Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Having Both Vintage & Style Questions Raised For Me When Trying The FONTODI Tuscan Vineyard Wines Currently Available Through Vinifera Imports With Local Rep Eric @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits On Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 : Liking Some Very Much Which I Found Classic & Traditional , Liking Less Those I Thought Might Be Made More For Current Palate Tastes?!? I Wonder About This?

These are just the pictures to enjoy now, I will write my thoughts and impressions of the wines as soon as I am able. Cheers, enjoy this glorious Wednesday. What a wonderful treat it was to try these FONTODI wines yesterday with rep Eric from Vinifera Imports. They are amazing, some suiting very much my palate and tastes, and some less so. I need to revisit this and to taste more of the current vintages to see the recent development of both vintages and styles to better know where FONTODI has already been, is, and is heading... fascinating all of this, truly fascinating.

Glad that Eric let me taste these freshly-opened yesterday, what a wonder, what a treat, what an opportunity. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  7/30/2014  it is absolutely glorious our weather her in the Washington D.C. region today as it was yesterday. To what do we/ I owe this grand fortune of both weather and wine? I am eternally grateful. Grazie Eric.

This was quite the grand start to my Tuesday morning on an already glorious day with low humidity and fresh and cool and baby blue skies when Chris came to taste me on the Direct Import offerings from Vinifera Imports with the FONTODI Chianti Classico wines and I bought a case each of the 2011 Chianti Classico in the 750ml bottle, as well as the 375ml bottle ; and the 2000 Syrah as well from FONTODI, even though it was the 2003 I tasted, the 2000 is supposed to be vastly superior, and I LOVEd the 2003 Syrah : all these two wines were classic, tradition-tasting wines for me, not modern and meant to please the modern palate : rather traditional and meant to please the classic palate : amen! Cheers, thanks - grazie Eric ... TONY.... 7/29/2014 ... thanks for sharing these wines you opened today ....

I do suffer something awful the arduous duties of tasting wines at Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits : but someone has to do it, okay : might as well be me! Cheers all on this glorious Wednesday morn ... TONY

More to follow really soon!   TONY

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