Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jim Stutsman Tells Anthony Quinn Yesterday Afternoon, Saturday October 1th, 214 His Story About Just Tasting Some 1945 Chateau Latour And Some 1966 Chateau Palmer! Wow, I Was And Still Am Amazed, Not Maybe, : Really Amazed!!!! A Chance In A Lifetime!!!!

YESTERDAY I was quite literally blown away when a great friend and customer Jim came to the store saying that earlier he had tasted some 1945 CHATEAU LATOUR as well as some 1966 CHATEAU PALMER! Wow, that is something, both were enjoyable he said, the 1966 CHATEAU PALMER he described as quite flavorful and tasty and he did not say that it was over the hill or past it's prime. With the 1945 CHATEAU LATOUR I got the idea it was drinkable but not what it should or could have been. He was surprised to be able to taste them, he said it was the very first time for him, that he had tasted a lot of wine in his time but never that. It was a chance of a lifetime, rarer and rarer. I said to Jim : " You are kidding me, right? This is not a true story?!? " He responded that it was in fact true and that he had just tasted them both, that our tasting at the store did not match up to what he had just experienced ( he said this with a smile on his face knowing that nothing could really match up to that ), and he said : " That's what the bottles said : 1945 and 1966 , " I wish I could have been there with him. I begged him to write down his impressions of the wines when he got home. I was sick to hear that he did not take any pictures of this. He said that he is getting back into writing and that he would attempt to write something but that he had grocery-shopping to do the next morning for the freshest and the best vegetables that he could find. I hope he found them as well as time to write down and impressions that he might have remembered fresh from tasting two old bottles of Bordeaux wine! Cheers Jim, thanks for sharing this with ,e. I am happy to share this with you all, too/ his does not happen very often. Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 10 / 18 / 2014 in Washington D.C. Northwest ... WOW! I'm still stunned. I hope someone else took some pics! I am glad to tell you all, any of you ever had this experience? Share here in a comment if you have.

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