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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits' Store Email On Tuesday, September 2ND, 2014 ON : SHINER BEER, DOUG FABBIOLI OF FABBIOLI CELLARS and NORHT GATE Wineries In Loudoun County, VA. Here Tasting Their Wines On Sat. Sept. 6th From 5 To 8 PM : Join Us, No Charge!

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I'M BACK, we are all back! We have your back! We are on track, we are sharp as
brass tacks!! Here for the attack, for the snack, for the keeping with ' the
knack "... get with our pack, write, hang, drink, sing, smile along as we blaze
our trails and meet our trials ...  I was an English major, and I do love ' the
word' as I do love ' the libation ' ... whatever they may be. Cheers to us all
as we try valiantly to carry on as we say ' bye bye ' to a glorious summer with
pretty wonderful weather for the most part ...

From My Vacation and my drive to work this morning bathed in a cooling breeze,
baby blue skies and  ...

SUNSHINE sure did help, sure does help, the temperatures and the humidity sure
is rising and we have to battle that as well as we can.

THE DRIVE  was snug with my windows down. I try not to use my air/conditioning
and I like that but it can be a challenge, and today was no exception, even
early as it was.

I LOVED, as I have LOVED now for the past three or so weeks getting here through
the courtyard of the Firehook Bakery. That really always makes me smile, it
always grounds me and brings me a certain pleasure and ease. The  grapes on the
arbor are all ripening nicely and you can smell as you pass their fragrance and
sweetness, and it is amazing. Makes me want to stop, to pause, to reach for a
cluster and inhale their aromas and close my eyes, dream, even pop one or two
unwashed juicy, sweet, shiny/purple/red grapes into to my mouth and squeeze
down almost hungrily ...

LLOYD TELLS ME that she likes to do just that, collect some of the clusters and
either enjoy them by themselves or make some jam from them.

THAT'S THE OTHER THING, THEY WOULD MAKE a great jam and that would be enjoyable
to spread later on so many of the breads that are available at the Firehook
Bakery. I am surprised that Firehook does not pick them and make a jam from
them? What are they waiting for? his could be really fun.

EVEN MORE FUN would be to pick the grape clusters and ferment them and make an
off/dry red wine to enjoy with some of the sweets that they offer, even some of
those delicious brownies that come thick and solid and in wonderful and decadent

that everyone go to the garden out back at Firehook and enjoy a moment there and
keep a bit of the summer still with you as you smile and inhale deeply the
aromas of these glorious ripening grapes!


THE TWO WEEKEND tasting of Greek wines with Sotiris and with Robert of Spanish
wines were a grand success. We sold out of some of them and they will return
here today or tomorrow.

ALSO : It's September and school has started and the kids in Virginia are back
in school as of today and I believe that the D.C. kids started last week? I got
in a great and grand ' last swim ' at my local pool and did some breast/stroke
laps before the whistles blew as there was thunder and the pool had to be
cleared. Oh well, it did feel glorious, and I did love swimming strongly and
purposefully, charging ahead, much like I intend to do as we close this year of
2014 with style and passion and panache and grand results ...

BUT HEY, there are beers to be discussed, I have to remember always that a fine
spirits store is more than just it's wines!

FROM SANTOS we have so far :

1/ ' Glutenator ' Gluten/free beer that is brewed with sweet potato and
molasses : On Special for $6.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, from the EPIC Brewing
Company, Salt Lake City, go to : www.epicbrewing.com for more info , ... glad to
have this here for you all.

2/ Hefe Weissbier Bavarian Beer Premium Bavaricum WEIHENSTEPHANER from he
World's Oldest Brewery, On Special for $11.99 a six/pack, 5.4 percent alcohol by
volume, from Freising, Germany, ... the original unfiltered  wheat beer they
claim ... delicious all the same.

. Less traffic, too. I don't even have ' vacation blues '. Yes, I would have
loved to have another week off, that would have been glorious, very marvelous.
But I'm thankful for the time that I had with family and friends, that wonderful
serendipitous realization of things planned, expected and totally

3/ Missile IPA American India Pale Ale , $10.99 a six/pack, 7 percent
alcohol by volume, from Charlottesville, VA. : " An American India Pale Ale,
with firm bitterness and intense citrusy hop aromas. Made with 2/row pale ale
malt, and dry/hopped with Simcoe, Cascade, Summit, and more for the full
experience of an American IPA. In Cans for convenience, less weight, easier to
transport, too ...

4/ Tommy Knocker Brewery  IPA India Pale Ale , $11.99 a six/pack, 7.3
percent alcohol by volume, IBU 87 , Colorado Mountain Town Craft Beer. It is '
new and exciting ' ... also in cans like the VA. Missile IPA ...

MIKE HAS ' Colorado Gold ' Bourbon and Rye that we just tasted. I preferred the
rye to the bourbon and both will be here next week Mike just told me. Something
else that is ' new and exciting ' to anticipate ... anticipation runneth over

see the photo of me and owner/ winemaker Ana ...

We have Chris Short and Jonathan Corso here from Lanterna Imports and we have
just sampled both the 2010 Oro De Plata Chardonnay from Petaluma Gap / Sonoma
Coast and the 2009 La Cruz Chardonnay, and we also spoke of the 2010 Pinot Noir
La Cruz ... and I loved them when Ana was here herself several months ago, still
love them, I especially like Ana and her attitude and warmth and personality,
and wines, and want to support both. These three wines will be here on Thursday
thanks to both Chris and Jonathan, and Chuck, too that brought Ana here and took
this picture. That's CHUCK'S FINGERPRINT HERE on the picture. Jonathan has
something to add : Best wine selection in Cleveland Park now carrying Keller
wines! Tony is the best!v

AGAIN : Ronnie Miller of Robert Kacher and Ben Jardot of Washington Wholesalers
are here and Ronnie is reminding me that Pascal Doquet is " my kind of guy, he's
an artist like you, he makes totally different champagne, he blends vintages
with his non/vintage " sez Ronnie, and Ronnie adds, he was on the cover of the
Wine Spectator recently, ... and we have the  vintages of 1999 and 2002 and some
non/vintage, all for you to buy now at extremely great prices, as the prices are
much higher now when we go to re/buy these fabulous champagnes! Oh yeah!! Come
get these while we still have them. Cheers, thanks Ben and Ronnie, the order on

Liqueur And Liquor From Malkit And Jagir ...


1/ Artisan Spirits called VOIVODA from Domaca Rakija / Vil Jamovka / Podrum
A.S. Group, product of Serbia, a double distilled Pear brandy, $33.99 a 750ml
bottle, 100 percent natural, small batch, 42 percent alcohol by volume, ... it's
here! Fun. Tasty, too, fine value as well.

2/ Art In The Age SAGE with Elderberry , $37.99 a 750ml bottle, 80 proof,
certified organic neutral spirits distilled with North American garden herbs and
botanicals. USDA certified organic. ... with occasional sediment, shake it
before enjoying.


1/ Dry Gin from RANSOM , $30.99  a bottle, 43 percent alcohol by volume,
Batch 001 , Bottle Number 1739, made with Barley, Rye, Corn, Juniper, Lemon,
Coriander, Angelica Root, Caraway and Anise, with five more botanicals added ...

1/ Irish Whiskey The Finest Blended Irish  Whiskey from DONEGAL Estates
distilled in Ireland  : On Special for $31.99 a 750ml bottle,  ... IS ' NEW AND

2/ Reserva ' Diplomatico ' Ron Extra Rum Rare rum selections, On Special
$23.99 , 40 percent alcohol ... also ' new and exciting!'

ALWAYS something for everyone ...

GEORGE was just here. He and Pascaline moved to Capitol Hill and still come
and shop here. Love that ! hanks to you both, nice to have you shop here with

WINES To Run Here For!

1/ Robert Kennedy just came by to taste me on the ' new ' vintages of the
TRE  MONE FROM ROMAGNA, Italy, and I told him to come back on Thursday. We have
the FABulous 2010 ' Petrignone ' Sangiovese Reserva, $23.99 a bottle, 14.5
percent alcoholby volume, go to : www.tremonti.it for more info on this and the
other wines. More on TRE MONTE on Thursday... love these wines, really do,
honest to good/greatness expression of soul and climate and place and origin, of
history and family and Europe : love it all.

2/ Wine Men Of GOTHAM  Sauvignon Blanc, 2011, $9.99 a bottle, 11.5 percent
alcohol by volume, go to : www.gothamwines.com.au for more info. We love Romy,
Bruce and Kate of the GOTHAM wines that have all come and poured their wines
here over the years. they are sound and balanced and affordable and I like the
low/alcohol on these Wine Men Of Gotham wines...

3/ Barossa Valley 2012 Shiraz from GOTHAM, $17.99 a bottle, 13.9 percent
alcohol by volume, from Bruce Clugston, the wines are flavorful, forward,
fruit/centered and balanced, too ... with just enough of everything to excite,
and not too much. Glad to have these wines here, come and discover them all over
again for the very first time, or for the second or even the third time ...

4/ Moscato D'Asti 2013 from UMBERTO FIORE , Italy, $13.99 a bottle,
D.O.C.G. Piemonte, Italy, 6.5 percent alcohol by volume, ... an old favorite is
back, and we are thrilled as so many of you are asking for fine Moscato at an
affordable price, this over/delivers for the money, great value for really great
taste ...

5/ 2013 Bourgogne rouge 100 percent Pinot Noir red burgundy from France,
$15.99 a bottle, from the DOMAINE HENRI NAUDIN/FERRAND, 12 percent alcohol by
volume, a medium/to/light/bodied dry red that is drinking really well now and
always best with food that helps flesh out it's flavors.

6/ Crianza 2009 dry Rioja red from Spain's DON JACOBO, $15.99 a bottle,
13.5 percent alcohol by volume, has some American oak in the nose and a really
lovely smooth and silky taste, middle and finish that is pretty much
irresistible to many, me included, that's why we added it, also a great value
for the money.

/ Saint George / Aghiorghitiko dry red Greek Nemea red 2010 from SKOURAS,
On Special for $21.99,  13.5 percent alcohol by volume, is a real treat :
flavorful, old world, classic, medium bodied, a fine dry red to enjoy with a
meal with some bottle age as well. Cheers. Go to : www.skouraswines.com for more

SAVE BIG On TUESDAYS at Cleveland Park, and Wednesdays on still wines, up to 2
percent off .. read more ...

READ ON : Our Weekly Wednesday, 3-Part Still ( Non-Sparkling ) Wine Sale
Tomorrow : 8/ 29 / 12 ALL DAY LONG!
1) BUY any still wine over $20 : SAVE 20% Off the marked sticker price even
if it's already On Special/SALE. 2) BUY any 12 still wines or more and SAVE
20% OFF the marked sticker price, whether On Special or not.
3) Buy 6-11 still wines and SAVE 10% OFF marked sticker prices, whether On
Special or not.THIS ALSO INCLUDES : ports, sherries, marsalas, madeiras, sakes,
box wines, all size bottles : mix it all up and cover all your needs, wants and
desires for this LABOR DAY WEEKEND!
IF YOU CAN'T COME : Call : 202-363-4265 and ask for Michel or Tony.WE DELIVER
Free in Washington D.C. for orders over $30. CALL!!!


1/ SARDA Brut Spanish Cava Metodo Tradicional  , $15.99 a bottle, 11.5
percent alcohol by volume, from Barcelona, Spain and creamy and bright and
smooth and full and flavorful and dreamy, too ... always been a winner here:
glad to have it back!

2/ LAJARA Organic Prosecco Brut " Mundus Vini Biofach " Gold Medal in
Geramany 2014, $14.99 a bottle, 11.5 percent alcohol by volume, bottled by
AZAGRA.LA JARA / S. Maria del Piave, Treviso. We tried it, Chris and me this
past week with our local rep Danielle and really liked it and are thrilled to
add it here for you all to experience yourselves... cheers ...


Friday, September 5th, 2014 / 5 to 8 PM with Oscar Losama, we will taste
four wines : 1/ The CAMBIS 2012 Cinsault ' Barroco ' dry red, $14.99 a bottle,
100 percent Cinsault, a Languedoc dry red, hearty, earthy, pithy, sharp and
spicy  : a food wine all the way, perfect for highly/seasoned meals!  2/ CHATEAU
MOURGUES Du GRES Galets Rouges 2011, $15.99 a bottle, softer and rounder and
brighter than the Cinsault above, a great contrast to it, enjoy as an aperitif
even ... go to : www. mourguesdugres.com for more info, 14 percent alcohol by
volume, from Francois Collard ... , and two others from the Loire Valley, a
sparkling dry rose as well as a dry Loire Valley white, made from the Chenin
Blanc grape I believe : both great contrasts to these two French reds. Something
for everyone...

SANTOS Has the Ruby RED SHINER BOCK to taste from  5 to 8 PM ... no charge, join
us, never any charge ..

Saturday, September 6th, 2014 : from 2 to 6 PM : we have both the owners of
FABULOUS WINES, MORE ABOUT ALL THE WINES SOON in our Facebook page ... tomorrow
I will include an update on that as Lucinda and I have been working on it all
for the last two weeks!

THANKS for everything, follow us on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and also at :
wineenabler. LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits and again,
thank you for all your support, patronage and belief in us over the years. We
appreciate it and realize that we are nothing without it.   TONY

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