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Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Weekly Store Email On Andrea Fossi Of D & N Wines, Robert Kennedy Of RWK Imports, Gabriele Rausse Of His Own GABRIEL RAUSSE VA. Winery And Sarah Owner With Her Brother Of The CARDINAL POINT Winery In Virginia, Danielle With Fine Greek Wines, Too!

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HAPPY Happy Happy I Sure Am Happy Today!

THANKSGIVING!  May It Be A Beautiful Day !! It's right around the corner!

BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU will be here this Thursday, November 20st, 2014: We
will taste it all day long here so come & taste the Manoir du carra, and
the BOUCHARD AINE NOUVEAU, 100% Gamay Wines ....

I HOPE THAT you can join us, we have a really full week here starting
tonight with Robert Kennedy to pour his Italian wines ...

Robert Kennedy / RWK Imports LLC will pour tomorrow the wines of 1) VIGNA
ROCCA, 2 ) OSAI , ... 3) ROSSO RELAIVO and ... 4) ALLEGORIA .

I am at home
and I wanted to clarify this as we have THREE Wine-Tastings up with Robert
through the end of the year , and the one on November 29th, 2014 will
indeed be the one for the still, dry , non-sparkling wines of PERLA Del
GARDA, with the sparkling PERLA Del GARDA wines following on Wednesday,
December 3rd, 2-14 Out Famous BIG-THEME Sparkling / Bubbly / Champagne
wine-tasting ... and then again at the end of the year Robert will return
to help us close out this glorious / UProar-ROAR-roarious year of 2014 ...
in style, panache, verve, class, attitude and flair, too : ALLways, always
flair and bling and bing and ping and pong and dance and song! Cheers,
SORRY for the slight glitch, I get too excited, and it is my day-off and I
have to remember what we are doing sometimes ... cheers, TONY It's all
good, the important thing is Robert Kennedy will be in house at Cleveland
Park Wine and Spirits, and the wines will all be grand, too ... 11/17/ 2014

I WILL INCLUDE Our Tasting Schedule here now for the week as it is
extensive, fun, exciting, really very special :

TONIGHT, Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 9 5-8PM ) : Robert Kennedy pours
authentic, classic, beautiful expressions of liquid Italy from dry white to
red and rose wines for you. Join us.

FRIDAY, November 21st, 2014 : ( 5-8 PM ) : We have  TWO TASTINGS :

1) Andrea Fossi the owner / winemaker of the D & N wines from Tuscany
and Puglia, Italy will be here to taste :

1 ) - Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano 2011, $26.99 a bottle, 14.5%
alcohol by volume, DOCG : classic, flavorful, balanced, fine food wine made
from the Sangiovese grape like Chianti ...

2 ) - Primitivo Del Salento 2012 in the 750ml bottle, $10.99,  14.5%
alcohol by volume, that is fresh and fruit-forward and very pleasing ,  and
the 2010 in the 1.5ML / magnum size /  : $16.99 - WOW, this is amazing, I
was drinking it with Andrea Fossi earlier this year at the annual Michael
Downey trade show and it was drinking , feeling, sitting and pleasing like
a dream. I loved it, I really did. I have had so many great responses to it
and can't wait for you all to try some this Friday with Andrea.

THIS IS ESPECIAL as you you can meet one of the most important single
individuals in the Italian wine world. He started working with his father
as a young boy and we direct-imported the Chianti Classico wines here to
the Mayflower Wines and Spirits and the wines started with the 1958, 1959,
1960, 1961 ( I still have one in my cellar of this vintage that was great
in Bordeaux ) ... SO : COME MEET and taste with one of the finest, most
humble, hard-working Italian individuals that I know with a great smile
that will melt the cold and warm your heart, too!

ALSO :  On Friday, Nov. 21st, 2014 from 5-8PM we taste fine, classic,
world-class Greek wines with Danielle and Maria :

1) Aidani 2013 Organic white from the HATZIDAKIS Winery , $23.99 a bottle,
14% alcohol by volume ...  hard to imagine a white with more distinct
flavor and taste that shows all it's bruises and polish as it aged and grew
into the fabulous dry white it is and still growing to encompass! Loved it.

2) Wild yeast Assyritiko , natural ferment from the Gavalas Winery on the
island of Santorini : $22.99, 13% alcohol by volume,  so big, so tasty,
what a great food wine, hearty, robust, with so much character spilling
out, I loved it, really loved it. This is wine with great character, both
these whites pretty much blew me away.

3) 'Xinomavro ' indigenous grape variety from NAOUSSEA, this ' The Lady of
Naoussa ' , a 2008, $16.99, I LOVED for it's freshness, purity and balance
of expression, wow, this is definitely a really impressive dry red,
medium-bodied, great now for the holidays, will cheer your flagging spirits
and uplift your desire to sing and dance and romance.

4) 2012 Avdira  dry red made from 100% Limnio grape indigenous variety,
$12.99, from KTIMA VOURVOUKELI, I liked the edge and the spice and the herb
and the bounce and the zesty , toasty ' bing - zing - POP! ' to this
lighter-bodied dry red that, with food, will sing and cheer and cavort,
even crackle and snork and sigh and purr in contentment along with you all
... so complete, so individual, a treat.

OHHHHH  : We will not taste but we also have :

5) Dry Roussanne 2012, $22.99, 14.5% alcohol by volume, using the French
Rhone grape, from the MANOUSAKIS Winery, Vatolakkos, Crete that is owned
and run by the daughter of the store Bread And Chocolate that is local and
up by Chevy Chase Circle, but still here on Connecticut Avenue in
Washington D.C. It's amazing, another ' real wonder ' of Greece. I highly
recommend it and am thrilled to have it. Usually we also have the dry red
Rhone blends. They will return here soon.

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INCLUDED are Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala and Sake.
MIX THINGS UP. Have fun, get more of what you want this way. spread out
your experiences, too.



and we introduce a ' new ' one from Oscar and Olivia called  CHATEAU
GAILLARD Beaujolais Nouveau, $14.99 a bottle, the Loire sparkling wines
that they made have always been here and we love them ( they were just
written up in the Washington Post last Wednesday ) ... and so we introduce
the CHATEAU GAILLARD Beaujolais Nouveau this Thursday, come try some!

I STARTED MY DAY here walking in and saying " hello " to Malkit and also "
hello " lo Leon. Leon has been a customer here now for years and it was
great to see him as usual as he schlepes here all the way from across town
to shop with us. SO : here is Leon's story as he just returned from a
glorious two-week trip to both England and Scotland.

LEON TARLANT is a retired U.S. Airforce veteran and he returned recently to
the town of Kings Lynn not far from Cambridge where he was stationed during
the war. So he relates that : " It weighed no my conscious, if I wanted to
go to heaven ... " Leon was referring to the fact that 57 years later her
returns to Kings Lynn to pay a delinquent hotel bill at The Globe hotel (
it is a 400 year-old coaching house with nine bars today. Leon says of the
people there in Kings Lynn : " imbibers in those days. " Leon owed them a
pound and did not pay it because he did not have the money then. He also
did not return to pay it before leaving England 57-58 years ago.

Anyway when Leon returned he said  " they thought he was some nut - a Yank
nut, ha , ha. " They called the papers, had someone come and take a picture
that they wrote up and put on the front page.

" I have the copies of it. I'll bring you one. It's funny. Just an old guy
embracing a young lady manager of the Hotel Globe. We didn't kiss. Just
embraced. " I asked Leon what she thought of all of this?

" Oh yeah, she was smiling. It was astounding to her, to them. " Leon
continued to recount. " She called over the manager. The original hotel
bill was $2.50 for the night. They refused my money. I gave them 5 pounds.
I could not pay the interest on a pound after 57 years! "

" Afterwards we went to The Maid's Head and had a pint of delicious ale
avec prawns, very good seafood there. " Leon finished his story with a
smile. Thanks for sharing this Leon. I cannot wait to see the local paper
and the picture of you. That will be fun. You stayed in London and had
current stories about London to share as well. They will all have to wait
till the next store email.

I can see you Leon drinking a pint of the India Ale from SAMUEL SMITH in
the Maid's Head bar afterward, $4.99 a 1 Pt. 2.7 Fl. Oz bottle, 5% alcohol
by volume.

Santos came back from delivering your order that we assembled here together
earlier and Leon showed you the picture. Too bad he did not bring the copy
back with him. I will have to wait till Leon's next visit.

BEER From Santos :

1) ' Althea " Belgian-Style Dubbel Ale Brewed with Plums fro
WEYERBACHER, On Special for $8.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4 Fl. Oz bottle, with 7.7%
alcohol by volume. Perfect for this cold weather blowing through here now.

2) India Pale Ale from the BREWER'S ALLEY in Frederick, Maryland, Est.
1996, , On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles ... go to :
www.brewers-alley.com for more info.

3) " Milk Stout " from the LEFT HAND BREWING Co. , from Colorado, "
Best Stout in America " sez DRAFT, On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of
12-ounce bottles, with 6% alcohol by volume and " roasted malt and coffee
notes building the foundation of this creamy sweet stout."

4) " Hibiscusicity " Belgian-Style ale brewed with hibiscus flower and
orange peel from STONE STOCHASTICITY PROJECT, On Special for $9.99 a 1 Pt 6
Fl. Oz bottle, 7.4% alcohol by volume ... try some ...

LIQUOR / LIQUEUR From Malkit & Jagir :

1) The English Aperitif Wine ' enjoyed for generations since 1887 ".
the ORIGINAL WINCARNIS, $12.99, with 18% alcohol by volume, product of
England. Did you enjoy any of this Leon while you were over there on this
recent trip ? I will ask you when I see you. Cheers.

2) Imported Blended Scotch Whisky from LAUDER'S Scotch from Glasgow,
Scotland , On Special $15.99 a 1.75ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, ... in
a plastic bottle to keep the price down,we LOVE that.

3) Citronge Extra Fine Lime Liqueur Premium Reserve from PATRON,
$25.99 a 750ml bottle, that will be lively, zesty and refreshing to enjoy
even with this brisk and brittle and breaking cold spell that is passing
through now! Try the CITRONGE Lime Cooler, the recipe is on the bottle
neck, or go to : wwwpatrontequila.com for more info.

4) Sweet & Sour Mix from DAILY'S Cocktails , non-alcoholic, i liter ,
On Special for $4.99 , try the Citrus Zip, or the Whiskey Sour ...' new and
exciting ' .... cheers, ...

WINE by Chris and Tony :

1) Chardonnay 2012 from the CHANARMUYO Estate in La Rioja, Argentina,
On Special for $9.99 a 750ml bottle, from Chamas Honnorat, from the Valle
de Chanarmuyo, 13.5% alcohol by volume, .... a hearty, robust, flavorful,
NEEDING FOOD to flesh and balance it out!

2) the Frappato Roasato dry  rose from Vittoria, Sicily from PAOLO
CALI, this ' OSA '  is so delicately fine, $26.99 a bottle, charming, fine
and so completely balanced, a delight ...13.5% by volume, made from 100%
Frappato indigenous grapes ... I love it.

3) ' Clos APALTA ' Estate-Bottled 2009 from LAPOSTOLLE , from Chile's
Colchagua Valley and the Apalta Vineyard , On Special for $94.99 a bottle,
regularly $110.99 a bottle. Comes in a lovely wooden box of six bottles for
a gift, If you buy the box of six bottles the price drops to $79.99 a
bottle ( NO FURTHER DISCOUNT ) . It's a blend of 60-year-old vines the
French Bordeaux grapes with Michel Rolland helping here with the final
blend. Cheers.


Look Above for the schedule.


TONIGHT : Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : Try five great wines
with Robert Kennedy tonight. We want to say a ' Big Hello ' to Robert's mom
that is flying in specially for this to see her son!

THURSDAY, November 20th, 2014, all day long taste the Beaujolais Nouveau
wines with us! Free Tasting with us, discover the Gamay grape, it's so

THANKS FOR ALL your support over the years, we appreciate it, we are here
for that reason.

FOLLOW US on Twitter at : CPWINESPIRITS ,   or at WINEENABLER , and LIKE us
on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits.

THANKS AGAIN for everything, come taste the Beaujolais Nouveau wines on
Thursday , November 20th, 2014 - all day long! GO GAMAY!!! Go France, Go

Cheers,  TONY

What follows below is our old store email I wrote, enjoy reading it if you
have time ... TONY  11/18/2014

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