Monday, August 4, 2014

NINER Wine Estates Of Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, CA. 93446 Stops To Taste Current Releases Available For Us @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits In Washington D.C., Northwest, 20008 A Couple Of Years Ago, Early 2012 I Believe?

I love telling stories with my pictures themselves. I clearly on this day at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits was in my element and feeling every bit the artist that I am first and I definitely liked this lady and her personality, her look and the vibe I got from her because I must have taken close to one hundred pictures and done at least three quick portrait sketches of her before she left! Impressive, fun, what it is all about for me : using pictures to paint pictures themselves and instill in all of us the desire and the motivation to get up off our butts and go in search of some of these excellent NINER CA. wines : one dry white , and four dry reds : your choice? Better yet, buy one of each, try them all yourselves and decide which ones you want to return to order from us @ Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits here in the heart of Washington D.C., 200008 : the beautiful-happenin' neighborhood close to our National Smithsonian Zoo ... cheers,  TONY

It is Monday afternoon now, I am off from work on vacation for two weeks, I found these pictures recently and want to share them with you all now on August 4th, 2014 : just a bit more than two years since I took them. Better now than never. Enjoy.

I do not have handy her card as it has been awhile and it is piled/filed here somewhere and I will find it and include it as soon as I do. Sorry for that, unfortunate, and yet the pictures speak for themselves and I did go to the NINER Web page for some clarification here but got none on this fine lady pictured. Perhaps the winery can comment when they see this and then I can add her name immediately as it is not the name of Pam Niner, it may be Dick and Pam's daughter Katy as I see her listed but I did not see any photos of her on the web page?

The mystery thickens, who is this lady with the wonderful curls and the bright smile above that I photographed through the NINER Wine Estate red wine?

And for that matter I also have to find my notes that I took of these wines to include them here. I am completely unprepared as you see, and yet, as I said , the pictures do paint a grand story all by themselves of the fun that we had for a half-hour or so here.

I need , also to call our local wine rep for NINER to check into getting some of what is currently available now in August of 2014?

I will add a few more pictures here now and post this ' as is ' and return to finish it shortly. I like sharing my pictures, especially if they create conversation and interest. I think many of us are very visually stimulated and sometimes an image and not many words really make the difference in making us interested and curious? I believe this and so I add as many as I can to this end. Cheers,  TONY 8/4/2014

I love this picture above, what did any of us say or do to get this pensive/thoughtful/ reverie of a pose?!

Look at the beautiful color of the wine above. liquid sunset red sunshine/ glow / aura ... 

This is our store at 3423 Connecticut Avenue , Northwest, Washington D.C., 200008, 202-363-4265 ... father and daughter pass by, very good customer of ours, the dad that is ...

Our Smithsonian National Zoo on Connecticut Avenue, Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, just two long blocks from our store ...

Like the fog these few pictures that I blurred, I wonder if subconsciously I was inspire by the name of the wine? I think I must have been, I am sure that it was said several times out loud as I tasted and snapped quickly away at these photos?!?

Did the day instantly change to drizzle and fog-like conditions as we tasted? Was Nature effected by the name of the wine?!? I think, too that perhaps it was ... being an artist I love this idea, so I include this picture here for the ' ambiance ' ... cheers, artist licence that is called , I believe?

     Catch the fog, catch the wine ( Donovan ), catch the tail end, catch the breeze, catch a whiff , cath the drift, catch-on, catch any of this, and most of all, catch a glass or two or three of this 06 ' Fog Catcher ' and enjoy the fog and the moment, your family and friends, meeting someone nice/new : I'm on vacation for two weeks now and am going upstairs now to grill some pork outside for dinner when our daughter joins us soon. Too bad I do not have a bottle of this to enjoy and share with them.

As I said, if you catch my drift ( ?!? ) , I will check with our local distributor about getting some NINER Wine Estates to our store ASAP, as soon as I return. You can count on that. if you beat me to the punch let our local distributor know to call us so we can do this sooner than later. Cheers, happy Monday August 4th, 2014 to one and to all, hope you have enjoyed this pictures that tell their our joyous, glorious story?   TONY


     I try always to do some quick portrait sketch work to give everyone that comes as a ' thank you ' from me to show my thanks and gratitude for the time we spent together, the stories we shared, and the wines we tasted, too ... thank you ...    TONY

And looks like I answered my question of who this is by looking carefully at the portrait on the right : Amanda from NINER! Glad I included this here Amanda, and I am sorry that I forgot, you made quite the impression, simply forgot your name. Come again anytime Amanda! Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 ...

     Here's the glass I need to be drinking now to make this all complete, pour myself a glass of the white, too ... live it up, really! We only live once : let's make it NINER Wine Estates tonight / now , ahora, maintenant, agora ,,, no need to wait any longer ...

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