Saturday, September 13, 2014

Join Iason, Nasso And Sotiris Bafitis From Greece Here Today, Saturday September 13th, 2014 From 2 To 6 PM To Taste The Fine Wines Of Greece At Clevelenad Park Wine And Spirits, No Charge, Everyone Welcome, Bring Family And Friends And Help us Make This The Event It Really Is!


SATURDAY, September 12th, 2014 from 2 to 6 PM, Sotiris Bafitis and Iason and Nasso will becoming to
pour more great Greek wines! We have quite the lineup for you all today with perhaps some surprises, too from these three fine Greek men that are really shaping the ' new ' perceptions of Greek wines here in the United States and making them wines that people ask for and come in search o
f. We will start with the white :

1/ 2012 MALAGOUZIA off/dry white made from that grape Malagouzia that is indigenous to Greece and is spicy and floral and fresh and lively and rich on the palate and zippy and zesty and edgy, too, $11.99 a 750ml bottle, 13 percent alcohol by volume, a real treat to excite the palate and all our senses and to create energy and conversation and overall joy and great cheer, too!

2/ The dry rose blend, $11., 12.5 percent alcohol by volume ... of two indigenous grape varieties with 70 years of age already making the wines concentrated, fine and pretty amazing with no roughness just genuine refinement and concentration and balanced development and expression, made from the Xinomavro and the Moschomavro grapes, this 2013 vintage DIOFILI from the SIAISA Winery in Greece's Siatista region. This is our third vintage and so far the results have been stellar : this has been a resounding success and everyone has loved the wine for the taste, the flavor concentration, the refinement and the VALUE, too! Cheers.

3/ The old vines 70 years Xinomavro indigenous red from DIOFILI at the SIATISTA Winery in Greece's Siatista region appears on this dry and elegant and lighter and more lean expression of a dry red with toasty and roasted and sometimes dried flavors, too of a great food wines for when you grill, when you have salads of all types and enjoy a bottle slightly/chilled for thirty minutes inside or outside now as it is the perfect time and weather to thoroughly appreciate this with cooler and a bit cloudier weather this weekend. We just introduced it, $18.99 a bottle, the 2011 vintage has 13 percent alcohol and it will find here soon many admirers! Made from 100 percent Xinomavro red grapes. Cheers.

4/ The 2006 " Private Collection ' dry red from ANTONOPOULOS Winery on Greece's mainland is made from the Agiorghitiko grape I believe and is a wonder to savor, to cup, to hold on one's palate, to close your eyes with a mouthful, to hold your breath, to run the liquid 2006 slowly and gracefully with your tongue around your mouth and to savor and become closer and ' one ' with this Private Reserve is a grand experience and one to linger over. It's amazing, it sells for $15.99 a bottle, with 14 percent alcohol and worth every penny of it!
Wow, it's been amazing now for a long time and we are delighted to still have this 2006 vintage. Come taste it, be amazed all over again or for the very first time!

NEVER any charge, everyone welcome, join us

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