Monday, August 18, 2014

Anthony Quinn Of Then The Fine ' Estates ' Wine Division Of The Forman Brother's Wine Division Chats With Winemaker Darryl Groom Of The GEYSER PEAK Winery In Sonoma, California After A Great Wine-Tour / Wine-Tasting @ The Winery In The Late 1990's " Thanks Mate, You Are The Best, Happy To Know You!

This was the first time I met Aussie Winemaker Darryl Groom of the GEYSER PEAK Winery in Sonoma, California back in the late 1990's with the Forman Brother's Distributing group here in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan region.

     Funny Darryl, I have a glass of white wine that I am enjoying and you are enjoying a bottle of beer : typical of what I saw in the Barossa Valley when I visited, in the Adelaide Hills, too : had to have a pub close by! Cheers.

     I have since seen Darryl on a couple of visits when he came to Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits in Washington D.C. where I now continue to sell Darry's fine dry rich and flavorful - with good mouth-feel and grip that I really like, $19.99 or so - GROOM Barossa Valley Sauvignon Blanc and also his complex and multi-layered, bright and lively fruit flavored Shiraz Barossa Valley , oh yeah : dry and flavorful red - fine for a meal! Thanks Darryl.

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