Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cleveland Park Is Happy To Work With Austrian Importer Klaus Wittauer On The GUSTAVE STRAUSS Austrian Wines From Steiermark/ Gambitz When He Conducts His Wine-SEminar @ The Austrian Embassy

For More Info On This wine seminar please go to : www.kwselection to sign up.

Our customers already told us great things about the one he did previously on the ANTON BAUER wines... cheers,  TONY

From an in-store wine-tasting with Klaus Wittauer here at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits.

We love Gustave Strauss of Austria! We have the Samling 88 Classic off-dry white, lighter-bodied, fresh and vibrant and zesty, bristling, open and pleasing and also entertaining white that's so easy to drink anytime, anywhere, with or without food! We sell it for $14.99 a bottle and have sold it here now for years, since 2005 I believe? The Samling is a name for the Scheurebe grape.

WE ALSO sell the dry Sauvignon Blanc and that sells for $19.99 a bottle.

KLAUS WITTAUER is doing another wine-tasting at the Austrian Embassy up the street like he did for the ANTON BAUER wines. We hosted that with him and sold many of the wines from that very successful event. Thanks Klaus.

We are doing the same now with the GUSTAVE STRAUSS wines of Gamlitz, , Stelermark, Austria. For more info on all this please go to : Sign up for this great opportunity to get to know better the wines of Gustave from the two mentioned above to ... 1) the dry white Pinot Blanc, $17.99, the ... 2) STRAUSS ' Cuvee Julia ', $29.99, not here in the U.S. yet, as well as the .... 3) Muskateller Frizzante, $19.99 with sparkle, joy, mirth and, of course , good - NO : GREAT cheer! Thanks again Klaus and Gustave!  TONY 10/30/2014

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