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Memory Lane Of Tuesday June 18th, 2013 ..Old store email ( 6/18/2013 ) on : 1) FORREST Pinot Noir NZ 2010, $26.99, MARQUES De Zanette Spanish Valencia red 2005, $19.99 OS, FLYING FISH ' Farm House ', BAAR HIIL Vermont Gin, CATOCTIN VA. Brandy, GREEN HAT Gin DC, RISCO Setubal Portuguese dry red 2009, $10.99 !

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We'RE GETTING READY FOR SUMMER / let's do it together, make the most of it! we'd
love to be a part of it with you! More time to simply " be ".

I am taking to heart the words of the singer/producer named usher on the popular
singing show last night called " The Voice ". He basically said of the remaining
contestants that they had already proved themselves and that he wanted them
including Michele his last-remaining team member " to Be ", and to enjoy the
moment, that they would probably revisit it many times later together.

That's some good advice and I do believe that she took it to heart, too as she
performed fabulously last night along with the other three contestants. You have
all worked hard and proven yourselves, too I am sure and can now hopefully take
a moment just " to be " and to enjoy the fruits of your labors?! One would hope
so, I would hope so, I see you come to the store having put in the many hours,
having traveled much, having met the crunch of a deadline, having worked through
the office politics and all the rest.

HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYED FATHER'S DAY! Mine was very special. We have some very
special things here for you all to enjoy now. You will have to come by and check
them out. I will mention some of them here as it has been a period of mad
activity here for us all as we have received some of the shipments of ale, beer,
ciders, liquor and wines that we have been waiting patiently for. NOW we can
finally talk about them with you and not bite our tongues with the excitement
over them. That's good : it's all good. It's good / it's actually grand for us "
to be " here for you with many suggestions.

ALE & BEER From Santos :

1) Hoppy Bock Lager from HOP KITCHEN ( On Special for $6.99 a 6.9 Alcohol
by volume, 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz Bottle, from NEW BELGIUM Brewing, Fort Collins, CO. ,
www.newbelgium.com ) : " Meet the first ... A German-style springtime lager
brewed with rye then loaded with Hallertauer. Perle and Fuggle hops for a spicy,
earthy aroma... medium body and a slightly sweet malt character perfect for ...
"  You get the picture? Good into the summer. too!

2) KALNAPILIS " Original " Lithuanian Lager Beer  ( On Special for $2.99, 1
Pt, .9 Fl. Oz, 5% Alcohol by volume, since 1902, ) : you all have to check this
out, not heavy for this hot weather! Cheers.

3) " Karma " from AVERY BREWING Co. , this " Limited Release "
Belgian-style Pale Ale ( On Special for 10.99 a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles, 5.4%
alcohol by volume, Boulder, Colorado, ) : " Good ale happens to good people ...
Inspired by the principle of Karma and the wonderful farmhouse and pale ales of
Belgium, we have created this bright and estery Belgium-style ale... Here's to
being good! " Cheers!

4) " Farm House " Summer Ale from FLYING FISH Brewing Company ( On Special
for $10.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 4.6% alcohol by volume, Somerdale , NJ,
www.flyingfish.com ) : " Farmhouse Summer Ale is a perfect complement to all
those great things we do while enjoying Daytime Savings Time."



1) " Cactus Juice " Margarita Liqueur from DEKUYPER ( $13.99 a liter, ) : "
Cactus Juice brings you the refreshing flavor of an authentic Mexican Margarita.
It's blended with Agave Tequila, the flavor is succulent orange & fresh-squeezed
lime, & the legendary DeKuyper quality to taste delicious. Come check into the
DESERT THRILLER MARGARITA on the back label. Cheers!

2) Virginia Brandy Hand-Crafted- Small Barrel CATOCTIN CREEK from Loudon
County ( $46.99, 40% alcohol by volume, Batch B12HI ), made by owners Becky and
Scott and taste here recently by Chad. Thanks Chad! " Each carefully crafted
batch is made from the finest Virginia wine grapes and distilled and bottled
entirely by hand. " Thanks, good luck with your new distillery, the photos look
amazing and we have shared them on our Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wines &
Spirits. Check it out, " like " us ...follow us when you can, become a part of
the Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits family .


1) Caledonia Spirits BARR HILL Gin, a Spirit of Vermont ( $44.99 a 750ml
bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, Hardwick, Vermont, 05843 802-472-8000 ,
www.caledoniaspirits.com ) : " The best fertilizer is always the footprint of
the farmer ". This Gin is made with Juniper and raw honey. Go to our Facebook
page to see the pictures : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits . Cheers. " This gin
is a celebration of our connection to the land. We use pure grain spirits as a
canvas to showcase juniper berry and raw northern honey."

2) Spring/ Summer 2013 GREENHAT Distilled Gin from Washington D.C. ( $34.99
, 45% alcohol by volume, www.greenhatgin.com ) " Every man has his vice... even
Congressmen. " We had one of the owners Saul Mutchnick here this past Saturday
in the store ( Sales Vice President ) here tasting the regular bottle. Saul said
that this SPRING/SUMMER 2013 was such a small batch that he could not sample it
out with our customers. The regular has been selling like " hot cakes " and so I
am sure we will sell this " new " seasonal-release well and taste it out with
you all as soon as we are able. People loved it : Saul sold it really well for
us. ALL GOOD. Cheers, thanks Saul.

WINE from Michel & Tony :


1) " Perle " LABASTIDE 2012, $10.99, dry white from France's southwest
region Gaiilac , 12% alcohol by volume ,  made from the Mauzac grape as I
recall, with some fizz like you get in a Portuguese Vinho Verde, and PERFECT FOR
this summer now starting officially this Friday, June 21st, and the humidity,
YEARS AGO back in the 1980's I drove myself to Gaillac to taste this "
Perle " with the owner and I was parched from my hot drive and asked for water
when I arrived. He was upset that I did not want his wine instead : all in good
time I replied! ENJOY.

2) " Gentiles " 2011 dry white Bordeaux from the CHATEAU CROIX des GENTILS
, $10.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, Pellegrue, Gironde, mis en bouteille par P.
Riviere : ALSO very refreshing and bright for our official summer this weekend!


1) " Chiaretto " Classico Veneto , Bardolino dry rose from MARCHESINI DOC
201 ( $13.99 , 12% alcohol by volume , Lazise ) blew Michel and me away the
other day for it's elegance, finesse and charm, brightness, conversation, happy
and lively demeanor and beautiful color, too. A win-wine-win situation through
and through until through and ready for more! Cheers.

2) GANETA bristling DRY, slightly sparkling Basque country Getariako
Txakolina rose ( $21.99, 11% alcohol by volume, Julian Ostolaza Manterola Y
Otra, C.B. , www.tradewindsSpecialty.com ) : Estebe, the owner of Tradewinds
Specialty was just here tasting this himself with our customers that loved it.
Very rare, only two producers of the rose, and Estebe got very little. We have
some bottles here now and may be able to get more? We will ask Estebe. Come and
get this " rare and wonderful " experience under your belts. AMAZING, so


1) Barbera Del Monferrato from Grazzano ( $8.99 , 13% alcohol by volume )
has been a favorite of ours and our customers now for years. It's back in stock
again having come back from Italy's Piemonte region where Mauro makes it for us
specially! You are the very best Mauro!

2) Tempranillo dry red from Spain's Valencia region , made by MARQUES
DeZENETTE, this 2012 , $8.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume ) : this is
quintessentially fine Spanish dry red wine, spicy, flavorful,
medium-to-light-bodied and delicious with food, this heat and even this
humidity. Chill 20-30 minutes and enjoy. Cheers.

3) 2010 CHATEAU CROIX Des GENTILS dry red Bordeaux blend ( $10.99 a bottle,
12.5% alcohol by volume ) is a pure delight to drink. It's also quintessential
GREAT VALUE/ inexpensive Bordeaux and why I fell in love with it years ago and
still love it when it tastes like this! WOW!!

4) 2009 Risco Vinho Regional Peninsula de Setubal, $10.99, 14% alcohol by
volume; so tasty and flavorful, balanced, a FINE FOOD dry red, great for when
you grill, chill slightly, and want to be outside! This is really very good and
so reasonably-priced : loved it immediately, yes!

5) Malbec- Syrah 2011 Valle de Uco Mendoza from PERLITA by Diam Andes,
$10.99, 14.5% alcohol by volume, www.diamandes.com : hearty, beefy, robust and
very flavorful with a smack and a splash of intense flavors that need some food
to flesh out their flavors.

6) Aglianico from ARCOS, this 2010 from Sicily, $10.99, 13.5% alcohol by
volume ) : again, really tasty and a very fine food wine and a fine, FINE VALUE,
too! What a treat! So many fine wines at such great values.

7) Chianti DOCG 2010 from the TENUTA La CIPRESSAIA , $14.99 that we tasted
here last Friday with Brigitte's help of Il Pioppo imports was showing
beautifully, medium-to-light-bodied, spicy, earthy, dusty-dry, with everything
in balance and calling out ever-so-gently for some food to accompany it on it's
journey to please us all. Tasty. Try some! The real taste, the classic flavors
of Chianti here inside this bottle/

8) HAUNER CARLO 2009 " Salina Rosso " from Sicily, $18.99, 13.5% alcohol by
volume, www.bacchanalwines.com , Santa Marina Salina ) is a hearty and
flavorful, spice and earth and dried grape delight red blend of Sicily's Nerello
Mascalese and Nero D'Avola grapes. Another fabulous food wine when you grill,
want to be outside, chill it 30 minutes, let it warm gradually, focus all it's
flavors and energize them ... and DELIGHT your palate with all it's history,
character, and experiences and overheard conversations/ actions in the
vineyards! Yes!

9) Pinot Noir 2010 from New Zealand's Marlborough region, this FORREST Kiwi
dry red, $26.99, 14% alcohol by volume, www.forrest.co.nz is the exact opposite
of the HAUNER : clean, fresh , bright, elegant, even quite delicate and refined.
A treat to enjoy with or without any food, also inside or outside, in the heat
and humidity, in the shade and even for awhile in the bright sunshine! Cheers,
thanks Eric Platt and owner Dr. John Forrest.

WEEKLY WEDNESDAY Non-Sparkling / Still Wine 3-Part SALE :

1) BUY ANY $20 Or More Still/No-Sparkling Wine and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker price.
2) BUY ANY 6 Or MORE Non-Sparkling Wines & SAVE 15% OFF the marked sticker
3) BUY ANY 12 Or MORE Bottles of Still/Non-Sparkling Wines & SAVE 20% OFF
the marked sticker prices.
IF YOU CANNOT come in person tomorrow CALL Michel or me ( Tony ) at :
202-363-4265, or respond to this store email with your orders, and we will take
care of them for you so that you may SAVE BIG with us here at CP WINES & SPIRITS
every Wednesday, rain or snow or cold or heat - always SAVE! Let us help you.

NEWS UPDATE , Happening Right Now :  Owner John Forrest of the FORREST WINERY in
New Zealand is here in town and will be here in the store to say " hello " with
importer Eric Platt. It's Dr. John Forrest! Have met John once before and
enjoyed it immensely! Cheers.


Friday, June 21st ( the FIRST OFFICIAL day of summer ), we have Theresa
Morrison here tasting her " new " California releases , her CHATEAU BIANCA
Willamette Valley Chardonnay 2008 On Special for $9.99 a bottle, her South
African wines from DE MEYE, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the dry Chenin Blanc, and
more. What fun! There's always something fun and exciting with John and Theresa
Morrison. JOIN US, NEVER any charge!

ALSO : Santos has orchestrated a SARANAC beer tasting of all their flavors
at the same time.

Saturday, June 22nd, 2010 ( 2-6PM ) : We have the owner himself of DLC :
DISTILLERY LANE CIDERWORKS here from Jefferson, Maryland, www.ciderapples.com to
pour some of all of his 4 dry apple ciders for us to taste and enjoy, including
one of the 4 that is sparkling. We have tried them all, most sell for under $20
a bottle and they are really refreshing, bright, tasty, distinct, filled with so
much personal taste and experience :  1) Celebration Cider Hard Cider, 2)
Kingston Black Hard Cider,  3) the Jefferson Hard Cider and one more : using the
apples of 1) St. Edmund's Russet, 2) Red Gravenstein, 3) Summer Rambo, 4)
Jefferts, 5) Ashmead's Kernel, 6) Freedom, 7) Liberty, 8) Roxbury Russet, 9)
Fortune, 10) Splendour, 11) Bramley's Seedling, 12) Goldrush, 13)  & Arkansas
Black and with alcohols usually at 7-8%. Join us here in the store, they are
located at : 5533 Gapland Road, Jefferson, MD 21755 , located just outside of
Burkittsville, MD.
JOIN US, meet the owner and taste, NEVER any charge. LEARN ABOUT the
wonderful world of local apple hard ciders.
ALSO : Gluten-Free!   Cheers ...

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but it is time to post this store email and
get it into your hands ASAP! Time for me to proof it now, thank you - THANK YOU!
- and push the SEND button here! Cheers, " Like " us and follow us on our
Facebook page at : Cleveland Park Wines and Spirits, follow us on Twitter at :
CPWINESPIRITS, WINEENABLER, and please do add comments and suggestions to help
us do our jobs better.

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