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Tuesday,June 17th,2012 ,Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits' Store Email On : LA GERLA, JULES TAYLOR, TENUTA MAZZOLINO, CHATEAU D'ANGLES, The FURST Alsace, PINNACLE French Vodka, THREE OLIVES Vodka, SKINNY GIRL Vodka, BOULEVARD Brewing, FLORIDA BEER, La GIARETTA Valpolicella, ENCOSTAS Do LIMA Vinho Verde, Bodegas CARRAU Tannat, MIOLO Family Vineyard Wines For The World Cup In June 2014!


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LIFE IN THE HOT Fast lane in Cleveland Park N.W. Washington D.C.

Just look outside or stroll up and down Cleveland Park and soak in the sun
as it pelts down and strikes us square between the eyes and try and see the
balance of things clearly so that you may maximize the pleasure of as many
moments as possible. We are here to help you do this.

The heat can be disorienting : so can the brightness of these sunny,
baby-blue skied days as we plod along and try not to shrivel like the grapes
left outside to do so in the Valpolicella region of Italy that results in the
Amarone dry red wines and some of the very best wines made anywhere in the

STORIES, TIPS & RECOMMENDATIONS to best survive this intense heat, haze,
humidity and pounding sunshine :

This intense heat that we are experiencing here now reminds me of walking
the hillside vineyards years ago Azienda Agricola LA GIARETTA with the owner and
our small group of five men on a wine-adventure to visit these sites where some
of the greatest wine in the world is being made. We have some of the
lesser-known, lesser-spoken-of Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2005 ( $39.99
) LA GIARETTA in stock. It is even denser, even thicker and lusher and darker in
hues and riper than the Amarone that everyone knows and loves. It comes in a
500ml bottle, 14% alcohol by volume,  for this very reason : you drink it more
slowly, you let it lavish it's concentrated sweet raisin and spice and
toasty-roasted flavors that come from the mostly Corvina grapes ( some Molinara,
Negrara and others, too ).

I AM RELEARNING PORTUGUESE. I spent my early years of 2-8 in Brasil and we
are now selling so many Portuguese wines. More than ever before : we have three
shelves devoted to Portuguese wines in the store and not just to the Vinho
Verdes either that we stock up front and sell for less than $10 a bottle. We
just got back the more flavorful, thicker-richer-denser, fruitier version of a
Vinho Verde - the  Colheita 2011 ENCOSTAS DO LIMA Branco Meio Seco ( $9.99, 10%
alcohol ) also has a lovely slight sparkle and it will taste great inside or
outside and not go directly to your head. Enjoy it!

SPEAKING OF PORTUGUESE and Portugal and Brasil we even have the MIOLO FAMILY VINEYARD wines
of Brasil and I have heard through the grapevine that the 2008 MIOLO Family
Vineyards  100% hand-selected Merlot, 13% alcohol by volume, is a very fine
vintage and made in the southern Vale Dos Vinhedos region. I was given a sample
bottle by our local rep and I can attest myself to liking very much this dry,
firm, fruit-forward Saint-Emilion style of Merlot that we sell here for $16.99 a
bottle. You should check it out sometime : it's really a wonderful surprise and
a delight.

I LIKE TO DRAW and as a result I like to connect the lines, especially
between the Eastern and the Western hemispheres. The lines, too are so often
blurred today as many of our customers do not know that many of the grapes came
from the Eastern Hemishere and were brought here by immigrants from Italy,
Portugal, Spain, Germany, France and so on. I have learned by looking at the
MIOLO web page , for example that many of the people that settled in the Vale
Dos Vinhedos were from both Veneto and Trento, Italy.

IT ALL CONNECTS SOMEWHERE and this seemingly large world of ours is
connected in so many wonderful ways and so I can start speaking about Italy and
Portugal and naturally get to Brasil and to Uruguay that we have supported in a
big way for many years now. I am sorry that Abel Sauza our Uruguayian connection
has moved to Florida. We do have, however a really fine dry red Tannat that is a
grape that originally comes from France's Madiran southwest  not that far from
the French-Spanish border.

WE HAVE A REALLY EXCELLENT 2007 dry Tannat Cerro Chapeu " Amat " Tradicion
Carrau ( $29.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume,  desde 1752 ; I got to meet the owner
recently at a trade wine-tasting of the Downey imports ) that is pretty amazing
and well-worth the money if you want something special. You can start with the
MIOLO Family Vineyards 2008 Merlot ( $16.99 ) as it is fleshier, rounder,
brighter and more fruit-driven and then pass to the " Amat " BODEGAS CARRAU
Tannat 2007 that is both earthier, more spicy and with more developed flavors
with more oak, too. I ask the question, too whether this Tannat is made from
100% Tannat grapes or is the law there for only 75-85% of the grapes necessary
when listed on the bottle? So much to learn, so much to know, so better get

THESE ARE TWO WINES made not that far from one another and yet they are so
stylistically different and yet for my palate both are really quite excellent
and memorable examples of the grape variety and where they come from and I would
be delighted to drink either or both along with the bottle of the Recioto della
Valpolicella Azienda Agricola LA GIARETTA 2005 ( $39.99, 14% alcohol by volume,
500ml bottle ) to finish off the meal. I would have a bottle of the ENCOSTAS DO
LIMA Vinho Verde Colheita 2011almost as a palate-cleanser/refresher at this same
meal to give a break between the wines and the courses and to thus also add
accent and the proper attention to each and every wine here as well as the
accompanying foods.

FUNNY, and something that caught my attention immediately, the one and only
time that I saw the epically long and interesting-fascinating wine movie called
" Mondo Vino " it both started and ended in Brasil. I will have to watch it
again as I do not remember if any mention was made of any specific wineries
there or of any specific wine region. I have to assume that they were filming in
the Vale Dos Vinhedos? That makes sense from what little I know. It also makes
me really curious as I wonder if one of the people involved in the filming was
from Brasil or not? It all deserves more attention and I will be renting a copy
of the movie to watch again.

ANOTHER THING THAT I NOTICE as I connect all the dots is that all these
wines are 14% alcohol and less and I like that as especially with all this extra
heat and humidity and beating-down sunshine the lower alcohols are so much
easier to both enjoy and to absorb. You not only enjoy them better while you are
drinking them with your meal but you also probably feel a whole lot better later
as a result of this , too as there is less alcohol ( and in better balance with
the other components of the wine ) so as not to got to your head so quickly and
leave you with a pulsing headache as well. All good if you ask me.

STAY-TUNED FOR MUCH MORE INFORMATION and many more choices on these wines
as here in the United States and here in Washington D.C. very few people know
that they even make wine in either Brasil or Uruguay.

IT'S SO HOT and the haze and the humidity is holding us all down as we walk
along this stretch of Connecticut Avenue N.W. here in Washington D.C. People
walk a little more quickly as if trying to escape the pounding and that is
completely understandable.

I JUST HAD TWO YOUNG LADIES come to the store and look into our
refrigerator with cold sparkling and still wines. When I asked them if they
needed any help the one asked me if we had any really deals on cheap white
wines? I responded that we had deals on some " inexpensive " white wines and
immediately showed them the bottle of ANJOS De Portugal Vinho Verde ( $8.99,
9.5% alcohol by volume, with a slight sparkle for refreshment ) is made from the
indigenous grapes of 40% Arinto and 30% Trajadura and 30% Loureiro.

I TOLD THEM IT WAS THE BEST THING to drink now with all this heat and
humidity and I told them that was so because of the lower alcohol and the slight
sparkle. They objected immediately to the lower alcohol and I said that they
would have to trust me and report back to me if there were any problems on there
day-off and as I would be here all day. I told them my name as well. So far they
have not been here and so I hope that all is going smoothly and as planned.
Vamos a ver ...



1) IPA from FLORIDA BEER , Indian Pale Ale " Swamp Ape " ( $9.99 a 4-pack
of 12 Ounce bottles, 10% alcohol by volume, Melbourne, Florida,
www.floridabeer.com ) : " Firsthand accounts describe an intense beast with a
potent aroma and bite. ... Or proof that brewing with five distinct varieties of
hops creates an unbelievable, relentlessly hopped India Pale Ale? ... ".

2) Beer called : Lobster Lovers Beer with quite the sensual/funky label (
$10.99 a 6-pack of 11.2 Fl. Oz bottles, 9.5% alcohol by volume, Aiko Importers
Inc, Mount Pleasant SC, www.aikoimporters.com, from Rinkuskia, Birzai, Lithuania
) : " Has life ever snapped at you? Grab it by the claws! ". I rarely ever,
hardly never would I say this  BUT I might buy this six-pack just from the art
on the label. How does the label and the taste relate? Is there a correlation
between the two : imagined or real? The power of suggestion is intriguing and I
might just have to buy this from the label. I do have a really good sense,
however, that this will be a great summer/hot weather beer to help get through,
past and away from the heat and the haze and the humidity that dogged me through
the day. Worth checking out. Come by this Lithuanian beer and enjoy the taste
and telling stories about what the label might mean or suggest? Cheers.

3) Wheat beer, unfiltered, since 1989 from the BOULEVARD BREWING CO. (
$9.99 a 6-pack of 12 Oz. bottles, Kansas City, Missouri bottle-conditioned ) : "
Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer is a lively, refreshing ale with a distinctive
cloudy appearance. Bottle conditioning gives it an extraordinary depth of flavor
and makes for a beer that tastes fresher, better , longer. If you wish, gently
swirl the last inch or so before pouring to enhance your experience of this
traditional beer ".


1) Imported THREE OLIVES Vodka 1.75ml ( On Special for $25.99, 100%
neutral grain spirits, distilled from grain, 40% alcohol by volume , from
England ) is one of the tried-and-true vodkas that has stood the test of time
and all the recent competition and represents one of the great deals today here.
GREAT VALUE, really fine vodka.

2) Whipped Flavored French Vodka from PINNACLE ( On Special for $13.99 a
750ml bottle, 35% alcohol by volume, PinnacleVodka.com ) has got a real
following with both our customers and our bartenders. WE sell out of it
regularly. How do you like to serve it? On the rocks? Share your ideas with us.

3) Tequila Gold  SAUZA made from Fresh Blue Agave Gift Set with SAUZA
non-alcoholic Margarita mix ( two bottles, each 750ml bottles ( On Special for
$13.99, just blend the two together ) to make your very own SAZA-ritas!!!

4) Vodka with natural flavors of CUCUMBER, from SKINNY GIRL ( On Special
for $19.99, 30% alcohol by volume, Deerfield, Illinois, 75.8 calories, 0
carbohydrates, 0 Fat, 0 Protein per 1.5 fluid oz. skinnygirlcocktails.com ) is
new and exciting here at Cleveland Park. Come try some. Various flavors
available. Inquire with Ravinder.



1) The FURST Gewurztraminer 2010 ( $19.99 , 12.5% alcohol by volume) from
Kientzheim , Kaysersburg ( Haut Rhin ), Alsace, France is round and full and
generous and smooth, bright and rounded and has a wonderful and refreshing
mouth-feel and is a delight to sip with or without food. It showed beautifully
this weekend when Chris Bartha tasted it with our customers for Bastille Day!
Highly recommended.

ROSE : Dry -

1) " La Clape " Classique 2011 dry rose blend of  80% Mourvedre,  10% Syrah
and  10% Grenache, famille E. Fabre ) from the CHATEAU D'ANGLES is drinking like
another velvety, bright, fresh, rounded, generous yet toned dream that on the
very-first-taste is wonderful and pleasing and easing to one's palate! Again,
tasted by Chris on this past Bastille Day and highly recommended. Only 13.5%
alcohol by volume, info@chateauangles.com.

REDS - Dry :

1) Vinho Regional Alentejano from Portugal, this " LOIOS " from J. PORTUGAL
RAMOS ( $9.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume ) is named for the Loios monks that
dominated this region. Fresh and bright and forward and a great wine to chill
slightly and to enjoy even with all this pounding hear, haze, glaze, humidity
and heavy sunshine. Great for a picnic, too with the easy-to-open Stelvan


2) Pinot Noir " Terrazze " Italian Pinot Nero TENUTA MAZZOLINO  from the
Provincia Di Pavia ( $16.99, 2011, 12.5% alcohol by volume - low alcohol once
again, easier on our systems ) is an absolute pleasure and delight to drink with
or without a meal as we return to from where we started this email : Italy! You
can enjoy this Pinot Nero/Noir even in this humidity and heat. Chill it thirty
minutes and enjoy it even sitting outside here on Connecticut Avenue N.W. in
this really hot summer weather. It is worth this $17 a bottle and more. The
Frenchman that makes it in northwestern Italy really knows what he is doing.
Cheers, sante, salute!!


Friday, July 20th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Arielle Monaco of the Country
Vintner coming to taste some great Italian as well as Aussie wines : LA GERLA
Rosso di Montalcino:  Chianti Classico, too - both reds  ... and then two whites
from Australia, one from western Australia and one from South Australia.
Something for everybody.

Saturday, July 21st, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Mark Congdon of J.W. SIEG
Imports here with the national sales rep of JULES TAYLOR of New Zealand to pour
the three wines that Jules makes :  the 2011 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (
$18.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, www.julestaylor.com ), the 2010 Pinot Noir (
$23.99 ) and the Pinot Gris 2009 ( $18.99 ) ; all from the Marlborough region.

JOIN US FOR BOTH TASTINGS : NEVER any charge, everyone is always welcome.
Bring a guest. Bring an acquaintance, bring some high expectations with you and
surprise yourselves and meet some other really interesting people here. Cheers.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we love selling to you: we love meeting you for the
first time and sharing tips, stories , observations and recommendations. That
has been what this whole email has been about. Hopefully you have enjoyed it and
learned something, too. Thanks again.

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