Thursday, July 24, 2014

Discovering Just Now, thursday July 24th, 2014 the IRISHMAN Irish Whiskeys , the Original, the Single Malt, the 12 Year Old Singlr Malt and the Cask Strength With Matt Our Local NDC Rep, With Conor Chase CSS Brand Manager of the IRISHMAN Whiskeys And Irish Cream, And With Walter Lupo Our LOcal PALM BAY International Fine Wines And Spirits Rep

JUST TRIED WITH MATT OF NDC IMPORTERS/ DISTRIBUTORS AND Conor Chase CSS the Brand Manager of the Irishman Handcrafted Whiskies and Walter Lupo the MD and DC Area Manager of Palm Bay Imports some of the Irish whiskies , 4 : 1/ the ' Original Clan ', 2/ the Single Malt, 3/ the 12 Year old Single Malt , and the 4/ the Cask Strength , as well as the Irish Cream that uses no preservatives and, unlike Bailey's and Carolan's that are using only one percent or less, by law, of Irish whiskey / the rest being neutral whiskey / in their Irish Cream : and this the IRISHMAN Irish Cream it is delicious and flavorful and rich and round and smooth and when we get it , it will sell for less than BAILEY'S ... we will arrange with Matt to do an in store tasting of it along with the Single Malt Irish whiskey that is really smooth and bright and richly textured on the palate, that has a lovely buoyancy and freshness and sunshine/bright taste with little or no bite, some real softness and taste and pleasing appeal, too. I liked it a lot, it will sell for between $35 and $40 a bottle. Nice. It was all a treat, they all have their charms and I have some here for Fernando to try when he arrives. Ask me, if any is here I will offer you a taste. ... the Original Clan has a bit more bite and attitude, leaner, a bit more grip and grit, less refined, the 12 Year Old Single Malt has more to offer and is more powerful and with some edge, too and I would enjoy it with a fine cigar, and the Cask Strength is even bolder, even more intensity with more polish and more refinement / I liked it a whole lot / and it will be FABulous with a cigar at the end of an evening when things are coasting and everyone is thoroughly relaxed and things are winding down! Cheers, thanks Matt, Conor and Walter : what a grand discovery and great treat, glad to be on board on this with you now. Happy thursday, July 24th, 214 .... tony

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