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Klaus Wittauer Of KWSELECTION Of Fine Austrian Wines Comes With 15 Wines, Some From All His Austrian Producers , With Andrew Stover To Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 To Taste From 5-8PM : Everybody Welcome, Bring Family & Friends!

Even with the rain and the thunder and the dark and the wet outside people still came and tasted tonight at our Austrian Wine-Tasting with importer of KWSelections Klaus Wittauer, and Andrew Stover of VINO50 selections, and me ( Anthony ) Quinn : we had Victor, Nicole, Jane, Linda, Lisa, Vince, Ze, Erica, Karen, Gary, Liz, Ryan, ... and so many more people show up and taste and buy and appreciate and enjoy and learn. Ze told me it was of his ' all-time favorite " wine-tastings that we have done in quite awhile, according to him. Ze , that is mighty praise indeed, thanks for sharing that with me before leaving tonight. I appreciate hearing things like that. Cheers, thanks Klaus and Andrew for all your hard work and efforts! ... 7/15 / 2014 For those of you that missed this tonight we will taste some more Austrian wines this Saturday with Andrew from 2-6PM. Come then and taste more. Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn

GREAT EVENT With Klaus Wittauer himself and Andrew Stover as well! 

WINES of AUSTRIA from producers like :  

1) STEINDORFER, from Seewinkel, Burgenland, a Beerenauslese at 11% alcohol by volume  - great late-harvest wine(s ) , 

 2) Gustave STRAUSS - AMASEing Samling 88 , also called the Scheurebe grape, a 2013 from Steiersmark, ...  and Sauvignon Blanc ,    

3) STEININGER ( FABulous sparkling ) : the 2011 Gruner Veltliner sparkling sekt from Niederosterreich, 13.5% alcohol by volume ...   

4)  TEGERNSEERHOF,  with Gruner Veltliner 2013 Federspiel T 26 , 12.5% alcohol by volume ...  from Durnstein, Wacchau, and  a dry 2013 Zweigelt rose, too  ,  $13.99 a bottle 

5) Leo HILLINGER with his SPECtacular St. Laurent2005, $27.99, 13% alcohol by volume, and more   

6) ANTON BAUER with his ever-popular 2011 Zweigelt Feuersbrunn, Wagram / Osterreich, $13.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume ...

I REMEMBER WHEN, way back when Klaus and Toni started and they stopped by Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and we were one of the very first stores to sell Toni's wines here in Washington D.C. with the ever-popular GMORK Gruner Veltliner ... we had to have it, IT was a Must-Have wine, especially like now in the summer with the intense heat, the slight breeze if any and humidity always knocking and blowing at us and on our skin and clothes and at our doors and windows, too ... forcing us to dive for cover and a bottle of the delicious Gmork Gruner.

WHEN I WENT TO AUSTRIA way back when- 2004 was it ?!? with Klaus and a group of perhaps 12-15 people I coined the phrase : Become a Crooner With Gruner ", I like it, kinda catchy, don't you?!?

I am still working on the list of wines and wineries and producers to add here really soon! Cheers, stay-tuned,  TONY Happy Friday, July 11th, 2014 ....

MORE WINES listed below that we will be tasting with Klaus ...

7) NETZL, we'll taste a 2013 dry Chardonnay from the Gottlesbrunn Carnuntumm go to : for more info on the whole selection ...   

Pictured above is Christophe that worked with the wines of Stieninger - their sparkling wines as well as their non-sparkling. 

And Klaus always brings his ' new ' owners and growers/ wineries to see us here first. I'd like to think it was just how special we are here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits, but I have to give full credit, also to the fact that the Austrian Embassy is just up the street from us here off of Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C. ...

So much to look forward to, to learn from, to experience, and all at your tongue's tip this Tuesday night, July 15th, 2014 from 5-8PM ...

We just did a great event with Klaus  at the Austrian Embassy when he did a seminar and people raved about it that came by after attending and tasting, learning and buying, too : yes, the really bought because they really liked what they tasted from what I have gathered and continue to .

Klaus knows how to get our attention, and it's not only adults!

AUSTRIAN WINES @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits On Tuesday Night, July 15th, 2015 frp, 5-8PM with Klaus Wittauer and Andrew Stover : join us , never any charge, FREE 15 GREAT Austrian-no kangaroo-wines! ...

Christophe pictured above and below that sold and promoted the wines of Stieninger that we love so much : we have the sparkling Gruner Veltliner in the store now. Cheers!

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits
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1) TODAY, Friday July 11th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) Celebrate Bastille Day with Jim Reeves : Burgundy reds and whites! Includes a DYNAMITE Marsannay 2009 red and a light, airy and delightful Chiroubles Beaujolais ' cru ' village wine ...
2) ARGENTINA & SPAIN with Fernando Valenti pouring On Saturday, 2-6PM :
a) Gran Cardiel Verdejo, $14.99 from Rueda, Spain ; b) Cava Brut Rose & Brut, $16.99 each...& CHANARMUYO E QUARA From Argentina.
3) Monday, July14th ( Bastille Day 7/14/3014 5-8PM ) : More of Saturday's tasting with Fernando & Jim.

4) AUSTRIAN Wines - 15 in all - with Klaus Wittauer & Andrew Stover, 5-8PM. NEVER any charge, join us for all FOUR EVENTS here! Happy Friday all!! TONY

Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits Join Us : #JimReeves #CometeWines#Happy14thOfJuly #JoyeuxFeteDeJuillet14th #HappyBastilleDay#RossignolCava #SpanishCava #GranCardielVerdejo ##Rueda#LaRiojaArgentina #ChanarmuyoRiojaAltaArgentina #Chiroubles#FrenchWhiteBurgundy #FrenchChabls #...See More

And on Saturday, July 19th, 2014 from 2-6PM with Andrew Stover's help we continued to promote many of these fine Austrian wines that we tasted on Tuesday here with Klaus : we tasted many yesterday, too : the HILLINGER Pinot Noir, the HILLINGER Pinot Gris, the STRAUSS Sauvignon Blanc and the Samling, the NETZL Chardonnay, The STIENDORFER Beerenauslese, ... and more ...

We sure were busy yesterday, Saturday afternoon with Andrew Stover's American Road Trip of states like Colorado, New York State, Michigan and Virginia : as well as a grand recap on our Roadtrip of the wines of Austria as well from TEGERNSEERHOF, ANTON BAUER, GUSTAVE STRAUSS, NETZL, LEO HILLINGER, STIENDORFER, and more ... lots of people, happy to have Chrysalis Sarah's Patio Red VA red blend back, the Charlie's Left Foot Pinot Blanc, too from Michigan that customer, friend and wine-lover Jim Stutsman was nice enough to share with us all yesterday - what fun! Cheers, TONY
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Friedl and Laurie pictured below could not make it, they live in Vienna, Friedl is Austrian and they were sorry not to have been able to come ... oh well, as I said to them : " You already know the fine wines of Austria. " They both shook their heads ' yes ' and smiled. Cheers, so glad you came to see us Laurie and Friedl : you both are the very best!  TONY Sunday, July 20th, 2014 ...

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