Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jean Gagliolo Just Came By @ Rachel Martin's Request To Taste Me On The BOXWOOD ESTATE Winery, Middleburg, VA. 2011 Trellis Red Blend and The 2010 Topiary Dry Red Blend As Well : Both Will Be Here in September 2014 " We Currently Have Half Bottles Of The 2008 Boxwood Red Blend @ $17.99 A Bottle : Drink BOXWOOD ESTATE Winery Wines : Dare To Live Largelly / Grandly / With Style @ Tradition And Great Balance And Flair!

Jean Gagliolo from Capital Distributors just stopped by at Rachel Martin's request to taste me on two new releases or wines currently available through them from BOXWOOD ESTATE Winery in Middleburg, VA. : the

1/ 2011 Trellis red blend : lighter, some good spice and earth and medium to light bodied, opens slowly and gracefully, a bit of cedar in the nose and taste, an old world style wine that was made to complement a meal, slow to open and reveal all it's treasures / that will reward the patient people that want a wine in balance, with lower alcohol, that was always a part of a larger equation and not the whole equation as many wines are attempting unsuccessfully to be these days in my opinion ; short changing us all regrettably , $21.99 a bottle,  ...    and the ...

2/ 2010 Topiary red blend, $32.99 a bottle ; more full an rich and more to hang onto, more to suckle, to warm ourselves with, richer and a bit more beefy, but a gentle beef, a gentle and pleasing meat to it's bones and structure .  You can see the similar style here of both, you can see, feel and taste the balance in both. Lovely We will have both here soon, in the first week of September to be exact.
We also have the half bottles of the 2008 BOXWOOD here at $17.99 a bottle for you all now and that completes the set of three reds with also a lovely summer dry rose that we are sold out of currently but that we also love to sell. Cheers, thanks Rachel, merci Jean ...  Anthony / TONY / Quinn 8/20/2014   Happy Wednesday everyone ... drink some BOXWOOD ESTATE Winery, VA. wines and really live and enjoy ... a treat always ...   TONY

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