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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits Store Email of Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 ... Mauricio Salton Here Tonight from 5 to 8 PM.. JOIN US, No Charge ,,,

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for us , MORE FOR ME , MORE to share and distribute and pass around, no time,
never any time, making the very most of the moment as we just have with ...

CARLA was just here , just after ERIC actually, Eric came in asking us for a
twenty/year old single malt that he bought here a year or so ago and wanted more

said he believed that it might not be produced anymore ...

WE TALKED and I showed him that I was writing up some different products for the
shelf and he looked at what I had collected and his first comment was that it
really represented quite a variety. hanks Eric, we want to show the depth of
what we sell here, that's our job, to bring this wealth of variety to your

ERIC PICKED UP each individual bottle and we discussed each bottle individually
before he went back to our shelves and picked up a bottle, reach up high
actually to retrieve a bottle of the Grappa Grape Chacha from TELIANI VALLEY in
Georgia, $16.99 a 375ml bottle, 42 percent alcohol by volume. I told him that we
had a bottle open if he wanted to taste it and he thought about it and finally
said : " Yes. " We tried it together and then he finally said : " I'm going to
buy this one . " By that Eric meant that he was going to buy the Grappa Riserva
Botti Di Rovere from SIBONA that I tasted just a couple of weeks ago with
Franceen Kahng our FABulous rep from Vias Imports. I could highly recommend it
to Eric as a result of having just tasted it : an old barrel aged grappa, aged
for 36 months, and WOW is it worth it for a special occasion, or simply when you
need or want to feel really special!

WELL, IF ERIC WAS GOING to spend for a 20 year old single malt scotch it is not
unreasonable that he would splurge for family and friends on a really fine
bottle of aged Italian grappa, 44 percent alcohol by volume at $70.99 a 750ml

THEN CARLA was here asking me if we had any MONTENEGRO Amaro liqueur from Italy?
I said with a broad smile : " Yes, I have some. " And I went to show here where
it was and told her why this was just on the tip of my tongue, that I was
writing up today for our store email and I had thought to write up the
MONTENEGRO, $28.99 a 750ml bottle,  from Bologna, 23 percent alcohol by volume,
and then decided instead to write up the LUXARDO ' Abano ' Amaro , $25.99
liqueur, Girolamo Luxardo ...

NOW I HAVE DECIDED to write both up , the LUXARDO from Graham that loves it and
repeatedly buys it for it's extra punch and flavor and fire, and the MONTENEGRO
for Carla for it's subtlety, polish and finesse. We also spoke of Graham loving
RAMAZOTTI amaro originally, and of the AVERNA Amaro, On Special for $29.99 a
750ml bottle that is also smooth, polished and refined.

CARLA is a bartender, she bartended at DINO Enoteca recently and is now at the
Italian restaurant across the street from Le Diplomat ...

IT'S BEEN A STEADY STREAM of customers and suppliers this morning ...

WE HAD ROLF come with Nicola Gregoretti the Brand Manager of BACCHANAL Wine
Impors, Inc and I discovered both the BACARO Pinot Grigio Blush 2013, $13.99 a
bottle that I really liked from the Veneto, Italy, as well CAPOVERSO Syrah uscan
2012 dry red. also $13.99 : both quite smooth and elegant, balanced and fresh
and easy to drink and that we will sell in October, thanks Rolf, grazie Nicola

representing bottles of red and white Rioja made by himself and by his son. I
liked Miguel's wines better than the red Rioja made by his son that would cost
more on our shelves.

THANKS , GRAZIE CARLA, FUN TO TALK to you and catch up with you earlier this
morning ...

THEN WE HAD LAURA with her child in the stroller come asking me for a dry red,
under $10 to use for making some chili? I said that we had some wines that would
be suited for that and I showed her a bottle of the Syrah from CHANARMUYO Chamas
Honnorat from La Rioja, Argentina. Laura did not know the Syrah grape and so we
spoke of the Malbec grape and she told me that her husband would enjoy whatever
she did not cook with in the chili.

I HAD THE IDEA to introduce Laura to Miguel so that he could tell her about the
Syrah and the La Rioja Alta region in Spain. We were off, she liked that he was
Spanish and they spoke, we all tasted, she bought his bottle of the LORA
Syrah/Tempranillo dry Spanish red that she tasted, $10.99 a bottle ...

I LIKED MIGUEL'S wines that he described as : " the updated classic " ...

MIGUEL ALSO ASKED ME : " What vintage are you? " By that I guessed and said : "
You mean my age? " I was correct. I said : " 53. "

Laura also tasted the LORA Verdejo/ Sauvignon Blanc dry white, $10.99 ... it was
a grand event and time spent together.

THEN JOE CAME with co/owner Dave Pramuk of BIALE Vineyards in Napa Valley,
California, that likes to say that they at BIALE Vineyards make wines using the
Zinfandel grape that are Burgundian in style ... I agree, true, they do, loved
the elegance, fruit/forwardness, the brightness, the freshness, the pure
grapeness of the wines, including some delicious Petite Sirah... lovely. Dave
told me that originally in Napa a whole lot of Petite Sirah was grown, for many
years, way before the Cabernet Sauvignon. He also said that Zinfandel was there
way before the Cabernet Sauvignon ... love it, I did not know about the Petite
Sirah being grown in Napa ... wow, always something new and exciting to learn

SO I GOT BOTH Miguel and Dave to taste  together and enjoy each other's wines
that will all be here in the first week of October. It was a great serendipitous
moment like I enjoy, and everyone was welcome to join in and taste, share,
learn, grow and bloom and smile and feel joy broadly ... we did, too ..

THEN GREG CAME and we spoke beer and Roberto Donna and special birthday meals
fixed by Roberto / two of which I have helped on recently / ... and Greg highly
recommended the BIRDHOUSE Pale Ale from Pottstown, PA. It is brewed in honor of
Octerus Galbula ... I have to research this more. hanks for the recommendation
Greg, I value this as you know your beers really well ..., $10.99 a six/pack of
twelve ounce bottles, 5 percent alcohol by volume ...

A FEW ITEMS TO BRING to your attention :

1/ Windowpane Series Peaches ale brewed with Natural flavor and aged in
Chardonnay barrels; $17.99, smooth as can be, so delicate, so fine, so pleasing,
from MOTHER EARTH Brewing in Kinston, NC, a 2013, 8.2 percent alcohol by volume

2/ SEAGRAMS CROWN Limited Edition American Blended Whiskey, $15.99 a 750ml
bottle, ... 40 percent alcohol by volume, great deal ... must try some ...

3/ RUM CHAA Horchata Con Ron Caribbean Rum with real dairy cream, natural
and artificial flavors, On Special for $20.99 a 750ml bottle, 13.75 percent
alcohol by volume ... fun, tasty, a novel treat for now ... enjoy!

4/ Una Pera Pear Wine from FABBIOLI CELLARS, Loudoun County, VA., $16.99 a
bottle, : it's lovely and dry and bright and refreshing and it sold well here
Saturday when owner and winemaker Doug Fabbioli poured it for you all.

5/ Apple Wine from the NORTH GATE Vineyard in Loudoun County, $16.99 a
750ml bottle. his also tasted fresh and bright, a bit bolder and richer this
past Saturday when owner and winemaker Mark poured it for you all. Lovely to
have both here, really quite special!

6/ 2012 Chambourcin dry red from FABBIOLI CELLARS in Loudoun County, VA. is
another elegant and polished and pleasing and always been a favorite of mine
with each vintage getting better and better and BETTER EVERY VINTAGE! It has
more body and more weight and girth and definition than before, also softer and
rounder, more plump and with great posture on the tongue ...

/ 2012 Merlot from the NORTH GATE Vineyard in Loudoun County, VA. is fuller
and richer with more body and depth and definition than in the past and I
really, really like the mouth/feel of this 2012!

I WAS GREAT TO HAVE DOUG AND MARK HERE pouring their fine Virginia wines this
past Saturday ... thanks to you both and to Lucinda Smith, too ... great job.

TONIGHT WE HAVE MAURICIO SALTON of the SALON winery from the Serra Gaucha in
Brazil here to pour a selection from 5 to 8 PM... JOIN US, never any charge ...
Come experience Brazil on this Tuesday night from dry to sweet, from
nons/parkling to sparkling/ espumante wines ...

SAVE BIG On TUESDAYS at Cleveland Park, and Wednesdays on still wines, up to 2
percent off .. read more ...

READ ON : Our Weekly Wednesday, 3-Part Still ( Non-Sparkling ) Wine Sale
Tomorrow : 8/ 29 / 12 ALL DAY LONG!
1) BUY any still wine over $20 : SAVE 20% Off the marked sticker price even
if it's already On Special/SALE. 2) BUY any 12 still wines or more and SAVE
20% OFF the marked sticker price, whether On Special or not.
3) Buy 6-11 still wines and SAVE 10% OFF marked sticker prices, whether On
Special or not.THIS ALSO INCLUDES : ports, sherries, marsalas, madeiras, sakes,
box wines, all size bottles : mix it all up and cover all your needs, wants and
desires for this LABOR DAY WEEKEND!
IF YOU CAN'T COME : Call : 202-363-4265 and ask for Michel or Tony.WE DELIVER
Free in Washington D.C. for orders over $30. CALL!!!


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 th, 2014 from 5 to 8 PM : Jody Jackman of Winebow
Imports will be here pouring a selection of her family's fine wines ...

SAURDAY, September 12th, 2014 from 2 to 6 PM, we have Sotiris coming to
pour more great Greek wines!

NEVER any charge, everyone welcome, join us ...

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING,  we appreciate all your help, really we do, thanks for
everything ...

JOIN US tonight, come and taste and save and enjoy ... TONY

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