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Happy Mothers' Day To All FABulous and Wonderful & Superb & Loving Mothers! Anthony Quinn's 2-Year Old May 2012 Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits' Store Weekly Tuesday Email!

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DON'T FORGET : Mother's Day is right around the corner and we have the store
filled with many gift " ideas " for you all. That's such a special day and so
we have some lovely liquid libations to consider when adding to your chocolates
and other sweets, flowers, clothes, shoes, whatever. We even have some
excellent California olive oil made with three Spanish olives by our very own
Cleveland Park resident, neighbor and friend, Bill Sanders.

Bill's FIRST FRESH Extra Virgin olive oil ( $18.99, 500ml bottle ) has also
sold-out once a couple of months ago when Bill with Jody Jackman sold out
everything here in the store. Luckily it is back once again in time for
Mother's Day. We also have some of Bailey Kasten's lovely D.C.-made chocolates
up at our register that start at $9.99 and go to $14.99.
CLOUDY TODAY and yet what promise of sunshine and so many warm-weather beers,
liquors and wines. The possibilities seem endless today as there is now French
Cotton Candy-flavored vodka, watermellon vodka, too just to name a few. I for
got to mention the " new " smoked salmon vodka we just tried from Alaska. In my
hands I have a bottle of the " new " SMIRNOFF " Fluffed " Marshmallow-flavored
vodka, triple distilled, filtered ten times, www.smirnoff.com, $13.99 ). The
sky's the limit it seems as everyone is mixing and trying about everything
imaginable here on earth!

THE ARTICLE in the Washington Post last Wednesday by Dave McIntyre spoke of and
quoted Randal Grahm of the BONNY DOON California winery as he lists now on his
bottles all that he adds and that are included with the grape to make wine
today. Everyone interested in having and real inkling of what they are drinking
should get a copy of that article or search for it online ( Wed. May 2nd, 2012
) and read it. We have a copy here and will be happy to share it with you. We
might even post a copy here in the store. It's quite shocking.

OUR JAQK CELLARS wine-tasting this past Friday, May 4th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) with
David Dees ( one of the three owners , that signed many bottles ) was a grand
success. The eight wines , mostly from Napa, California really showed well. I
was impressed and I am often quite hard on California wines. I was happy to say
that I found all the wines to be balanced and fruit-forward and really quite
special. As is always the case some more special for me than others. It was fun
to see the customers reactions. It was our biggest tasting ever and about half
of the people here were new to us, many from the Junior League from all that I
could gather.

WE SOLD A LOT Of JAQK CELLARS and still have lots here for you all to take
advantage of. I asked David to sign some of the bottles so some are still
signed and here for gifts like Mother's Day that is Sunday, May 13th, 2012 just
in case any of you need reminding of that. I will include some descriptions
here of the wines as we go along.


1) " Old Chub " - It's like Sputnik, Scotch Ale, Brewed & Canned by OSKAR
BLUES Brewery, LLC ( $9.49 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, www.oskarblues.com,
colorado, USA ) is " a virtual planetoid ". Sounds spacial, sounds inviting,
love the deep green and silver colors in the cans!      2) " Mana Wheat " by
MAUI Brewing Co. ( On Special for $14.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, 5.5%
alcohol by volume handcrafted ales and lagers brewed with Aloha in Lahaina,
Hawaii, www.mauibrewingco.com ) : " Cans are lighter, chill quicker, and can be
enjoyed on beaches and in sensitive environments. Aluminum is the most recycled
and most eco-friendly material ". Try this American wheat ale brewed with
malted barley, local Maui gold pineapple. Cheers.
3) " Big Swell IPA " from the MAUI BREWING Co., Maui's truly local brew (
On Special for $14.49 a 6-pack of 12 ounce cans, 6.8% alcohol by volume,
www.mauibrewingco.com ) : " Big, Hoppy, Bold, Smooth and Hoppy ... did we
mention Hoppy? ... brewed with huge amounts of American Hops and Malted Barley
... dry-hopped to malted to perfection! "


1) Comandon Cognac VS Since 1821 ( On Special for $19.99 ) flew out the
door a couple of months ago and we are thrilled to have some back as it was
such a great success. It's packaged in cork wrapping paper and looks great for
a gift for Mother's Day.

2) CRAGGANMORE 12 Year-Old Scotch Whisky Single Speyside Malt ( On Special
for $49.99 , 40% alcohol by volume, from Banfshire, Scotland ) is a great
classic and we just want to remind you all of this fact. It's been around a
long time and deserves to be tried once again as if for " the very first time

3) KRAHN Gin ( $32.99, 100% neutral grain spirits, product of USA,
www.dhkrahn.com ) is distilled by DH Krahn Spirits in Mountain View, California
and is really  " new and exciting "!
4) Pina Colada from the SKINNY GIRL ( On Special for $12.99, 19.9 Proof,
750ml, ) is made with rum, liqueur and natural flavor. It's one of the very new
" hot " SKINNY GIRL drinks available recently to us. Sold like hot cakes this
weekend. Come and get some while we still have it. Cheers.

WINES From Tony :


1) " Charmed " Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2010 from JAQK CELLARS (
$29.99, www.jaqkcellars.com,  13.9% alcohol by volume ) was tasted here this
past Friday night and everyone loved the " touch " of oak that it received to
give it just a hint and a kiss of extra body and flesh and flavor. It's pretty
lovely with or without food and the label cries " fun and excitement ". It's a
great pleasure any way you cut it.

2) Sauvignon Blanc 2010 from New Zealand's Marlborough region from MOHUA (
$15.99, www.vineyardbrands.com, 13% alcohol by volume ) is based around both
style and fruit freshness. I get guava and lime in the bouquet and that's on
top of both nectarine and grapefruit on the palate. Wow, now that's exciting!

3) " Ship Of Fools " 2010 white blend combining the " Pinot Family " of
grapes from the OLD MISSION PENINSULA  ( $18.99 , Michigan, www.cgtwines.com,
231-223-7355 ) is a blend of 50% Pinot Blanc, 45% Pinot Gris and 5% Pinot Noir.
This is a fabulous dry, crisp white : Blanc for finesse, Gris for structure and
Noir for bouquet and ageability! Cheers.


4) " Dry French Rose " Tradition De Campuget " 2011 from the CHATEAU De
CAMPUGET, Costieres de Nimes, estate-bottled ( $12.99, proprietors and
harvesters, www.dreyfusashby.com ) is a clean, crisp, almost tart blend and
taste of 30% Grenache and 70% Syrah. We just opened it a couple of weekend's
ago and it showed really well. It's a lovely treat to enjoy with a warm weather
meal like this Mother's Day?!? Great when you sip and you grill and you chat
and bavarder avec tout le monde!

5) " Les Cigales " 2011 DOMAINE De MOULINES ( $10.99, from the Pays
D'Herault in the southwest of France, 12.5% alcohol by volume in Mudaison ) is
another perfect dry , medium-to-light-bodied rose to enjoy when you are outside
with family and friends gathered around a meal. Mother's Day calls out for this
excellent dry rose as it goes with almost everything.

6) Vinho Verde dry, slightly-sparkling, low-alcohol Portuguese rose from
LAS LILAS ( $9.99 , 10% alcohol by volume, www.theartisancollection.us ) is
perfect for this warmer, more humid weather - especially when the sun comes out
and starts to bake us all. It also goes with most meals - so versatile in it's
many applications! Cheers. I will ask Chris Bartha to pour it this Saturday
here when we taste some of his excellent dry roses with you all.

7 ) Vinho Verde Dry Portuguese rose from GATAO ( $8.99, 10,5% alcohol by
volume ) is another slightly-sparkling, low-alcohol that's perfect for the
weather we are about to have descend upon us and stay with us for quite awhile.
Cheers. Danielle tasted it all with you recently here one weekend.

8) Shiraz-Viognier 2010 DOMAINE TERLATO & CHAPOUTIER from Australia's
Victoria region ( $21.99 ) combines real talent of France and California and
puts it in Australia copying the northern French Rhone style of dry reds really
well. Quite accomplished, really a finely-flavored and well-balanced wine. I
like it a whole lot! 14% alcohol by volume, 95% Shiraz and 5% Viognier :
classic dry French pepper and spice style that's great to enjoy with a meal.

9) " Bone Dance " 2007 Napa Valley Merlot from JAQK CELLARS ( $28.99,
www.jaqkcellars.com, 14.5% alcohol by volume ) is elegant, polished and quite
beautifully-balanced. It's got flesh, flavor, spice -body and lots of flavor.
Nothing bland here : it shines and will shine even more with a good meal. it's
also from a really good vintage in California : love the wines of 2007! Cheers.
10) " Marquis de Lafayette " Virginia 2008 dry red Cabernet Franc ( $21.99,
13.8% alcohol by volume, www.breauxvineyards.com , Purcerville, Virginia ) is a
hearty, beefy and very flavorful, very appealing dry red to enjoy from the
BREAUX Vineyards. It's a favorite of our customers. All we have to do is taste
it out and bottles are bought and enjoyed at home soon afterward! Cheers.


11) " G " Sake Junmai Ginjo Genshu handcrafted " Joy " Sake ( $22.99,
www.sakeone.com ) has done really well for us here in Cleveland Park ). It's an
undiluted style of sake!


FRIDAY, May 11th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : Ryan, the owner of International
Cellars Imports will be here himself tasting a selection of his wines which
will include some SEAN MINOR California wines. NEVER any charge, please join
us. We will have fun as usual and teach you something or more along the way.

SATURDAY, May 12th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : Chris Bartha of Cobblestone Cellars
will be here to taste a really fine array of his dry roses from around the
world. Join us, never any charge.

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS and yet it's time to post this email
so that you may all read it in a more leisurely style. Thanks for everything,
we appreciate it. We just heard earlier today that the benefit that the City
Fitness Center just did here a block away ( and that we helped with ) raised a
good amount of money and that everyone in the neighborhood pitched in to make
it the success that it was. Love that, it's great to hear. We all have to stick

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Cheers and thanks again for everything.   TONY

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