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Ana Keller The Owner & Winemaker Of The KELLER ESTATE Sonoma Coast CA. Wines Here On Thursday, Oct. 2nd, 2014 From 5 To 8 PM Tasting Three of Her Excellent Wines InCluding 2 Chardonnays and 1 Pinot Noir : No Charge, A Free And Wonderful Wine-Tasting With Ana Keller!

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WE are pleased to have Lew make the delivery of these 5 cases of inexpensive
Pecorino from Italy that my wife just enjoyed with our meal last night. She
liked it. That's great news indeed.

Lew is also bringing us some tasty vinho verde with 11.5% alcohol by volume and
thus more flavor  and character, too. We also need that.

We MAKE Many Wine decisions and it is nice to take some of the bottles home as
I did these two and enjoyed them with my wife, daughter and two neighbors.

ULTIMATELY WE DO this to bring you the best , most informed selections that we
can, and trying beer and wine, even liquor with food is the best that we can do
to have a better sense of how the beer or the wine evolve and either complement
or not one another. It's a constantly changing equation and a joy to monitor,
especially when it's your own time to do with what you will, and not be under
constraints from being at work. Lovely.

SINCE I QUOTED LOU I asked him how he spelled his name : " Do you spell your
name '  L O U , or do you spell it  L E W ? ' I asked him. " L O U Lou
responded, but it's actually Luigi. " he added with a smile. " Where are you
from in Italy ? " I asked Lou.  " My father is from Calabria. " I smiled then
and said no wonder you sell us the excellent CIRO Calabrian 100% Gagliopo red. "
Lou smiled again and said that : " And no one knows the Gagliopo grape. " I
seconded that notion immediately. We love selling it here, a Rosso Classico 2010
from Marina, Italia, 13% alcohol by volume, it's such a flavorful, honest, pithy
and so much tastier with a meal to ' flesh it out " as I like to say. We have
some in stock as I type, thanks to Lou and to Chris our salesperson for the

I AM THRILLED that I engaged Luigi in conversation as we started to speak about
what he sells that me may not already have here. I told him how we operated and
he listened and then said that he had an excellent Moscato that was at a really
competitive price. I asked him if he had a bottle to taste? Then I asked him if
it was from Italy?

LUIGI SAID he had the CHIARLE Piemonte Denominizione Di Origine Controllata 2012
bottle in his car and would get us a sample to taste. Luigi told me the price
and I told him what I would need as a price to buy ten cases at a time and sell
it up front at $9.99 a bottle ON SALE. He thought a minute and said, " I can do
that , I'm making the executive decision here on the spot for you now. " I like
that, I cannot wait to taste it with Chris here a bit later. Join us, stop by,
ask for a taste? Give us your opinion? We would like that. We will not have them
wine until tomorrow or Thursday if we do buy it, Cheers. The alcohol content is
5.5% alcohol by volume, and my only concern is to see how fresh and bright and
vibrant it still is? if it is all of that and we can sell it to you for $9.99 a
bottle On Sale then this will be grand find and I say hurray!
JUST GOT A CALL FROM JIM saying that he wanted a case of the 2013 ROCCHE
COSTAMAGNA dry Arneis from Langhe, Piemonte, Italy that we started selling here
recently. We sell it for $15.99 a bottle, it has 13% alcohol by volume, and we
tasted it here two Saturday's ago with Andrew Stover our local Siema rep and the
owner of his own VINO50 Selections. It was quite ' the hit ' and we were happy
to include it as the Washington Post had just reviewed one of our regular Arneis
selections that was sold out, most of it in Virginia before the Wednesday review
in The Post's Food section came out! Argh! I have a real ' love-hate '
relationship with these reviews in the Washington Post. We like supporting them
and having what the customers come in search of as it helps business all around
and we are thrilled for that. However, so often there are real snags in the
chain of players involved here in getting these wines to you, and we do not
enjoy looking like ' the bad guy ' when we do not have one of the wines where we
are mentioned having it.

I TOLD THE MAN that wanted six bottles of the Arneis mentioned in the paper that
it was all sold-out. I quickly said that Andrew and I had worked to arrange
including a tasting here on that same Saturday of the ROCCHE COSTAMAGNA 2013
Arneis, $15.99, that we bought from the same supplier and that he and his wife
could sample before buying. I told him that the Arneis was $2 more than the one
reviewed so that he would know I was aware of the price difference. He said that
he would mention this to his wife. I did not see him return and taste it.
Perhaps his wife came and tasted it? In any event we did what we could to
alleviate any misunderstanding concerning this Arneis or any other wine that we
get mentioned for and do not have. Complicated, a web to weave through, we are
trying to do our part. Cheers.

ANDREW WILL BE SENDING JIM a case of the Italian Piemonte Arneis 2013and one for
our shelves as well. It has sold really well. Bright, forward, a bit meaty and
certainly tasty and polished and with good Arneis character as well, and
excellent food wine that will complement well many a meal. By the second glass
you will be looking around for some food to fill out the flavors and the lively
acidity and mineral that the wine shows.

JESSIE JUST CAME UP TO ME and said : " They sent me back to you. " She said this
with a really bright smile. " Do you have any empty boxes? " I told her to come
back later, that we would have some later. " How many do you need? " I asked
Jessie? " As many as you have. " she responded. " So, you're leaving us? " I
asked? " Yes,but don't worry, we'll still come back here for the wine,
especially for the wine-tastings, they are the best. " she said again with an
endearing and warming smile that covered her face from ear to ear! Thanks
Jessie, it's always a pleasure helping you. See you in a bit as soon as we stock
some of the shelves with all this ' great value ' wine that is coming through
our doors now.
without your knowing perhaps anyway as you come and we ask you if you need any
help, and when you say " yes " we make suggestions that may or may not agree
with you at the time. We try and listen really carefully to you all as it is
such a personal choice whichever wine works or does not for each and every one
of us. We all have to pay attention : to try and understand the event, the mood,
the occasion, the people involved: mush easier said than done. But it's all fun
: all done in good fun ...   and fun we have! Cheers!!

MATT DANIELS just came by with tastes of some pretty special Spanish wines that
we will be putting back on our shelves this week, thanks Matt. The wines are :
1) " Verde " Albarino 2013 from GRANBAZAN, $22.99, the ... 2) Crianza 2010
Rioja, $14.99, and the ... 3) Garnacha 2011 from Santo , $11.99. All were
balanced, fresh, lively , balanced, all treats. Cheers, thanks Matt, see you
when you return with the EMIDIO LUSTAU sherries from Spain that we need to get
back here once again!

Matt Daniels brought by some pretty special Spanish dry reds and whites for me to taste this Tuesday around noon . he had a list, I scanned it and said that this is pretty impressive and he said something like he knew that with a smile on his face, the MAURO I will sell for $60 a bottle,...

 the GRANBAZAN Albarino Green Bottle -  the intro  - not the brown bottle, wow, so balanced, so fine, so pure and fresh and balanced and appealing, loved it.

Then Matt poured the CVNE white after and it was simply too awkward for me after the lightness, airiness and lilt and swag of the Albarino, lovely, yes, but definitely a food wine and some appetizers liked some fried calamari perhaps would have brought it to life and made it sing to me in a language I would want to learn immediately even if I did not know it already! he Crianza CVNE Rioja red pleased me enormously because it was fleshier, meatier, more red red blood, sweet red blood color and taste, and I loved the balance and it's frame-o-reference, and it's scope : lovely, also reasonably-priced.

 I also liked the Garnacha that is pictured here as it will sell for around $12 and it delivers pretty much everything to enjoy these fall days, and enjoy them thoroughly, immediately, with or without a meal.

 AND : the Maura was amazing, more forward and more fruit-centered and fleshier and brighter and better-balanced than I remember, still quite young and yet very approachable now with a meal. his was a fine tasting Matt and we will enjoy getting these this week. Cheers,  TONY

HEY, BUT WHAT ABOUT ALE and BEER from Santos? Here's what I found earlier :

1) CUSTER'S LAST STAND Ale brewed and bottled SMUTTYNOSE Brewing Company
from Hampton, NH., ... On Special $10.99 for a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, , made in
collaboration with STONE Brewing Company, with 6.8% alcohol by volume. Make your
stand, gain a new flavor taste profile, ... cheers.

2) Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Aged In Oak Barrels by CROOKED LINE, an ale
brewed with Pumpkin and Spices, with 10.3 % alcohol by volume, limited release
with 9.4 Fl. Oz, from Salt Lake City, Utah. Looks like it is selling well
already, come and get some while you still can!


1) Session IPA , the TRADER from UINTA Brewing, in cans, On Special for
$9.99 a 6-pack of cans, this is exciting to have as the flavors are all there to
enjoy and in cans it is easier to carry and don't have to worry about any broken
glass : all good. And there is only 4% alcohol by volume, and I like that as it
is easier to enjoy while drinking and still feel good afterward, what a great
and it should not be a novel concept either. Enjoy.

2) Fireside Chat Winter Spiced Ale from the 21ST AMENDMENT , On Special in
a box of 6 - 12 ounce cans, with 45 IBU's and 7.9% alcohol by volume, what fun,
what a treat, enjoy outside when the sun goes down, around a fire, this and the
fire will keep you warm, toasty and smiling.

AND NOW for Jagir and Malkit We Have  In LIQUOR :

1)  Bianco Vermouth de CHAMBERY Blanc from DOLIN, $13.99 a 750ml bottle, is
something that everyone does not know, this French Vermouth is not like the dry
version that you know and love already, the Bianco is softer and easier and has
completely different applications when you serve it alone or when you mix it. Do
you know it yet? If not you should, it will add to your vocabulary of flavors
and tastes that fine vermouth can offer, this one from France and from DOLIN.

2)  X Rated Fusion Liqueur , $27.99 is striking for the color and the tall
and sleek bottle shape : shocking deep pink color, and ...it's " a sensuous
fusion of ultra premium French vodka & Sicilian blood orange mingling with Mango
& Passion Fruits. " It has 17% alcohol by volume, what fun, what a statement it
makes even before you open the bottle and pour some into a glass.

TWO DAYS TO SAVE : Tuesday and Wednesday :

Today, Tuesday, Sept. 30th, 2014 : SAVE UP TO 15% OFF on your purchases of both
still wines and also on sparkling wines, too. Call and pay today and SAVE,
especially on bubbly!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 2014 : SAVE up to 20% OFF on still wine ( no
bubbly or sparkling wine ) : you know the drill, everything is still the same,
come and SAVE BIG today and tomorrow at Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits/
202-363-4265. Call us and ask us to explain if you have any questions. Cheers.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 ( 5 to 8 PM ) : We have Robert Kennedy here to
try four super wines from Italy with you all :  1)  PERLA del GARDA Perla 2013
Trebbiano di Lugan, $22.99 a bottle, ... 2) PERLA Del GARDA Terre Lunari 2009
Benaco Bres rose, $22.99 a bottle, ... 3) TRE MONTI Reserva red, $23.99 ... and
the ... 4) PAOLO CALI Mandragola 2012 Frappato red, $25.99 a bottle ...this will
be fun, this will cover some of Italy's by-and-large hidden treasures! JOIN US,
never any charge.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 ( Just Announced, 5-8PM ) : We have Ana Keller
, owner and winemaker at KELLER ESTATE in the Sonoma Coast California wines here
to pour her own Pinot Noir and her two Chardonnay. I loved the elegance and the
silky finesse of the " La Cruz Vineyard ' 2009, what a lovely treat, so subtle
and rich and not heavy and cloying, so elegant, I loved it, really did love it,
$51.99 a bottle, 14.1% alcohol by volume, ... come taste it with Ana and get a
bottle signed of it as well as of the two others we will taste and enjoy. Ana
might bring something else for us to taste as well, we will see?!/ JOIN US<
NEVER any charge, everyone welcome. This is a special winery and Ana is indeed a
very special person : love her and her wines.

Friday, October 3rd, 2014 ( 5 to 8 PM ) : We have our Greek OENOS
wine-tasting here. What's new and exciting in Greece? Come discover that here
with us from 5 to 8 PM, no charge, join us...

Saturday , October 4th, 2014 , We have Michael Cavanagh and perhaps Gabriella to
taste some outstanding wines of Brazil, South Africa and Romania, too : what a
great treat this will be : all the wines are outstanding, really great as well
as great values, distinct, focused, characterful and intriguing-beguiling as
well. Join us, never any charge. Katie may come, too : you just never know ...

MARK YOUR CALENDARS : Robert Kennedy and Cleveland Park are hosting a TENUTA
CASALI Wine-Dinner ( Four Courses ) at the Ristorante Piccolo at 1068 31st St.
in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 2014 with Sylvia Casali there herself
to conduct this extraordinary wine and food pairing of some of our favorite
Italian wines, all that are here in the store and on our shelves. Come talk to
Robert here tomorrow, Tuesday when we taste some of them with you and give you a
' sneak preview ' into this phenomenal opportunity! Wow, I cannot wait. I will
be at the dinner myself. We have the PERLA Del GARDA Brut sparkling 2008, the
TENUTA CASALI Palazzisa 2012, the Baruccia 2011, the Quartosole 2010, what a
fine line-up, come check this all out. Thi is special indeed, and the cost is
phenomenal for what you are getting. You do have to add tax and gratuity onto
the $55 per person charge for the meal. See you there!

I HAVE MANY WINES to speak about, the store has filled up with grand specials on

2) 1)   COSTE MANCINI  Terre Di Chietti 2012 Pecorino dry indigenous Italian
white, with a lovely creamy accent of nut and honey and yet completely dry and
smooth, abd On Special now for only $9.99 a bottle ...

3) the ROHCO BLANCHIS Collio, Friuli Pinot Grigio 2012 On Special for $12.99 a
bottle - wow, so much flavor and taste, incredible deal, wonderful : ... and

4) Bodegas Iranzo 2011 organic dry red blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50%
Tempranillo is On Special for $10.99 a bottle, is bright and pure and fresh and
100% FRUIT-FORWARD and balanced, and I LOVE IT, absolutely love it, and at
$10.99 a bottle it's a steal and good for you, too. Cheers, ...

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, come taste and check out what we have and SAVE BIG here
at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits. Thanks, gracias, grazie, merci again .

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