Monday, November 3, 2014

GABRIELE RAUSSE Bottle Of Virginia Viognier Travels Up North To Syracuse, New York With Our Swedish Neighbor And Family To Share With Her Brother-In-Law's Family As Well As Her Own!

Owner and winemaker Gabriele Rausse is from Friuli, Italy and is a pioneer in Virginia wine-making, having made the wines in Virginia now, starting back in April 1976 I believe, back when ther was just the FARFELU Winery to taste? He did, people from the University of Virginia brought it to him and he was then not impressed at all. Oh well, baby, Virginia has come a whole long way since then!

I love a good story and this one is local Virginia, also concerning my northern Virginia neighbor Katarina, that happens to be from Sweden and loves Sweden and champions it as well as she champions local. She was going to visit her brother-in-law with her family up north in New York and wanted to take him and his family something local that : " I want to be sure that they cannot find it there and buy it ", as she wanted it to be something really special. I told her I would take care of it for her. At the store I selected both this GABRIELE RAUSSE Viognier and a dry red Chambercin from Doug Fabbioli's FABBIOLI CELLARS for her to take. So far they have had and enjoyed this delightfully refreshing and balanced and elegant Virginia viognier , and maybe tonight I will get a picture from her of the FABBIOLI CELLARS' Chambourcin that I like so much for it's elegance, finesse, flavor, versatility, too  as well as intriguing taste.

These pictures are from an in-store wine-tasting with Gabriele Rausse at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits. Cheers, enjoy, stay-tuned for much more. TONY  11/3/201

Join us for our wine-tasting at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits on November 22nd, 2014 from 2-6Pm with Gabriele and Sarah. No charge, cheers, see you then.   TONY

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