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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Tuesday Store Email Of September 11th, 2014 On : Fresh Start Bill Sander's CA. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oscar Losama Owner Of Voila Imports, Hugh Hamilton Wines, TATI Dolcetto, GLENMORANGIE 10 Year Old Single Malt, Salted Karamel Stoli from Stolichnaya, Hum Botanical Spirit Liqueur, Lonach Finest Blended Scotch Whiskey, Hefeweizen Wheat from Widmer Brothers, Southern Tier Pumpkin Ale ... and More!

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THIS IS CERTAINLY A DAY OF REFLECTION for us all as we remember the events of
the past and where we each were when September 11th, 2012 became fixed in our
thoughts forever. I remember getting over the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge just before
it was closed and wondering at first why so many well-dressed businessmen and
women were walking across the bridge? I also remember how I got to work and
Santos and I opened the store and we had our radio for our news and we had a
steady stream of customers in line purchasing whatever they wanted in shock like
all the rest of us. Santos and I never really moved from the register as the
line never stopped. It was pretty surreal and yet there was a real sense of
neighborhood as we all were there for one another during this national emergency
and tragedy.

IT TOOK US ALL BY SURPRISE and as I was driving into work I was planning in my
mind my wife's birthday as she was born on the 11th of September.

TODAY IS CERTAINLY A BEAUTIFUL cool , clear and brightly-blue-skied,
breezy-brrrr-morning. I walked our dog and we walked rather briskly as it was
chilly and I moved towards the spots of light. That was a driving force, find
the spots of sunshine to warm body, mind and soul and it worked pretty well.

I JUST LOOKED AT OUR CALENDAR and see that today is Patriot Day ( USA ). I also
see that Sunday was " Grandparent Day ". The 13th of September is also Chile's
Day Of Independence. I know that because I have been in touch with Manuel Rojas
, one of the owners of IN SITU, DOS PASOS and the ALMA wines of Chile. We have
done some great Big-Theme monthly wine-tastings and will do more with him again.
This year we will not be able to work it out in time but we can start planning
already for next year. Being proactive is good.

WE HAVE SOME RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOU, from Santos Rivera ( beer and ciders ),
Ravinder Sharma ( liqueurs and liquors ), and from Michel Dumas and Tony Quinn (
wine ). We also deliver free of charge if you order more than $30. Just call us
at : 202-363-4265 and we will get you whatever you want delivered and in time,
for example to watch the second night of the series premier this week of the
show " The Voice ".

WE WATCHED PART of it last night my wife and I and I must say that I was caught
up by some of the individual stories and the voices, too. So much gets wrapped
up into these opportunities to sing one song for the 4 judges and see which may
turn their chairs around to possibly include them on their team? It is so hard
when you have their stories and the build-up for these singers and then you hear
their singing and none of the judges turn around. That's hard, really hard.

LAST NIGHT WHILE WATCHING " The Voice " I was drinking some of the Barbera Del
Monferrato 2011 TERRA D'ALERAMO  ( $8.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume ) from
Piemonte, Italy ( that was also just reviewed favorably by Dave McIntyre of the
Washington Post newspaper ). It really was smooth and elegant, bright and fresh
and it was the rest of my glass after our meal of thick pork chops, pasta and a
red pepper/tomato and carrot salad. I was enjoying these last few sips. My wife
enjoyed with our meal some of the really tasty D'ADIVAS 2010 Chardonnay (
$18.99, www.lidiocarraro.com - Jody Jackman poured the Merlot here last Friday
evening to great success and they are pouring the Merlot by the glass now at IL
PULPO a couple of store-fronts down from us ) from Serra Gaucha and made by
LIDIO CARRARO. It, too worked really well with our meal. Medium-to-light-bodied,
fresh, bright, crisp and well-focused with only 13% alcohol.

BUT WHAT REALLY IMPRESSED me and took me by surprise was how well this TERRA
D'ALERAMO tasted so good with a slice of the chocolate and raspberry cake that I
bought at Firehook Bakery on Saturday to celebrate my wife's birthday. It was a
great match and really did not loose anything as I ate a bite, sipped and
enjoyed. As a matter of fact it took a bit of the richness and sweetness of this
combination of a whole lot of chocolate, raspberry jam and raspberries
themselves! You might all want to try this Barbera : it's a winner both ways as
well as many more I am sure.

SANTOS HAS SOME GREAT BEER selections for you all this week. Of course the whole
category of Pumpkin beers has exploded this year and everyone has jumped on
board and everyone seems to be making one. The " hard-to-get " one this year is
the SOUTHERN TIER and we are limiting everyone to two bottles as our allotment
was cut to a third of what we requested! Come get some ASAP!!

From Santos we have in BEER :

1) Hefeweizen Wheat  , umcompromised & unfiltered from the WIDMER BROTHERS
Brewing Company ( On Special for $8.99 a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles, since 1984,
www.WidmerBrothers.com, Portland, Oregon ) is new and exciting and we are
thrilled to have it here.

2) Mai-Ur-Bock Seit 1378, Bier / Bockbier / Biere Speciale / Birra Doppo
Malto / Cerveza Extra / Bier Bok / Starkol ( On Special for $12.99 a 6-pack,
6.5% alcohol by volume, from Einbeck, Germany ) , made from water, barley malt,
hops,. Brewed in Germany. Enjoy.

3) Malt Beverage " Barrel Aged " in Bourbon Barrels , this" Human
Blockbuster " Imperial American Bock smaltz barrel aged release #7 from CONEY
ISLAND ( $12.99, 10.83% alcohol by volume, 1 Pt. 6 Fluid Ounces,
shmaltzbrewing.com ) is made for " lager freaks and beer geeks!" This Imperial
American Bock 100% barrel-aged in BUFFALO TRACE bourbon barrels. Proceeds help
the Coney Island USA ( coneyisland.com ). Check this out and support a good
cause, too.


1) Rhubarb & Elderberry Cidery Reserve Unfiltered Pear Cider with Organic
Honey from FOX BARREL is authentic and  natural ( On Special for $6.99 , 22
Fluid Ounces, 6.5% alcohol by volume, Minneapolis, MN, foxbarrel.com ) is back
by popular demand. Come taste it for the very first time! ALSO : Now available
in 3-liter boxes : $14.99 - an insane deal to have everyday and for parties!

2) Natural Hard Apple Cider - Cidre Blanc - Fresh-Pressed Apple Juice
Classic White Wine Yeast , Crisp, fine still cider from CRISPIN ( $14.99 a
3-liter box, 6% alcohol by volume, certified GF Gluten-Free , Colfax, California
). What a great deal : stays fresh for 4 weeks. Cheers.


What a great story this is : our old friend and neighbor here for six-eight
years, Bill Sanders is making olive oil in California from 3 types of Spanish
olives. We carry it here, have for the last 4-6 months : called FIRST FRESH
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fall 2011 Harvest, ( $18.99. a 500ml bottle, Parve K,
www.sandersfirstfresh.co, follow Bill Sanders on Facebook, too ) just wone the
2nd highest award called Prestige Gold at the TERRAOLIVA competition of olive
oils in Jerusalem between 18 countries. Bill will be here pouring his FIRST
FRESH for you all to try this Friday, Sept. 14th, 2012 from 5-7PM. JOIN HIM,
never any charge. Get a bottle signed by Bill as a gift.

From Ravinder Sharma, LIQUOR/LIQUEUR:

1) HUM Botanical Spirit Liqueur , a blend of hibiscus, ginger, cardamom.
sugar cane, and kaffir lime ( $39.99 a 750ml bottle, 35% alcohol by volume,
Glenshaw, PA. , humspirits.com ) : " Hum is the millenium's re-invention of the
ancient art of botanical spirits by celebrated mixologists Adam Seger of Chicago
and Joe McCanta of London ".

2) Salted Karamel Stoli from STOLICHNAYA, flavored Premium vodka ( $23.99 a
750ml bottle, 37.5% alcohol by volume, Latvia, stoli.com ) : " Stolichnaya
salted karamel offers you the most original blend of sweet and salty ... " Stoli
Bad Romance " : 2 Parts Stoli salted karamel, cherry soda, pour into highball
glasses with ice. Granish with an orange wedge. Enjoy!

3) Finest Blended Scotch Whisky by LONACH, aged 36 years in Scotland ( On
Special for $129.99, 40.9% alcohol by volume, aged in oak casks, Huntly,
Scotland, www.lonachwhisky.com ) is a really special treat for a really special
occasion.  AMAZING : AGED 36 YEARS!!!!!


4) Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky " The Original " GLENMORANGIE 10-Year
Old  Gift-Set with 2 Nice Glasses - start you collection ( On Special for
$38.99, you do not pay for the glasses, from Tain, Ross-Shire. 43% alcohol by
volume ) : " Perfected by the sixteen men of Tain ". Makes a great gift for
someone and the taste of GLENMORANGIE 10-Year-Old is really smooth and velvety.

WINE By Michel and Tony :


1) SCHLOSS KINZER Austrian Gruner Veltliner 2011 ( $13.99, 12.5% alcohol by
volume ) is classic, dry, fresh and pleasing Gruner that is nice by itself as
with food, especially lighter fare, more casual, when you want to relax big but
do as little as possible. Great on picnics. Cheers.

2) Chardonnay 2010 from CHATEAU VARTELY ( $11.99, 14% alcohol by volume,
vin de calitate matur sec , from Moldova's Cimislia region , www.vartely.md )
was tasted here this past Saturday by Dmitri Curbet and it's so pleasing and
refreshing, not heavy, nicely-balanced, soft oak flavors, some bright
sunshine-butter flavors. What a treat! WE sold a whole lot, great price for this
delicious Chardonnay. The Cabernet Sauvignon dry red is also excellent at $14.99 I believe?

3) Pinot Blanc " La Bise " 2011 from California's Dry Creek Valley , the
Benchmark Estate of MICHEL-SCHLUMBERGER ( $20.99, 12.9% alcohol by volume,
www.michelschlumberger.com ) is so fresh and round and balanced and distinct
that we had to buy extra. This is almost too good to be true : it's quite
exceptional Pinot Blanc, and it's from California. I got to meet Jacques
Schlumberger back in 2000 here. That was a real treat! Cheers.

4) 2011 Loire Valley, Touraine Sauvignon Blanc from Jean Sablenay ( $10.99,
12.5% alcohol by volume ) pretty much blew Michel and me away when we tried it
recently with our rep. Chris : from bouquet, to taste from start to long finish,
this was flavorful, bright, rich and very, VERY PLEASING to have on the tongue
and palate. Really a treat. Come get some quick!


1)  " Coeur de Cep " 2011 dry Coteaux Varois en Provence dry French rose (
$9.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume,  ) is back again by popular demand.You all
really liked it, especially at this price. Cheers.


1) Dolcetto D'Alba 2009 from Bricco Dei TATI ( $10.99 ) is following the
great success of the Barbera we are all sold-out of! Come try this Dolcetto and
see what your taste buds tell you. Start up a whole new dialogue with your taste
buds! Cheers. VALUE!!!!!

2) " Jim Jim " ( The Down-Underdog ) dry red  2010 Shiraz from HUGH
HAMILTON ( $13.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume , www.jimjim.com ) is back by popular
demand! From Mclaren Vale, this is a steal of a wine! Come check it out again
for the very first time! Cheers.
3) Monastrell dry red 2008 " La Tremenda " by Enrique Mendoza, ( $14.99,
14.5% alcohol by volume, vinos alicante, Spain ) is " new and exciting " and we
tasted it with Jody Jackman and are very happy to have it here. Cheers.
4) " Helix " dry red Pomatia 2008 from Washington State's Columbia Valley
and made by REININGER ( $21.99, Walla Walla, 14.3% alcohol by volume ) is an
flavorful, balanced dry red blend that is best with food of 29% Merlot, 27%
Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Syrah, 17% Cabernet Franc was showing beautifully this
past Saturday when Dmitri Curbet tasted it with you all. Good to have it back.
We did really well with the 2006 vintage which had more Merlot. It's good to
have more Washington State wines here : we never have enough!!!!


Friday, September 14th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Oscar of Voila Imports
here to taste a selection of his excellent french wines  like his two Bordeaux
wines :  1) Chateau L'Insoumise and his  2) Chateau La Mesteyrie Cotes De
Bordeaux Blayes. WE will probably include his Tour de Berand Costieres De Nimes
dry white as well, and another white, maybe his excellent dry white Picpoul
called Domaine Paredaux? We will decide tomorrow when Michel is here. Join us,
never any charge.
Bill Sanders will be here from 5-7PM to taste his excellent extra virgin
kosher California olive oil FIRST FRESH ( $18.99 ) with you all!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We have a cancellation,
last-minute on our Saturday tasting and so are scrambling to get someone
last-minute to do the wine-tasting. We have some good ideas, just have to hear
back from them. Stay-tuned. We will make it extra special with this slight
snaphoo( spelling? ). Join us, never any charge.

DON'T FORGET : We have our WEEKLY 3-Part Still/Non-Sparkling 20% WINE SALE
tomorrow : September 12th, 2012 :
1) Buy any still bottle of wine over $20 - Get 20% Off marked sticker
2) Buy 6 or more  still/non-sparkling bottles and get 15% Off the marked
sticker prices.
3) Buy any 12 or more still/non-sparkling wines and get 20% Off the marked
sticker prices. Includes sakes, marsalas, madeiras, ports and sherries, too.
If you cannot come : call : 202-363-4265.
If you order more than $30 we can deliver here in Washington D.C. no

SAVE, SAVE MORE and SAVE STILL MORE here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. Call or come and see us. We are here for you. Cheers,
10 Year Old, , 

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