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Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and
SCRAMBLING - OH WHAT FUN! So Much Happening this week here in our wonderful
Cleveland Park neighborhood from our 2-DAY Still-Wine ( Non-Sparkling SALE on
12 or More Bottles of wine ,  OR : Any 1 bottle of still-non-sparkling wine
over $20 a bottle - On Wed. 5th and Thurs. 6th, 2011 )  : SAVE 20% OFF on the
marked sticker prices, even if the still-non-sparkling wines are already on
sale! SAVE / SAVE and SAVE Some More Here At Cleveland Park Wines , Beer and
Spirits! I like the sound of that. If you cannot come by call us at :
202-363-4265 or respond to this email with any order that you might have. We
can also deliver this to you to your house or apartment here in Washington D.C.
at your convenience. CALL US.


BUT HEY, That's Only One Thing Happening here this week. We also have all this
week wines arriving that are going to be on DEEP DISCOUNTS! Today we have some
great red burgundy wines coming from the Jeanne-Marie De Champs selections.
1) RAPET PERE & FILS " En Bully " 2008 Bourgogne On Special for $19.99 /
Reg : $29.99 a bottle ) : smooth, classic style, medium-to-light bodied : gets
richer and fuller as it opens gracefully on it's own time. You can't rush
burgundy. You will be sorry if you do!
2) RENE LECLERC Gevrey Chambertin On Special for $39.99 / Reg : $47.99 :
pretty drop-dead amazing as it opens ever so gracefully, wings unfurling, like
petals of a flower responding to the sound, to the light - to the oohs and ahhs
that we emit as we slowly taste and sip.
3) FERY Cote De Beaune On Special for $29.99 / Regularly $36.99 : more
up-front fruit, more a blend of the old and new world styles. Medium-bodied and
really quite flattering to the palate. Easier to sip and delight and feel
rather expansive and contented with oneself and one's lot in life. Oh yeah.

Real Value-Champagne SALE Alert :

Incredible LOUIS De VARENCY N.V. ( non-vintage ) brut dry French champagne On
Special for $28.99 a bottle. We have already gone through three drops of this
and it is now getting really low so come get some while we still have it!
Unbelievably smooth , bright and refreshing and MOST OF ALL : elevating!


TWO Whites -
1) BUCCI 2008 Verdicchio CI Dei Castelli di Jesi DOC half-bottles ( 375ml
size , easy to take on picnics and to concerts or on hikes ) : On Special for
$13.99. It does not get more complex or more laden with mineral " jewels " and
essences of citrus and " grounding " earth and land and roots that stretch to
the opposite ends of the earth. Now that's a stretch : that's one big reach!
It's in the taste : just like a great bottle of red : there are volumes of
stories here, layers upon layers of flavors that become decipherable with
attention and patience and practice.
2) FARNESE Pecorino Casale Vecchio 2008 On Special for $13.99. I need to
try this again. It's been six months since I last had it so I will open a
bottle here in the store tomorrow during the sale.

Six Dry Reds -

1) MATANE Primitivo 2007 On Special for $13.99. The California Zinfandel
in the DNA tests matches up the most closely to the Primitivo grape. Pretty
heady and intoxicating dry red. Feel the earth and the grapes from the vines
that together with the roots connect the soil with the air and all the elements
and gather them together into one series/flights of tastes on the one's palate
when one is patient and not in a rush! Cheers.
2) PODERI COLLA Pinot Noir ( Pinot Nero ) " Campo Romano " DOC  On Special
for $27.99. This is from the Piemonte region of Italy that is responsible for
the great barolos and Barbarescos of the world. Here we have something more
velvety and elegant and certainly lighter, too for meals that require something
perhaps with more subtle, refined flavors?
3) PODERI COLLA Dolcetto d'Alba " Pian Balbo " 2008 On Special for $13.99.
Here we have a really famous, great everyday dry red from the Piemonte that
delivers the ol-world/traditional style of wine-making that is pretty
enthralling and mermerising especially when combined in these cooler days and
nights with some good comfort foods. Cheers.
4) POSERI COLLA Nebbiolo D'Alba magnums ( 1.5ml bottle size which is
double the normal 750ml bottle ) 2007 On Special for the very reasonable price
of ONLY $39.99 a bottle! This is the grape that makes the Barolo and the
Barbaresco wines that are so famous. In a magnum size like this the wine ages
ever so more gracefully and is slower to reveal all of it's layers and layers
of hidden charms. This is a FABULOUS DEAL to buy and give or to keep and to
wait for that special/right time to enjoy it when the stars and everything else
are aligned just so!      5) TERRABIANCA Merlot " Il Tesoro " 2005, On Special
for $33.99, this is from a great producer as well, this time in Tuscany.
Between PODERI COLLA and TERRABIANCA we have sold hundreds of cases over the
past ten years. We have had the owner of PODERI COLLA and the international
sales manager of TERRABIANCA here at least two-three times over these past ten
years as well. They are family, they are genuine, they make top-flight/
world-class dry Italian red wines and you all have supported them over the
years. Come again tomorrow, Wed and Thursday and buy these individually or
include them in a case and save 20% OFF your purchase ( as long as each bottle
is over $20 ). WHAT  INCREDIBLE DEALS!

THERE ARE MANY MORE  " Goodies " But No More Time so you will all have to come
and be surprised and pleased! You will not be disappointed I promise you that.

SO : COME SEE US - I will open some of these bottles and share them with you.

HERE'S WHAT'S IN STORE For This Week's Tastings :
TONIGHT, Wed. Oct. 4th, 2011 : Hugh Hamilton of his own winery in the
Mclaren Vale of South Australia came by this morning to say : " g'day ". We
spoke for awhile and he is able to come by this evening at 5 PM and be here to
taste what we had in the store of his on such notice : some Jim Jim Shiraz (
$13.99 ) and some of his Mongrel Sangiovese dry red blend ( $18.99 ) 2009
vintage. This will be great : come by and meet a real icon / a classic in the
Aussie wine business.
HOT OFF THE PRESS : Mark Congdon of J.W. Sieg Imports will be at Bistro
Lepic On Wisconsin Avenue N.W. on Tuesday,  11th of October pouring the French
wines of Les Perles : 1) dry white Viognier 2010 and the 2) LES PERLES 2007
Mourvedre 100% BOTH On Special for $13.99 or maybe even less ( they are both :
killer " - I just quickly sampled them and will buy them for the store as they
are excellent. The red is lush and svelte and so EASY, the white dips and soars
high like the tail feathers of an eagle - what vistas, what fancies, what
ribald meals and stories one can live out themselves! GO SEE MARK from 6-8PM
for these Languedoc- Rousillon wines!
TOMORROW : If Hugh Hamilton has time he will be back from 5-8PM and we
will pour his Chardonnay and his Shiraz. It will be fun, it will be Aussie, and
it will all be anticipation of our BIG-THEME Aussie Wine-Tasting on Wednesday,
October 12th, 2011 from 5:30-8:30PM. You will have to come to that and
live/experience the Aussie life-mantra-life-style-spell-charm-attitude-outlook
and everything AUSSIE!
FRIDAY, October 7th, 2011 ( 5-8PM ) : We will have both the Virginia wines
of CARDINAL POINT with Sarah Gorman that is the wife of wine-maker Peter
Gorman. Reds and white including a Barrel Select Chardonnay ( $19.99 ) and some
delicious Cabernet Franc red called Rockfish Red ( $20.99 ) and more - a "
Union " red blend also that includes 30% Tannat ( $27.99 ), and a dry white
blend called A6 that is Viognier and Chardonnay  blended together ( $22.99 ).
We will also pour on Friday and on Saturday some of the CHATEAU LA BIANCA wines
of Oregon that includes a dry elegant Pinot Noir ( $17.99 ) , a dry white Pinot
Gris ( $14.99 ), an unoaked Chardonnay On Special for $11.99, and an off-dry
Riesling. Theresa Morisson will stop by to assist pouring. JOIN US as we
celebrate and draw attention also to the " Hoof Fund "  ( suggested donation of
$10 a person ) to provide support police horses in the form of funds,
materials, labor, and public awareness - and much more. We may even have a
mounted park police officer stop by to lend a hand and a visual delight, too.
SATURDAY, October 8th, 2011 ( 2-6PM ) : WE have Theresa Morrison here to
pour both some of the South African wines of BEAUMONT and BLAAUWKLIPPEN as well
as more of the CHATEAU BIANCA wines of Oregon.     JOIN US : NEVER any charge.
The donation is simply suggested but certainly not mandatory so please do stop
by and help us celebrate. It will be memorable.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS : For our Great Lakes Brewing Company Dinner at DINO
On Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 starting at 6:30 PM for the reception, the
dinner starts at 7PM. Cost is $49 a person plus tax and gratuity, Call owners
Dean and Kay at DINO to make your reservations. ALL the beers at the dinner
will be available for sale here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. Ask Santos
about this when you are here next and do call and make reservations for the
dinner. You will have a grand time. Dean and Kay run a tip-top operation and
everyone really has a great time and also a great deal, too.

I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS and am sorry for that and will make up
for it soon as I get back into my regular emails. These are a bit shorter and
do not include as much as I would like and so I will add those things back in
starting next week. Sorry for any inconvenience. Check on us on Facebook at :
Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, and at :
chatwine.blogspot.com. Cheers and thanks for all your support!

COME SEE US TONIGHT and get a chance to meet icon Hugh Hamilton of his own
winery HUGH HAMILTON in the McLaren Vale of South Australia tonight from 5PM -
7PM. No charge, join us and have fun.


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