Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Updates Of Les Vins De Vienne, Rhone Valley / Cuilleron, Villard Et Gaillard Here @ Cleveland Park Wines And Spirits In Washington D.C., 20008 With Sam Farran And Marie Melodie / Posted On Our Cleveland Park Wine And Spirits Face-book Page Today, Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 ... Enjoy!

Here we have Marie Melodie our French rep from Les Vins de Vienne visiting and tasting us on the wines that are currently available through International Cellars like this : ...  1/ Extraordinary bright and lively and flavorful/full tasting northern Rhone Valley Saint Peray 2011, $29.99 made from 100 percent Marsanne grapes, aged 9 months in barrels and tanks, 13.5 percent alcohol by volume. Saint Peray is a small village and it is known more for it's sparkling wines though it does make fine still wines like this as well. ...  2/  2011 Saint Joseph dry red 1 percent Syrah grapes , in Granite soil, aged 12 months in barrels and tanks , and one where Melanie helped to make this 2011 Saint Joseph. We tasted it here together : quite impressive. a real treat, $37.99 a bottle, 13 percent alcohol by volume, ... from the team of Cuilleron, Villard and Gaillard, I met Villard when he made the original presentation here to me and Michel last year here ... a memorable, serendipitous and eye/opening experience for the both of us! Merci Marie Melodie, revenez vite ici ...    Anthony / TONY / Quinn  ... 8/20/2014    We also have the delicious dry red Cotes Du Rhone ' Les Cranilles ' 2010 / fabulous vintage / for $20.99 a bottle, 14.5 percent alcohol by volume, great wine as well ... everything they make and touch is gold, no losers here, not a one ... happy Wednesday everyone ...

Two different visits with Marie-Melodie : both excellent, both eye-opening, both really enjoyable and we have many of the wines in the store to share with you from these visits. Cheers,    TONY 8/21/2014

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