Friday, September 5, 2014

Owners And Winemakers Of FABBIOLI CELLARS And NORTH GATE, Both In Loudoun County Will Be Here, Each Tasting Four Wines : Eight Wines In All : Free Tasting, Never Any Charge, Join Us, Learn And Experience Fine Wines Of Virginia ... Get Bottles Signed, Too As Gifts ...

TOMORROW : SATURDAY, Two fine Virginia wine owners here , Doug Fabbioli of FABBIOLI CELLARS and Mark of the NORTH GATE will be here to pour , from FABBIOLI CELLARS. : 1/  Una Pera,  2/ Raspberry and Merlot sweet,  3/ Reserva Cabernet Franc dry red  and the  4/ Chambercin lighter/bodied dry red, too ...  and from Mark at NORTH GATE  we will pour :  1/ Viognier , ... 2/ Apple wine,  and the  3/ Merlot and Mark's 4 / Meritage red, the ' new ' vintage ... what fun, four wines from each, eight wines total, a great opportunity, come taste, discover, learn, get a bottle signed, and have a wonderful experience, too ... no charge, everyone welcome ...

Picture above I just borrowed from the NORTH GATE Facebook page ... THANKS MARK, HOPE YOU DO NOT MIND ...

Saturday, September 6th, 2014 : from 2 to 6 PM : we have both the owners of
FABULOUS WINES, MORE ABOUT ALL THE WINES SOON in our Facebook page ... tomorrow
I will include an update on that as Lucinda and I have been working on it all
for the last two weeks!


Cheers,  Anthony / TONY / Quinn 9/5/2014   Happy Friday all. see you tomorrow, ...   TONY

It was a great tasting and we represented nine wines from both wineries and we had a great visit sharing all this liquid wealth, all this experience, all this warmth and passion, too. hanks Doug, Lucinda and Mark! We could not do this without your help and support, and as I told you all : I loved all nine wines, had positive reactions to all nine and have nothing but praise and enthusiasm for the. Chris and I have been arranging them here and we have a great assortment to share with our customers from Doug's pear wine to Mark's apple wine, to Doug's Raspberry Merlot that has lost it's rasp and has all the decadently delicious toasty smooth fruit ... to Mark's Viognier that was rich without being cloying and sweet, with a touch of cognac/barrel accent that will make a really fine food wine, to the richer and fuller and more and never better than now ... the Mark Merlot that also was fuller and richer and more lovely and rich than ever before, the Meritage from Mark that was more elegant and bright, with perhaps more of a wink and more sparkle, that I liked , but that I did not like better than the Merlot, ... to Doug's Reserve Cabernet Franc 2011, $25.99. that was pretty decadently persuasive in so many pleasing and enticing and exciting ways ... ahhhhhhh YES, this was a fine tasting indeed. Lots of customers came out in this sweltering heat and braved the elements to show up from Jane to Dan to Michael to Malcolm to Treazure, to MANY NEW CUSTOMERS, AND Doug asked them all their names, how many can you remember now Doug.... I took pictures with Mark's phone that he will send that I will post here soon and share with you all ... thanks once again, happy weekend all ... TONY 9/ / 2014

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