Thursday, September 4, 2014

Running Into Tom Clare Of Opici Family Distributing And Jeff Mausbach Of Argentina, Discovering Two Fine Wineries / MANOS NEGRAS And TE HO / From Argentina In Both Pategonia And Mendoza, An ' Old Vines ' Malbec And Some Hearty And Flavorful Pinot Noir To Catch My Attention!

The wines are ordered already from Tom and will be here next week. Here are two pictures that Tom took of Jeff Mausbach and me /  we had already met a couple of years ago through Olivier Lotterie and I had already bought and sold through Jeff's dry reds from Argentina that he makes and promotes with his friend and winemaker ... / Nice to see you again Jeff and to taste with you. What a fine treat for me.

Tasting earlier today with Tom Clare and Jeff Mausbach and we tasted three really fine wines from Argentina, a dry Malbec and a dry Pinot Noir , from Mendoza and from Pategonia, the three bottles are pictured here and I will write more about all three tomorrow when I have more time ... TONY

Cheers , gracias e hasta luego, and come get the wines here at Cleveland Park Wines And Spirits at  3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C., 20008, Tel : 202 363 4265 ....   Anthony / TONY / Quinn    9/4/2014

This was a great tasting yesterday with both Tom Clare of the Opici Family Imports as well as with owner Jeff Mausbach of the MANOS NEGRAS Mendoza Malbec and the Pategonia Pinot Noir, and the ' old vines ' Malbec that Jeff and his partner saved before they disappeared forever,/ never to be heard from again / thanks , gracias Jeff. I LOVED the TE HO old vines Malbec that you have made and will sell for $74.99 a bottle when we get some in October, and the two MANOS NEGRAS that will come here next week and sell for under $15 a bottle for great everyday enjoyment. What a treat, what care and effort went into these three wines : will be a pleasure to have them here soon. Cheers e hasta luego amigos ...  Anthony / TONY / QUINN  / 5 2014  IT'S FRIDAY NOW, have a great weekend!   TONY

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