Friday, July 18, 2014

Sam Farran & Anthony Quinn ( Me ) Brainstorm, Taste The IXSIR Lebanese Wines - 4 Wines In All - And I Buy Two Of The Four To Sell That Are Now On Our Shelf @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits in Washington D.C. Northwest, 20008! Cheers.

I borrowed these two pictures here from the Facebook page of IXSIR Lebanese wines : I hope you do not mind? Thanks, have a great weekend all! It's glorious here now in northern Virginia before I head off to work soon to sell more of the IXSIR wines today ... cheers ...    TONY  7/18/2014

I will include the pictures that Sam took in the store soon as well.

There were five wines in all that we tasted, I forgot we tasted the dry rose as well! Thanks Sam, I appreciate this very much. Let's make some noise here for the fine wines of Lebanon.

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
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We have the IXSIR Lebanese wines in stock now : Altitudes Blanc White , and the Altitudes Rouge Red : both at twenty five dollars a bottle! Really very special dry wines from Lebanon : world class!! Anthony Quinn July Seventeenth 14
Here's to a great week!

Thank you @taklasafi for the great picture!

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  • Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Thanks Aurelie, it is great to have these two wines At Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits , thanks to Sam Farran and me putting our two heads together and talking about them, tasting them, me liking them quite a bit and buying them IXSIR Lebanese wines for the store to sell for nicer occasions as they are quite special and not inexpensive but deliver everything you want and expect for fine food wines for the price of $25 a bottle. We also sell Chateau Musar and the Masaya wines as well. Cheers, and come and see us anytime you are in Washington D.C. Let's schedule an in-store wine-tasting of them with our customers with you Aurelie and Sam? Cheers, happy Friday and have a great weekend. Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 7/18/2014

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