Monday, September 29, 2014

Once Again Tasting And Really Discovering This Time For The First Time The True Magic And Charm And Maturity And Appeal Of The GIRARD 1986 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon On Monday Night, September 29th, 2014 With The Steak I Grilled For My Wife And My Meal! Sublime This 1986, I'm Bowled Over!

The label has two acorns on it and this is the season for the acorns falling from the trees and being so perfect and beautiful : I love them, I love this bottle tonight, too! I am honored to be drinking and enjoying it as I am now , and have been for the last two hours or so. It still is pleasing, it still is exciting, it still is all there and not missing a beat, so consistently divine it is! Cheers!!

I am so impressed this time with this 1986 GIRARD Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ( ' produced and bottled by Girard Winery Oakville , Napa Valley , CA. table wine contains sulfites  ' reads the front label, sold at Bassin's for $13.99 a bottle, ).

I have tried the wine now five or more times and it has never tasted this silky or velvety or sublime, like a really fine aged wine, like one of the finest aged wines, with a touch of an intense bouquet that hits you immediately and with beautiful aged red ruby color that has some brown to it but not too much.

It's a treat, it's a real treat, it's world-class, I am amazed that a bottle of this age - 28 yr's old ) is still this fresh and this alive and this balanced, polished, refined, charming and together! Wow, bravo to the wine-making team back then at GIRARD Winery, you all did a terrific job, really a splendid effort on your part to achieve so much elegance, flavor, power, charm and appeal and balanced flavors that almost thirty years now are still delighting me to the max! I am enthralled, I am mesmerized, I am so ' under the spell ', I will enjoy it as I type, as I watch the show tonight ' The Voice ', and I am thrilled to have just scanned these pictures and included them here, using a flash light and shining it on the wine in my glass to hopefully bring it out more visually? That is the idea anyway, did it work?

So stay-tuned for more on this wonderful 1986 GIRARD Winery Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon as I still have six bottles to open and test and enjoy in whatever state they may currently be in when opened and asked to perform for our hungry and thirsty palates! Cheers, bravo GIRARD Winery!!  TONY   Monday night now here at home in northern Virginia on a fall and cool and beautiful day and night - perfect for this wine - September 29th, 2014 ....

he wine is more briary and woodsy and leaner and with less silk and fat on it's structure, and yet there is nothing missing, just a modulation, a shifting as the second sip turns more of the liquid into a soft and translucent red butter in taste that is filling in and the bramble and the sweet woods and the heat of the sun and the toil and the ardor of the vines and grapes are all expressed here so perfectly, with such harmony and honesty of expression. I am still amazed.

I am still bowled over with appreciation and awe and the magic and the mystery of what hits my tastebuds is still carrying me to new plateaux and new vistas and new realms and I am so pleased to be able to hop on with my thirsty taste-buds and all my senses and ' be taken ' where I may, willingly, appreciatively ... nice, really nice, glorious, in fact. It's now 10:46Pm and I am happy to add this here now before going off to bed.

If I were with friends I am sure we would polish the bottle off. As it stands now there is half a bottle left and I will finish it tomorrow. Cheers,  TONY

The color, too on this wine is still alluring ... calls to me ...

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