn at $10 and a bit more finesse and
polish at $11. Buy some of both. Gamay the grape for these wines is a perfect
Thanksgiving wine as the higher level of natural acids in these wines will cut
through the sauces and the more spicy and strong flavors and seasonings in our
holiday fair foods. WE ALSO HAVE some of the BOUCHARD AINE & FILS Beaujolais
Nouveau coming : 3) BOUCHARD AINE Beaujolais Nouveau at $9.99 a bottle. This
is another " tried and true " offering. We also very much like working with
this house and have a " killer " Pinot Noir from them here on a regular basis
that we sell for $9.99 and that is a favorite with many of you.

BEERS From Santos : What You Up To Santos?

1) Hooligan Stout Draft Ale " Old Schoolhouse " Brewery, from Winthrop,
WA. ( $6.99, 1 pint 6 fluid ounces )is " a robust dark beer with lots of
chocolate malts, designed for hooligans who demand something more from their
2) Walker's Reserve Porter from FIRESTONE WALKER Brewing Company ( On
Special for $6.49 a bottle of 1 pint, 6 fluid ounces ) from the Proprietor's
Reserve Series, Paso Robles, CA. is a collaborative effort between Adam
Firestone and David Walker.
3) Long Trail Brew Master Series , Vintage 2011 " Imperial Porter " ( On
Special for $5.99 a 1 pint, 6 fluid ounces bottle, 8.3% alc. by volume
longtrail.com ) has a robust malt flavor and is " new and exciting ".

LIQUORS / LIQUEURS From Ravi : Share :

1) Superieur Cognac Fine Champagne from A. De FUSSIGNY is exciting and in
a great " new " Pumpkin-colored box holiday-packaging at $52.99 a bottle. Great
gift, looks fun and fancy and something great to celebrate with at the end of
the evening.
2) PUCKER " Cherry Tease " plus two other flavors as well : ALL THREE ( 3
) are On Special for $15.99 and NOW : IF YOU BUY ONE you get the second one
FREE! What a deal. Fun-packaging as well.

FUN WINES :Ean & Tony's Picks :


1) Chardonnay 2009 From ALPAMANTA, This " Natal " from Mendoza, Argentina
( $13.99 ) blew me away gradually and lifted me up and I floated away in it's
balloon-mushrooming effect of expanding flavors that were so fresh and lively
and " original " in scope that I just had to buy it. When owner Andrej told me
that it was also the first bio-dynamic vineyard in Mendoza I simply had to add
it to our selections. It's rich and flavorful and must be tasted as it's an
2) Jurancon sec 2008 " Chant Des Vignes - Song of the Vines " is On
Special for $19.99 ( originally $25-$30 : made from the gros manseng I believe.
What a wonder it is : like no other indigenous dry and flavorful white grape
variety. Dan Phillips the owner of the Grateful Palate was just here trying to
sell me some of his " Bitch " Spanish Garnacha-Grenache from Aragon. He saw the
DOMAINE CAUHAPE here and picked up a bottle and said that Gros Manseng was his
favorite dry white grape varietal. That's nice Dan. Tomorrow Ean and I will try
your Bitch Spanish Aragonian Garnacha and see what we think. I believe it will
sell for $11-$12 a bottle.
3) Cremant De Bourgogne Brut 2005 Pur Pinot Noir and also a Pur Chardonnay
: both sparkling French wines from Burgundy and BOTH On Special for $14.99 a
bottle! Regularly they are $17-$18 a bottle now and so these few remaining
cases represent GREAT DEALS for those of you that love more complex and
concentrated dry bubbly.
4) " Bosca Di Giga Brut Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG ( $13.99 for
a half-bottle - 375ml bottle ) from ADAMI is pretty gosh-darn wonderful. And a
handy size for a picnic, too.
5) Colombana 50%, Vermentino 40% and Malvasia 10% 2009 indigenous Tuscan
whites blended together by FONTE Delle DONNE ( $17.99 ) from FATTORIA FIBBIANO
is a real delight. Totally unique, of the region, of that particular soil -
indigenous all the way baby! Just like I like it, what about you?!?


1) Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Reserva from Chile's Maule Valley, this CASA
PATRONALES ( $10.99 ) really impressed me no end the other day when I tried it
with the national sales manager. I think that it way over delivers for the
money and that's something that I did not know until the end when I asked the
price? I was assuming that it would be much more expensive. When he told me the
price I immediately said : " Send it. " That's how good it is. really a little
gem. A must-try people.
2) Toscana 2009 Sangiovese 70%, 30% Colorino " Le Pianette " dry red
Italian blend from FATTORIA FIBBIANO is made true to classic style and
flavorful, aromatic, all the traditional belles and whistles ( $14.99 ) and so
distinct and wonderful. I met one of the owners as well as was impressed with
everything that he made! Wow, really a treat.
3) Pinot Noir 2008 from France's Pays D'Oc is On Special for $9.99 and
again way over delivers for this price. It's pretty nice any way that you look
at it. What great flavors and it actually tastes like Pinot Noir without other
grapes added to it.
4) Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Organic from Mendoza, Argentina and made by
ALPAMANTA is another one of those really lovely wine experiences for me that
opened my eyes. I loved it when I tried it with Andrej the owner a few week's
ago. It's wonderful and memorable. Definitely at $21.99 worth every penny and
worth your looking for it and buying a bottle to enjoy with your meal.


Friday, November 11th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Jody Jackman coming to
taste an assortment of her wines. This will be fun. Jody always brings
something " extra " to the table. We have lots of Jody's wines here and have
some great wines to chose from but I think that this tasting will be all
California from PINE RIDGE : reds and whites including a Chardonnay that really
blew me away it was so impressive : really distinct and tasty.
Saturday, November 12th, 2011 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Dawana coming to taste
from Margaux & Company Imports and that will be fun. She has been tasting us on
a series of wines from France and Virginia. She has a killer white Burgundy (
Remossenet Pere et Fils, $21.99 ) and an equal " killer " Alsace dry white, not
to mention some great red Rhones. We will also probably fit a Virginia wine in
somewhere, too? It will be fun. Join us : Dawana is a lot of fun to be around
just like Jody. JOIN US. NEVER any charge. Bring family and friends.

I AM SURE THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS - sorry, come visit us. Let us
assist you in any way that we can. Thanks, thank you for everything. Cheers,

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