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Anthony Quinn's Tuesday Store Email For Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits Today On : Chateau Monbrizon Margaux 2010, LALANDE Chardonnay From France, BOE New York State Wines, XINGU Beer Of Brazil, BREAUX Vineyards VA. Dry Rose, Kilbegann Irish Whiskey, 2Ginger Irish Whiskey, Tyrconell Irish Whiskey, DC BRAU Beer, And More ... Much More, Read And Enjoy ...

very same thing to you and I apologize for that as it is almost too much for any
of us to bear and to address on a daily basis these days. I am speaking about
the Navy Yard shooting with twelve deaths that happened a year ago. That was
tragic, and what is even harder is that one of our favorite customers was right
there when it all happened as was split seconds away from getting possibly shot
, too. I do not want to say any more as it is so sensitive and yet I feel the
pain for those families that lost their loved ones. Our thoughts are with you.

THEN THERE IS THE ROBIN THICKE FIASCO with the " Blurred Lines " song that has
such a close similarity to the Marvin Gay classic , both songs that we have all
grown to love and are happy to hear whenever they are played on the radio ...

WHAT DO YOU LIKE to drink when you hear the song " Blurred Lines " come on the
radio? I like lots of things, mostly just to sip slowly my wine and listen and
get caught/up completely in the words, the sounds, the many possible
interpretations of it all. I like it, my wife, daughter and son like it, even my
brother/in/law likes it and we were all grooving to it as we drove home this
August from the Outer Banks vacation that we thoroughly enjoyed together.
Remember that, remember your vacations? We took lots of wine with us thanks to
many of our generous wholesalers and some of those wines given to me to taste
will be on our shelves very soon as they were excellent in many cases. I got the
' thumb's up ' from my wife and daughter, and even my college roommate on a
number of them.

ONE OF THE WINES was the 2013  " Evolucio " Tokaj dry  Furmint from Hungary,
$11.99  a 750ml bottle,  13.5 percent alcohol by volume. I just saw a customer
at our register that is off today and working from home and he just said : " Hey
that Furmint white worked really well with our Asian/inspired meal this past
weekend. " Funny that I was just going to get a bottle to write about and within
a minute of that we would be discussing this wine together?!? What are the
chances?!?! Rosie O'Donnell called this type of thing in the movie " Sleepless
In Seattle " ...  " a sign ".

I GET THIS FROM ANDREW  as well as the small 375ML bottle of late harvest that
is made by EVOLUCIO as well. This bottle I am thrilled to say will be here soon
as I really enjoyed it sitting on the water's edge in Rodanthe, North Carolina
with my college roommate on the Saturday night in early August when there was
the second ' super moon ' we have enjoyed this year.  We were sitting on the
sand with the waves lapping at us and it was wonderful and just a bit crazy to
be sharing some ' late harvest ' Tokaj like this from the bottle, no stemeware,
a bit risque I would say, but so liberating, so natural, loved it!

ON THIS SATURDAY night there was no clouds and so we were spot/lighted and yet
it was late and we were the only ones there and so the beach was our own , or so
it felt, and the ' late harvest " blend of Furmint and another grape called
Harslevelu was delicious and rich and sweet without any cloying qualities at
all, perfect, super for our super experience lit by a splendid super moon ...
did I say " super ' too many times?! Probably ...

SPEAKING OF The Indigenous Grape Variety HARSLEVELU that is blended with the
Tokaj, a 2012 from Szaras. $21.99 a bottle, 12.5 percent alcohol by volume, that
I tried with our local rep Jean Gagliolo and fell right in love with and ordered
immediately along with the dry Furmint, $21.99 a bottle as well, ... and both
are now on our shelves and world/class and well worth coming here to be amazed
and pleased, enthralled and entertained and overall joyed where you will say :
wow, ohhh boyyyyy!

HERE'S ANOTHER SIGN : Beni /   short for Benedita /  came by with Rocco and her
other child, living in Roslyn, VA. and asking for the beers from Brazil that we
have? I showed here three. Then I showed her the Cachaca's and the SALON and the
LIDIO CARRARO wines and she said with a smile : " This is amazing. " She was
very pleased to find the 51 Cachaca here, $20.99, as well as the XINGU beer , On
Special for $11.99 a six/pack  ? " I don't like the ITAIPAVA Pilsen " she said
quickly ... that we just received and have  On Special for $8.99 a six/pack ...
oh well, you can't win them all or please them all, and  the PALMA LOUCA, $10.99
a six/pack ... Beni asked if we made deliveries? Malkit and I both said that we
did, $30 dollar minimums, here in Washington D.C. where it is legal. Beni told
me that there are many Brazilians living in Roslyn, VA. , something that I did
not know? Good news to me ...

MALKIT And I Started Our day with some fine Irish Whiskies, three of which we
already stock here ...

Just had our local rep Bill Brobett of the Republic National Distributors with
Niamh Buckley , New jersey Irish rep for 2Gingers, Kilbeggan Distilling Co.,
Connomara and Tyrconnell Irish whiskies come and taste with Malkit Singh and me
/ Anthony Quinn / and we just tried these, starting with the 2Ginger. My
immediate comment was how smooth and silky and velvety it and the others, as I
tasted them, one after the other , are/were! I was pleased, I was impressed, I
was smiling and happy that we already had three here to sell and offer you all.
We talked about doing and in/store Irish whiskey tasting here. I said it was a
great idea as there is a lot of interest in this category, and they are all so
smooth and silky next to many of the Scotch whiskies, so together both groups
complement the other and that is great.

We have :

1/ 2Gingers Irish Whiskey, $21.99 a 750ml bottle, 40 percent alcohol by volume,
I liked it from the very first sip, and I liked the name that is named after two
of the redheads in the family as the term " ginger " is what they call redheads.
I like that, I like it a lot, nice, just like this 2Gonger is, and quite the
value, too.

2/ The TYRCONNELL Single Malt Whiskey , $39.99 a 750ml bottle, , est 1762,
distilled , matured and bottled in Ireland by Andrew A. Watt and Co. is quite
elegant, more body, more weight, more slight bite around the edges, and yet so
pleasing and smooth,,, I like it, too, and told Niamh that we have had it the
longest of the three I believe?

3/ CONNEMARA Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey, $ 50.99 a 750ml bottle, was the
strongest and last that we tasted and right from the bouquet alone it was my
least favorite. I told Niamh, however that for a peated whiskey that for me it
was the most feminine, pleasing and easy to enjoy.

I would rather, however, drink the 2Gingers and the Greenore that we do not have
yet as it is even thicker, creamier and sweeter and rounder than the 2Gingers.

In 2 weeks we will taste all of them here with Billy or someone else from the
company. Who knows, we may even be lucky enough to get Niamh Buckley to come
down from New Jersey and do the tasting here herself?!? We can always hope? It
would be a great platform for her and also for us and we do have Nanny O'Briens
Irish Pub just at the end of our block here. ... thanks Billy and Niamh ... TONY
9/ 16 / 2014 ...

BUT HEY, as I always like to say, let's not forget Santos and his splendid beers
and ales, ciders, too. We have many. Here are some to come here, drop everything
you are doing, and rush on down to savor them all, one after the other ...

1/  " Imperial IPA India Pale Ale " from GREEN FLASH, High Gravity , On
Special for $. a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, 9 percent alcohol by volume, ... taste
Enlightenment they say ... a " Colossal Hop Blend, Summit Nugget " , and they
continue : " King of the mountain of HOPS ... reaching new heights ... " They
pack a lot of info on the bottle, the label, come get one and enjoy reading
while you enjoy sipping ...from San Diego, California.

2/ " West Coast IPA India Pale Ale " from GREEN FLASH is extravagantly
hopped , Taste Enlightenment ... " 5 LAYERS HOPS, SIMCOE COLUMBUS CASCADE
Centennial CITRA, ...  " WE PUT THE WEST COAST on the map as craft beer pioneers
...  " it's here, and we are thrilled to have it! Come get some.

3/ " he Tradition " Golden Ale from DCBrau in Washington D.C. are a thrill
to have and to support local as well, flavorful, distinct, nothing whimpy or
innocuous here with these brews, $11.99 a six/pack ...   try some , live largely


1/ Zing Zang  " Not Just Another Bloody Mary Mix! " is here, $5.99 a 1
quart bottle, : dark and deep and murky and wonderfully cloudy with just enough
light to highlight all that's rich and wonderful within ... come get some soon
for your next Bloody Mary ...

2/ COLORADO ' Gold " Rocky Mountain Whiskey Straight Bourbon, $56.99 a
750ml bottle,  a single barrel soon to be married with your palates,  is ' hot
off the bourbon barrel presses and we are thrilled to introduce it here and now
to you all!

3/ " Peligroso " / " Dangerous " sez Estebe / he's doing inventory now for
the Friday tasting here of the Tradewinds Specialty Imports here from  to  PM
... gracias Estebe, ... " Peligroso " Tequila Liqueur ' Cinnamon ' is also ' hot
and tasty ' and new and exciting here! Come check it out

4/ Bar Keep Lavender Organic Aromatic Bitters , $16.99 a 8 Oz bottle, 48
percent alcohol by volume, is ' new and exciting ' here ... try some, splurge,
live a bit more ...

AAAAAHHHHH, More Wine From Chris And Tony :

1/ Wine Men Of GOTHAM Chardonnay 2011, $9.99 a 750ML bottle, 12 percent
alcohol by volume : I like this wine from Romy, Kate and Bruce because it is
balanced, bright, low alcohol and a delight to sip with or without a meal, and
represents fine value, too from Australia ...

2/ Sangiovese Dell'Umbria, Italia, $9.99 a 750ml bottle, earthy, pithy,
spicy, a touch edgy and old/world, classic, food friendly style at a great price
: love it with my food!

3/ Chardonnay 2013 from LALANDE in southwest, France, $10.99 a 750ml
bottle, bright, fresh, forward, pleasing and another great value for a dry and
rounded and pleasing/sipping Chardonnay ... love it!

4/ 2013 Dry Virginia rose from BREAUX Vineyards, $17.99 a 750ml bottle,
from Purcelville, VA., this dark and deep color and flavor and taste is a
delight to match with many a meal, whether grilled or not, this is a beauty and
local and lively and flashy and fleshy and flowingly flamboyant too, sexy?!? All
good, all a treat, try some. live on the edge a bit, be brave, discover the
wealth of tastes and flavors and sensations out there ...

a 750ml bottle, a delight, a merveille, a silky and sensuous and sinewy,
slithering, sliding and stealthy sparkling dry toasty/ roasted series of flavors
to fire all the senses .. ohhh yeah!

Four Dry Red Bordeaux To Taste :

1/ Chateau Bouqueyran 2010 / fabulous Bordeaux vintage / from Moulis / just
outside of Margaux , Bordeaux, this $26.99 a 750ml bottle is drinking really
well as long as it is paired with a tasty meal, like the steaks we had last
night off our grill : and it represents a great value, too ... delicious, almost
perfect, getting steadily there ...

2/ Chateau OUR HAUT/ Caussan 2009 / another stellar Bordeaux vintage / is
another really fine value to snap up while you still can at only $27.99 a
bottle, to save or to enjoy now with a flavorful meal ...

3/ Chateau Des Graviers Margaux 2008 / a lighter, more drinkable now
vintage / at $38.99 a bottle this is a fine bottle to thoroughly enjoy right now
with a meal, and from Margaux, a delight, elegant, polished, balanced and
refined and smooth ... will complement many a dish, so versatile, really will
work with many meals ...

4/ Chateau Monbrison Grand Vin de Margaux, 2010 / a great vintage / from a
really fine producer, $61.99 a bottle, this is a gem, a diamond in the rough,
buy some, be patient, be completely rewarded for it all someday ...

SAVE BIG On TUESDAYS at Cleveland Park, and Wednesdays on still wines, up to 2
percent off .. read more ...

READ ON : Our Weekly Wednesday, 3-Part Still ( Non-Sparkling ) Wine Sale
Tomorrow : 8/ 29 / 12 ALL DAY LONG!
1) BUY any still wine over $20 : SAVE 20% Off the marked sticker price even
if it's already On Special/SALE. 2) BUY any 12 still wines or more and SAVE
20% OFF the marked sticker price, whether On Special or not.
3) Buy 6-11 still wines and SAVE 10% OFF marked sticker prices, whether On
Special or not.THIS ALSO INCLUDES : ports, sherries, marsalas, madeiras, sakes,
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IF YOU CAN'T COME : Call : 202-363-4265 and ask for Michel or Tony.WE DELIVER
Free in Washington D.C. for orders over $30. CALL!!!
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Friday, September 19th, 2014 , from 5 to 8 PM : We have Chris tasting for
Tradewinds Specialty Imports a ; 1/ dry Verdejo and Viura white Spanish blend, a
dry red Bobal red from Spain, a dry sparkling rose espumante/ a Spanish sherry
and another ' surprise ' for you all : show up and see what Estebe has up his
sleeves ... cheers ... join us, never any charge ...

Saturday, September 20th, 2014, from 2 to 6 PM with Andrew Stover here, I
think we may pour the BREAUX dry Virginia rose, we may do the ' late harvest '
Hungarian Tokaj I wrote about, we may do some other American wines from New York
State like the BOE wines from winemaker Allie, we have lots of choices, and
Andrew will be here first thing tomorrow to iron it all out with me. Call if you
need an update. I think we will use some of the SHINDIG Fizzi, On Special for
$21.99 a bottle from New York, we will see ... it's dry and crisp and cutting
and tasty this SHINDIG, come get some, try walking on the edge some ...

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ...follow us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also at
wineenabler, and LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits!
Thanks a whole whole WHOLE lot ...   TONY

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