Friday, August 29, 2014

Andy Jones, Local Resident Of Cleveland Park, Northwest, Washington D.C., 20008, / TRUE CRAFT IMPORTS / Stops By With he PREAMBLE 2011

We have Andy Jones here in the store and we are enjoying the Tripel Brun at 9.5 percent alcohol, lovely deep rich color, lovely warmth, smooth tatste, good mouth feel, very pleasing, rests well now in the pit of my stomach and I quite no, I quite rather like that as it is 5.26 PM on a rather warm slightly sticky later afternoon, and the Belgian/inspired ale is lovely. hanks Andy for bringing it to our attention with Santos Rivera here that buys the beers and ales ... thanks Andy, more really soon, let's set up a tasting soon with Santos ... TONY

Andy Jones stops by to introduce both the : 

1/ OVERSHORES Brewing Co.Connecticut ' Tripel Brun ' 2014 ale, alcohol 9.5 percent by volume, bottle/conditioned, from East Haven, 06512, ... and the ... 

2/ the PREAMBLE Wine Co. California ... A Wine for he American Spirits of Independence, 2011, 13.7 percent alcohol by volume, from Fairview, go to for more info, ... and we tasted them with customers and will have another in/store wine/ale tasting here with Andy that is scheduled and not so serendipitous as this one was! Cheers, happy Friday, happy weekend, ...

it's beautiful here today in Cleveland Park Northwest, Andy is a Cleveland Park resident with good products and we like to support both. hanks Andy. Here we are with Jagir and Anna in these photos yesterday, Thursday Aug 28th, 2014 ... TONY

OVSH E H C T ...   " A malty strong cheese, cured meats, spicy mustard tomato , lamb, steak, lobster, duck " are recommended to serve with the OVERSHORES Tripel Brun ... ' best in a tulip glass with moderate head to promote release of esters and aroma ... serve cellar cool ...  "

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