Monday, June 16, 2014

The Savoring In Full-Bloom Twenty-Eight-Year-Old Gueyze : Complete, Total Run-Amuck Buzz Of This Splendid 1986 CHATEAU De GUEYZE From Buzet, France!

It's been a glorious - up, up roar - so uproarious Father's Day for me yesterday, Sunday June 15th, 2014  ; and now following into Monday night 6:43PM at home drinking what was left in the open bottle of this savory, delectable, delicious, scrumptious and wonderful alive and personable, conversational, exciting and tasty bottle of 1986  CHATEAU DU BUZET, No. 132606, proprietaire a Bruch 47130 , mis en bouteille a la propriete dry red that has not missed or lost a beat. No way! This 2y-year-old is so vivacious and compelling and rewarding and I as an artist love the color, the bouquet and the taste.

On Father's Day I enjoyed it outside with my wife and daughter as we ate the strip steaks that I had just grilled outside and with that we also enjoyed some really fresh white yellow corn that has just come into season with a salad of the baby-size tomatoes in shades of yellow, red and and orange. Amazing. Really amazing. The combination with the red meat that was saturated and bather completely in it's own juices, I marinated the strips thoroughly in many seasonings before grilling on a red-hot grill - well, it was all pretty delectable, so tasty and definitely so juicy and flavorful!

I was just listening to my Apple i-pod with one of my favorite George Brassen's songs ever, and I spied my Swedish neighbor watering so I turned the music off and went to offer her a sip and she downed my glass she liked it so much. She smelled and tasted the earth and smiled and said : " At least $10 worth?!? " Right Katerina...

Now I go up for Part Two of this odyssey with more strip steak ... will report soon, enjoy this for now. TONY

Back now at 7:26PM and just poured myself another bit from the bottle after enjoying my meal upstairs with my daughter that joined us again as she brought her mother some Scholastic fliers to use teaching summer school on the theme of ' travel .' That was nice, we enjoyed some white dolce Lambrusco with some smoked trout and talked ' school ' as they are both teachers in elementary school. When I hit my fill of this conversation I exited outside to water our potted plants and fill our bird baths, and then again to listen to George Brassens and to ' White Bird ' by ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY. Yes, I have some bottle age on me, and I wear it with pride and satisfaction and love telling my ' old stories ' to so many young people today.

The CHATEAU DE GUEYZE 1986 Buzet red is more elegant, more polished, more silky and fine than it was last night : overall better-defined though perhaps less powerful and massive. I liked both, both nights have worked gloriously for me. The GUEYZE 1986 has not suffered from either bottle age or for having been open since 6PM last night.

The strip steak when nuked in our microwave, unfortunately did suffer some and was not quite as flavorful or juicy. It still tasted fine, don't get me wrong : but I'm thrilled to have the 1986 here to make up the slack.

We sold it at Laurent Selections distributors way back when in the late eighties. It came in a wooden box of six bottles and I got one as it is an important birth year here in the Quinn family. This is the last bottle and is undoubtedly the best of the six and superb and wonderful.

All the flavors have married so well here. The harmony of everything that transpired is so evident. It was a great year for French red wine in this region not far away from Bordeaux and not far away from Cahors. Funny, I am drinking it in a wine glass printed with the words : Cahors Malbec. It must be fairly recent and for sampling purposes these glasses as in the past the French would never have done this. There might have been the same glass and the word ' Cahors ' might have been on the glass, but certainly not the word ' Malbec.' But that was then. Now Malbec is what everyone talks about.

The flavors of the dry red blend of grapes from Buzet speak of a perfect harmony and union of the earth, the soil, the rocks, the soil and the other vegetal elements, the sun, the sky, the weather and humidity, the water or the lack of it : it is so reflective of a really fine wine from a really fine producer from a really great year in France. I was delighted and honored as I still am tonight to have first been drinking it on my Father's Day ' where I celebrated my own as well as that of so many wonderful fathers that I know and have known like my own , Harry Alan Quinn that used to take me shopping in Paris in the early seventies to the Nicolas stores where we would learn about wine. Back then I do not think we ever did enjoy a Buzet, it was not until the early eighties that I discovered the wines of Buzet. I am glad that I did, too as this red is exceptional, really a gem -

 un vrai bijoux pour nous, pour moi, en souvenir des toutes les grands peres que je connais et que j'ai connu. Merci CHATEAU De GUEYZE 1986 pour m'aider a apprecier infinement ce moment de la vie de mon pere et tous les autres peres du monde.

I'm going next door now to offer a glass to my neighbor Matt that is a father and the husband of Katarina the Swedish lady I shared a glass with earlier. I think he deserves a glass, too. Cheers et merci et a la prochaine fois. Il faut qu'on se fais la connaisance de l'autre!   Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  6/16/2014

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