Sunday, July 27, 2014

BRUGAL Special Extra Dry Dominican Republic Oak Cask Aged Rum Produced , Aged & Bottled By BRUGAL, S.A. Puerta Plata, D.R. ( The Refreshingly Dry Rum ) Through The Glass Bottle!

Make a daiquiri and share it with a friend! Yeah, simple and tasty, no need to fret, no need to over-thing or to be too concerned with any eventual outcome : go for it, trust your gut, relax, no sweat, no worry : collect your friends and make some strawberry or fruit daiquiris with a blender, some ice, some fresh fruit, maybe even some frozen fruit that you buy at the grocery store and that has some sugar in it that when melted will add some sweetness, or cut the tartness and make the taste a bit more relaxed and mellow and fresh and pleasing as you sit back with family and friends and ' wax poetic ' and smile, and perhaps even close your eyes for a few seconds and muse and enjoy a more intense sensation as your taste buds and all your other senses take away some of the weight that may have been bothering you earlier , as together you sigh one big grand sigh of contentment and relief!

     For the daiquiris I would use the clear rum pictured above : that will help you to ' rethink rum ' in a larger,more easy and less stressful way. Don't overthink, do not over reach : just think and reach enough. Remember that this is truly your moment, you've waited patiently for it, now you deserve to enjoy your moment fully on your terms and your own speed, whatever that might be. Chill baby, chill. Take another sip of that daiquiri.

Remember your past and the intense joy that some of those moments in the past provided, but , most of all enjoy the ' here and the now ', the present, this moment that is yours and that of those around you sharing in a therapeutic, healthy, invigorating, joyful way ' this moment ' of now, maintenant, ahora, agora ... now, now , now ,now NOW!

I remember my college days and before we had children. That's when I enjoyed daiquiris so much. They were delicious, refreshing, fruity and tasty and so very appreciated.

Enjoy this BRUGAL Extra Dry Dominican Republic with family and friends. If you get the chance go to the Dominican Republic and enjoy BRUGAL there. I enjoyed a week's trip to one of the hotel resorts on the East end of the Dominican Republic, right there by the crystal blue cobalt-aquamarine waters that dazzled and pleased and thrilled us. What a wonderful time that was : everything included, everything paid : no worries , no wait, no stress and such great weather.

Everywhere my wife and I went there were stations / bars to stop off at and ask for a daiquiri. It was usually a lime or a lemon daiquiri with lots of crushed ice and so bloody refreshing! Never a shortage, never any concern, just smiles and pleasure and activity and motion and great weather all around to entertain, relax and please. Loved it!

I wish that I had enjoyed some BRUGAL on this trip, and I may have, I do not know. I did take the bottle in our room as a reminder and a gift of this wonderful trip. Alas it was not BRUGAL, too bad, I would have enjoyed that greatly, really I would have, as I did here tasting with the regional rep for BRUGAL pictured here in Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits one day when I came up to the register and was treated to the whole flight of the fine BRUGAL rums from the Dominican Republic. Gracias, thanks, I enjoyed the experience greatly.

You should all come and get some BRUGAL at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits at 3423 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C. , 20008 202-363-4265 ... to make you daiquiris and to enjoy sipping, too : especially the others that they make.

I am an artist and so I like taking these artsy photos here : hope you like them, hope they give you the push needed to come visit our store or your local one in search of some BRUGAL Extra Dry to enjoy ... that's the idea.

So many of us speak with our hands without really knowing how much we do : case-,-point above. Lovely. A photo helps to capture and to remind of this.

Nothing like a smile to draw one closer, to relax one more, to make one feel more at ease and at home.

And that smile with a pour of the BRUGAL Extra Dry rum ... can't ask for more than that!

Thanks for the taste, thanks for the smile, thanks for the lesson. Thanks for helping me to relive my college and pre-children days and the 25th anniversary spent in the Dominican republic with my beautiful , intelligent wife!

My favorite ' Dominican Republic island ' statement made by the locals trying-wanting to sell us something was and still is : " Almost free, 99% free! "

Wow, that one remaining percent sure was expensive!

Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  Happy Sunday, July 27th, 2014 ... enjoy, have some BRUGAL Extra Dry rum as well as some of the three others pictured above!     TONY        You will be glad that you did ...

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