Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We Had A Glorious Memorial Day In 2014 : Now We Will Have An Equally Glorious One On May 26th, 2014! Cheer & Enjoy!!


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MEMORIAL DAY Just Around the Corner : Victoria Day ( Canada ) Just Passed :
lots to celebrate, anticipate, look forward to. Let's do some of it together as
we have the " liquid cheer " in spades to add. With the whole world exploding
with " new " ideas of how to change things up and celebrate and experiment :
well, it's an amazing time for us all and as I said last week it's hard to keep
up anymore as everything gets broadcast now pretty much as it is happening.

DO ANY OF YOU STILL REMEMBER the days when you had to wait for the mail to come
with the news, the boat to arrive within a week or two, the truck crossing the
country to take between a week or two, depending? I , for one used to like
those lag times to catch my breath. Today is is almost impossible to catch
one's breath. I catch mine in my car to and from work and home. As much as I
hate driving those are my " five minutes of peace " so to speak. Did any of you
read the story of Mrs Large the hippopotamus to your children when they were
growing up and all she wanted was " five minutes of peace"?!? I loved that
story, so did my wife. We may have loved it more than our children did because
we sure could relate to Mrs Large.

POOLS WILL OPEN and hopefully the sun will shine on Memorial Day Weekend for us
all and we have some wonderful wines to share with you, right off the bat like
the excellent dry white, slightly-sparkling , low alcohol ( 9% alcohol by
volume ) Portuguese Vinho Verde :

1) SANTOLA Vinho Verde from VINHOS MESSIAS ( $7.99, from Mealhada,
Portugal ) is a prefect hot-weather wine to enjoy this weekend and we will
order extra to be sure we do not run out. It is light and fresh enough, the "
bit " of sparkle is nice, too as that serves to refresh as well as add an
element of celebration to any event.


2) Spanish Tempranillo , the DOMAINE DE ADIRA from the Bodega DONA FELISA
( the famous grape variety from Spain , $9.99 for the 750ml, $14.99 for the
1.5ml bottle size )  is another perfect dry, smooth, silky red wine to enjoy
for Memorial Day Weekend! It may be chilled slightly and served with or without
a meal, inside or outside. It does not matter. It may also be served with food
or without. It will complement pretty much everything. It's so versatile and
that's what I love almost as much as the silky, lovely-textured taste and
mouth-feel. This is a pretty amazing Spanish red for the money and we are
delighted to offer it to you. There is no bite or burn, it's easy and will make
a GREAT SANGRIA, too. You simply must check this lovely Tempranillo out and see
what you all think.

3) 100% Dry French Loire Valley Chenin Blanc from the LE HAUT VIGNOT ,
2010 ( $9.99, appelation Anjou controlee, 11% alcohol by volume, for more info
go to : www.LVDH.com ) that Sam Gessner tasted with you all this past Saturday
would make a great , refreshing and flavorful dry white when you grill or eat
outside. It's got charm and flavor and good mineral overtones to keep everyone
skipping right along to the tune of it's special Chenin Blanc taste.

4) 100% Torrontes indigenous dry white, 2010 from CARELLI 34 Latitude from
south of the Tunuyan river in Mendoza, Argentina ( On Special for $9.99, 13%
alcohol by volume, for more info go to : www.bodegacarelli.com.ar ). White wine
that " presents a pale yellow colour with steely tones. It has a perfumed aroma
which highlights the expression of the varietal Torrontes ". I agree with this
and so am happy to include it. The Torrontes grape originally came from Spain
but this Torrontes has been cloned enough that it has an " extra special
something " in it's bouquet and flavors that is just that much more special,
out there and engaging. You need to try some : it will be great to drink into
the weekend nights as the sun's warmth leaves us but we still wish to be
outside relaxing and enjoying family and friends.

5) Garnacha ( same as Grenache, $13.99, 14% alcohol by volume, ) called ZA
ZA, this 2011 Spanish dry rose from the Campo de Borja region is both a perfect
party wine as well as one to complement a meal. Really dry with a distinct
strawberry and floral bouquet, and on the palate it's simply mouth-watering
with brilliant juicy fruit accents in the extroverted flavors that jump right
out of the wine glass and dance on your tongue. It's way worth the extra money.


6)  White Port from the Portuguese house BORGES ( never bought or
represented by the British like WARRES, TAYLOR-FLADGATE, FONSECA, and more ),
this white port ( $11.99, 19% alcohol by volume ) will be great this weekend
when you add some tonic or soda water to it and squeeze some fresh or lemon or
lime into it these weekend afternoons. When the sun leaves us in the evening
chill and serve it without adding anything. Both ways it is an absolute delight
and will please many of you.

7) Cabernet Sauvignon " Cherokee Lane " , 201 from California's Lodi
region and made by TORTOISE CREEK WINES ( $13.99, 13.9% alcohol by volume , for
more information go to : www.tortoisecreekwines.com ). This past Friday
Christina our local rep for Winesellers, Inc tasted it out with our customers
and it was a big hit for those of you looking for some " classically great "
California Cabernet Sauvignon that never loses track of the Cabernet fruit and
still has plenty of spice and flavor and character! It's a beautifully-balanced
wine and I liked it quite a bit and am thrilled to have it here in the store.
It's a great bottle when you grill or barbecue something.
ALSO :  " The Lodi Rules are California's first 3rd party certified
sustainable wine growing standards, designed to lead to measurable improvements
in environmental health of the surrounding ecosystem, society-at-large, and
wine quality ". WOW, LOVE this. Let's always do ALL THAT WE CAN for our
environment, our wines, our society. Bravo and cheers to the Lodi region of

8)  Bonarda 201 from Argentina's Mendoza region from ZUCCARDI ( $15.99,
14% alcohol by volume, ) this SERIE A is made in the Italian way from where it
originally comes. Argentina has always had a lot of this Italian grape variety
the Bonarda planted and here it is earthy, pithy, a touch rustic and very
flavorful with lots of " highs and lows " and some really distinct flavors that
spread wide and cry for a meal like the one we will all enjoy this Memorial Day
weekend. It's great when you grill, marinate and also barbecue. It's a
wonderful medium-bodied food wine at 14% alcohol by volume. The wine is tasty
and balanced and has a really nice finish, too.

BUT HEY, Let's Not Forget Our Beer & Liquor :


1) Verloren  " Gose " From SAMUEL ADAMS is Ale brewed with Coriander and
Salt ( On Special for $5.99, 6% alcohol by volume, 1 Pt. , 6 Fl. Oz., Batch #1
) : " A link to the ales of Saxony that had all but vanished ... with a base of
an unfiltered wheat ale ... flavor is brought to life by an unexpected touch of
salt for a mineral quality, and coriander for a peppery spice ". NEW!

2) Aloha Series from WAILUA, a Wheat Ale brewed with Passion Fruit from
the KONA Brewing Company ( $8.99 On Special for a 12-ounce 6-pack of bottles,
from Portsmouth, NH ) : " Wailua is Hawaiian for two fresh water streams
mingling. This was just the inspiration we needed for our Aloha series wheat
ale brewed with tropical passion fruit."


1) Unfiltered Pear Cider ( Cidery Reserve , On Special for $6.99, 22 Fl.
Oz., 6.5% alcohol by volume, from Minneapolis, MN., go to FOXBARREL.COM for
more info ), this FOX BARREL natural Ginger and Black Currant unfiltered Pear
Cider also has organic honey infused/blended into it. It's also GLUTEN-FREE.
Fun, new and exciting!

2) Unfiltered Pear Cider ( On Special for $6.99 a bottle, 6.5% alcohol by
volume, 22 Fl. Oz bottle, natural Rhubarb and Elderberry Cidery Reserve ,
FOXBARREL.COM ) is infused with organic Honey, just like the ginger and black
currant mentioned above. These two unfiltered Pear Ciders are " new and fun "
and we are really excited to have them here. Come and check them both out. They
are perfect to enjoy for this Memorial Day weekend.

HEY RAVI : What You Got For Us ?!?   LIQUOR/LIQUEUR :

1) The " New " Rose-Colored LILLET Aperitif from Podensac, Gironde, France
( $18.99 a 750ml bottle , 17% alcohol by volume, www.lillet.com ) : use it with
some club soda and lime while you go to there web site for more cocktail ideas.
It's also nice served on the ice with an orange peel or slice of lime. Cheers!
Since 1872.

2) Dirty Martini Mix from the SANTA BARBARA OLIVE CO. ( $7.99 for a 25.4
Fl. Oz - 750ml bottle - www.sbolive.com, 800-624-4896 ) is naturally low in
carbs. Refrigerate after using.

3) Anchovy Stuffed Olives ( On Special for $3.99 for  5 OZ. Bottle, ) FROM
THE SANTA BARBARA OLIVE CO. , www.sbolive.com for more info ) is one of the
many stuffed olives that we have from SANTA BARBARA.

4) Cinnamon Whisky ( whisky with natural cinnamon flavor ) from FIREBALL
is Red Hot!!!! ( $19.99 a 750ml bottle, 33% Alcohol by volume ) is from Canada.
It's hot and new and exciting and for more info go to : www.fireballwhisky.com.

5) Islay Dry Gin With 22 Native Botanicals, The BOTANIST ( $36.99, 750ml
bottle, distilled from 100% Grain Natural Spirits, 46% alcohol by volume,
www.bruichladdich.com, from Scotland ) is also brand new and we are thrilled to
have it here finally. You need to discover this gin.

6) Blended Scotch Whisky, this Finest De Luxe from BUCHANAN'S 12 Year-Old
( $38.99, 40% alcohol by volume, Scotland : Ravi tells me that we have a group
of customers that know it and swear by it. Do you know it? Created over 100
years ago by Sir James Buchanan. Try it on for size, fit and feel!

SPLURGE :Well-Worth It :

7) Sipping Tequila 100% Puro Agave Azul from CASA DRAGONES ( On Special
for $279.99, regularly $299.99 a 750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, Mexican,
go to : www.casadragones.com  for more information ) was tasted to me and
Robert about a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful.It's so elegant, so
smooth, so fine and so silky. This is really about as great as it ever gets and
when money is no object ...  and the pursuit of the ultimate taste and the
greatest joy and satisfaction - then this blue-sky-boxed CASA DRAGONES is the
very best you or any of us can do. Come and get some. We have already sold some
and are down to our last two bottles that will have and that will have to get
us through this Memorial day weekend.



Friday, May 25th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Stephane Defoe coming to pour
a selection of his own French wines here from Bordeaux and the Rhone Valley.
This will be fun. Many of you will recognize him as he has been coming here
since he represented PIERRE FERRAND French cognac. You can ask him questions
about that as well as about his wines. This will be fun. Eric and I sampled the
wines with him this past week and we really liked what we tasted. I think that
there is also some Loire Valley wine, too? A good Cabernet Franc? I think so :
something for everyone as we get ready to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend with
family and friends.

ALSO : SANTOS Has A NEW BELGIUM Beer ( ALL flavors ) Beer-Tasting set up
from 5-8PM.

ALSO-SQUARED : RAVI Has A BUSHMILLS Irish Whisky Tasting set up for the
same time.
THREE-TASTINGS-IN-ONE : come enjoy and taste and learn and meet some of
our other fun and exciting customers. Cheers, everyone always welcome.

Saturday, May 26th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Ernie of Monument Imports
coming here to taste a selection of his fine wines. We may focus on his
fabulous California portfolio as he has so many? We may pick a great red, a
great white, a great rose : all dry. We may also include a great sparkling wine
We will have it all set up tomorrow so if any of you want to know exactly what
we will taste please call and ask me, Tony at : 202-363-4265.

ALSO : SANTOS Has Arranged A DOGFISH HEAD Beer-Tasting for this time as
well from 3-6PM. Join us for any of these tastings. Everyone is always welcome,
never any charge. Bring family and friends and start celebrating Memorial Day
weekend early here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits! That will be nice to see
you all.

I AM SURE THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING and yet it's time to get this
email out to you all now as time is running out and I want to be sure that you
are all prepared and proactive for this weekend. Make some of your plans with
the help of this email, that's our intention and we hope that it does help. Let
us know what we may do to make this easier and more fun and more enriching for
you all? Give us a call at : 2020363-4265 if you have any questions or special
requests? Thanks again for everything and for believing in us. We appreciate
this more than you will ever know.  Cheers,   TONY

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