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Jeremy Sutton Brings Wines To Taste With The Owner ( I Believe So? May Have Been A Winery Rep? - Please Help Me Clarify This! ) Of ANCIEN Winery, CA.; A Chardonnay 2008 Carneros & Pinot Noirs ( Both The 2007 Carneros & 2007 Russian River Valley & The 2008 DE-FIN-I-TIVE " S " ) Visits For The First Time To Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits In 2012?

     Driving to work and taking a picture of one of the entrances to the Smithsonian National Zoo that is just a couple of long blocks away from our store here in Cleveland Park.

     Great to try both old favorites of the 2007 Carneros Pinot Noir and the 2008 Carneros Chardonnay, and to discover the 2008 DE-FIN-I-TIVE Pinot Noir S, and to revisit the 2007 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.

     We have sold these ANCIEN CA. wines now for years, especially early on from 2004 or so up until 2008 or so? I forget exactly except to say that we have sold many cases of the ANCIEN Winery Chardonnay and Pinot Noir over a number of years, of that I am sure. We bought them from Kysela Imports and introduced them to our customers and made many happy customers and thus many happy friends to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits in Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, as well : 202-363-4265.

     We never did yet sell the DE-FIN-I-TIVE 2008 Pinot Noir " S "  yet. Will have to give it another chance. This was the very first time that I believe I had either seen or tasted it? Is that correct Jeremy? How long have you had it? Do you still sell it?

The Lincoln  memorial, crossing over from Virginia to get to work and going over the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge, stopped momentarily in traffic so could snap a picture to enjoy later as it's quite an exhilarating ride for me each day to and from work ... I like it. I like it a lot, my moments of Zen ... and calm , peace, and relaxation where possible ...

My daughter gave me the orange U.V.A. / Charlottesville, VA. wrist band that I wore till it finally snapped. The key : I never took it off so it lasted and faded gloriously and gracefully like a great wine over many moons and many experiences, many journeys, many days , tastings, winemaker and wine owner events, encounters, sighting, too ... ahhh, lovely.

     Almost at work, stopping momentarily to snap this photo to include later here. I like to show something of the time, the place, the weather, etc when I do my blogs that are chatty and less about details and more about visual reasons that someone might want to go in search of a particular wine or set of wines. I like that. I call my approach : adding to the equation of blogs that are already out there. Variety is good, and pictures do help in their own way as well as written words.

Above and below looking out the front window, as well as inside, of Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits : great to see the reflection of the outside in the store window.

     One in focus, one out : a nice pair, a reflection that is actually accurate of life , except that many want to show only what approaches the perfect. For me perfect cannot be approached without showing the steps, so the out-of-focus make the cut for me, being an artist as I am, I like and appreciate both. What about you?

     I must look at my notes as I believe I may have been trying these wines with the owner above? It's been awhile and my memory fails me just now, and I am at home on vacation and do not have access to my notes at work. I want to share these pictures anyway and give you all the shove out the door and to come see us at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits or to your local wine store in search of these fine wines from ANCIEN. They are excellent, they are quite special, they are definitely worth searching out and trying ASAP!

     Look at that gorgeous color red ANCIEN Pinot Noir above : I love it, really love it.

     I like how I framed Jeremy Sutton our local Kysela Pere Et Files Et Fille ( he has one of both and that should be noted by today's standards - it's the correct thing to do : son and daughter ) in the wine glass - a Reidel glass for tasting these wines.

     Also, as an artist I love the way there is a spotlight of light and red wine just under the bowl of dark red wine in the glass itself that shows better the true hue of color to this delightful 2007 Pinot Noir ANCIEN.

     It must have been recommended that we finish with the Chardonnay after the three reds we enjoyed? I cannot remember. I like doing it this way myself as I find it so refreshing to drink the white wines after the reds, almost like a palate-cleanser : it wakes my taste-buds up once again and makes me all the more committed to tasting and fully enjoying the experience.

     Love the way the light reflects off the 2008 Carneros Chardonnay ANCIEN. I like the style, I like the body and the weight and the mouth-feel pretty much every time I taste it. Sometimes it needs more development and sometimes it is ' just right '. just perfect.

     I can say the same thing for the Pinot Noir reds : I like their style, the purity, the weight, the intensity,mouth-feel, their focus. Being alive as we are it all depends on the temperature at which they are being served, and we always have to take into account that the wines change by the minute and sometimes are more open, sometimes more closed, sometimes they need some food, sometimes they do not.

    We also have to consider where we are and how we are feeling, what mood we are in, what pressures are bearing down hard on us, if we can escape for a moment of true enjoyment or not?!? It's tricky , not always a given. Try and be as open-minded as you can when you taste, allow for many variables, many scenarios, try always to make the most of any given moment : hopefully the wines will add a whole lot of pleasure and joy and contentment?!? That's the idea. With ANCIEN wines there is often a great chance that this will all happen for us.

     Being an artist I take lots of artist licence with what I do. This was the same time of the year as we tasted the ANCIEN wines so I include them here to add perspective and color and show what is around Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits.

Morning Glories are beautiful in all their manifestations ...

     Cheers, thanks Jeremy. When you see this give me a call and let's talk ANCIEN ... happy Tuesday all, August 5th, 2014 ...   TONY    here now at home enjoying my vacation ... and only enjoying drinking wine, not selling it. Nice to have this break. If you see this Jeremy bring me a bottle of each as I have two-week's off! Just a great idea, hope you agree?

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