Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rediscovering BAREFOOT Wines Through Soren Our Local/ Excellent Aussie Rep For NDC & Trying The ' Refresh ' Floral and Bright, Slightly Fruity And Frizzante Blend That I Can Both Sell & Recommend To Customers To Try, Especially In These Hot & Humid Months Here In The Washington D.C. Metropolitan region Of Ours! Cheers !!

Soren Ludvigsen, Luis Alas and 2 others like this. I copied and pasted the picture that was liked by these four earlier - they have not read or commented on the rest ...  from our Facebook account at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits, and then added what follows below here ... cheers, TONY 7/27/2014

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Thank you Soren, Luis , Michael and ACS for this, I appreciate it, I am glad to see you like this and am glad to tell you so as it helps me to keep working ahead to promote wines ' big and small ', and ' known and unknown. As I was telling our rep for BAREFOOT wines that came with Soren, I knew the wine Barefoot when it was : " Davis- Bynum " I believe? That was a long , long, LONG time ago ... and we used to have two wines from them : an 'upper ' and a 'lower ' end and, depending on the prices, and our needs at the time we might use one or the other. This must have been back in the late eighties I believe?

 Anyway, that was an exciting time and it was a small winery and I enjoyed selling the wines. What I also told our rep here that I was meeting for the first time and tasting with her ( thanks to Soren Ludvigsen our local NDC rep ) was that it was because of Soren that I was really willing to meet and taste with her.

 I told her that it was the strong connection with Soren that made the difference, that BAREFOOT did not need my business, that Soren did, that the " Refresh ' white soft, floral, fresh and slightly frizzante CA. wine ( I am taking on faith that the grapes are from California without grape juice added from other states like Washington State, Chile or Australia? Clarify this for me if you will? ) at $8.99 was something I could actually recommend from BAREFOOT, as the rest that I had tried I found quite unpalatable and hardly reminiscent of wine at all ...

 and that because Soren needed our business , that I would include it here.

 So here it is now and Olivia was thrilled to taste , discover , like and buy it recently : and with a big smile on her face, too! beaming I would gladly say, thanks Soren and Olivia and our ' newfound ' rep friend here ... cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 7/27/ 2014 ... Happy Sunday all ... going to see ' The Lion King " musical tonight with wife and daughter at the Kennedy Center at 7:30PM, take care, TONY

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