Saturday, May 24, 2014

To Be A Small Part Of Memorial Day Weekend, FRiday May 23rd, 2014 and Saturday May 254th, 2014 Here in Washington D.C. and Virginia ... How Special, Thanks To All You Vets! We All Thanks You!!

The thunder of motorcycles did roar, did escort me to and from work  yesterday : I followed a couple to work yesterday morning and crossed the Teddy Roosevelt bridge from Virginia to Washington D.C. and loved the sight crossing over the Potomac River with the sights all before me, the small American flag fluttering rapidly in the wind on the back seat of the motorcycle, the lady's blond hair blowing everywhere, too, the picture was perfect and I felt connected in a big way just then with that veteran in front of me with the gentle thunder of his Harley growling, letting everyone know it was very much there, alive and still able ... and I felt proud, I felt good, I felt connected as I said and as if it was an honor to be escorted like this, if only in my mind, into Washington to start Memorial Day weekend on a breezy, glorious May 23rd, 2014 morn ...    and then again later, at night, many vets escorted me home, all different , all roaring to some extent or another, all thundering to some level or another, in the dark , the lights, the flags ruffling and fluttering, all ages, some alone, some couples ... so many silent, untold stories wrapped up in each of them, so many experiences ... making me happy to see them here, to be gathered together like this, inspiring, really special, I felt to honored and special, glad to have been a slight part of all of this , happy to tell about it, to speak something for them, to recognize them, to say THANKS to them, for what they did for all of us, keeping us safe ,,, merci, gracias, grazie, obregado, ....   TONY 5/24/2014   on a glorious baby-blue skied morn with a breeze now and bright sunshine everywhere on Saturday ... come celebrate here with us, we have some great Spanish Cava open now from Fernando and Estebe of Tradewinds Specialty Imports for you all to taste, and just sold a bottle of the MAWBY Michigan sparkling wine to a young lady that had been on a run and thrilled to see it here! Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn

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