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Happy Memorial Day Weekend May 26th, 2014 : Come Meet & Taste With BEAULIEU'S Winemaker Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 From 5-8PM No Charge, Everyone Welcome, BV Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon, Carneros Chardonnay and Carneros Pinot Noir, Too!


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TIME TO MOVE ALONG, I'm not pessimistic, I'm an optimist. I always try and see
the bright side of every situation and Cleveland Park is still very much a place
to be and quite the vibrant neighborhood. Simple as that, enough said. We just
need to make th rents paid here more reasonable and more businesses can afford
to be and to stay here and not move to other more affordable neighborhoods.

GREECE IS IN THE AIR, and it's beautiful here today as you can all see. Last
night we did a really fun and successful evening of fine Greek food and wine at
Mourayo restaurant down by Dupont Circle. I was thrilled to be there with Nassos
, Iason and Sotiris Bafitis and to finally know what our customer Joan has been
talking about to me for years now.

I GOT TO SIT WITH both Laura and with Raymond last night at this excellent
dinner. What a treat that was. Laura said when I was introduced : " I know you
Tony and have shopped at your store many times before." When Raymond sat down he
siad : " I want to ask you some questions. " One was about how business was
going? Raymond also said : " You're the one that writes the store emails that we
get still and read where you talk about the neighborhood and driving to work? "
I smiled and said : " Yes, I like to talk about those things as they are all a
part of the beer, food , liquor and wine experiences that we enjoy. " We had a
really nice conversation that unfolded slowly and cheerily. Thanks Laura and
Raymond, I look forward to seeing you soon when you pick up your orders from
last night's dinner.

AS I GOT UP TO MEET the various people at Mourayo's dinner last night I got to
the table with four gentlemen and they asked me how I was? I said I was a bit
sad that one of the people that I knew and that worked at Mourayo was not there
last night. They told me that they had been dining at Mourayo now for years.
When they heard what I had just said they said immediately : " Who?!? " I
responded : " her name is Joan. " Chip and Jaime immediately said : " We know
Joan! " They both said that she had waited on them many times and they wrote a
short note for me to give Joan : " Hi, Joan! Chip & Jaime say hello! " Nice, I
like that, I will give this to Joan when I see her next.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that any of you looking for good Greek food and wine served
in a nice setting with excellent service go by and dine there. Say that I
recommended the restaurant and ask to speak to Nassos that works there and will
take really good care of you while you are there.

LARRY Another Diner last night at Mourayo asked me from Greece's version of
grappa? I said that I did not know it and that I did not believe we had sold it
yet? Sotiris told me that Dionysos imports should have some for us to buy so I
will talk to our sales rep Danielle about it when she returns my call today.
Larry wants some, probably some of our other customers would want some if they
saw it on our shelves? I think so, that's usually how that works. More on that
once I hear anything.

SO : We have Memorial Day weekend upon us as well as Father's Day coming up on
June 15th! Lots to be aware of, and lots to plan for. What do you all have in
mind? Busy and exciting times. We have lots of everything for this weekend's
barbecues, grills, outdoor events here and at any lake or at the beach? We are
ready with suggestions that also include some of the finest apple ciders from
all over the world which includes now Spain that Santos just brought to the
store a couple of months ago.

Memorial Day Weekend Here We Come!

chicken, lamb and pork - salmon, rainbow trout, mussels and fresh oysters ...
ahhhhh, the warmth and the bright sunshine and the cooling breeze and the
sailing and hiking and mountain-climbing, the drifting on a paddle boat around
the Tidal Basin, hand-gliding, wind-surfing, sipping the lightest to the
strongest brews with alcohols starting at around 5% and going way above 10%?!?
Ahhhh, the good life with  some time to enjoy those moments when not working and
being with those you love. Nothing better.

ALE, BEER & CIDER from Santos :

1) Strawberry Schwarzcake from the WILD WOLF Brewing Company ( $7.99 a 1
Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, from Nellyford, VA. 22958 ) : a German style black lager
brewed with strawberries  : just looks like fun, inviting and tasty for a grill
or barbecue.

2) Spring Fling Ale Copper Ale from BLUE POINT Brewing Company ( $11.99 a
6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, Long Island, www.bluepointbrewing.com ) : what fun
for this ever-changing spring of ours. We are in full swing, full spring,
springing merrily along ...

Great to have these cans when outside with family ...

BEER IN CANS : easy, lighter, no glass to accidentally break :

3)   3 From SLYFOX :

A) " Odyssey " Imperial IPA India Pale Ale from SLY FOX ( On Special for $12.99
a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, Pottstown, PA. www.slyfoxbeer.com , 8.4% alcohol by
volume ) : going really strong since 2007 ...

B)  " Phoenix " Pale Ale Craft-Brewed In Pennsylvania from SLYFOX ( On Special
for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, 5.1% alcohol by volume ... bold American
Pale Ale  ) : Just waiting for you to pop a top and enjoy ... fun labels, too -
so much imagination. Gotta love and applaud that, I certainly do.

C) " Helles " Golden Lager ( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans,
4.9% alcohol by volume ) : " This German-style lager is a perennial favorite in
the Sly Fox pubs ... "

LIQUOR. LIQUEUR From Malkit & Jagir :

1) Imported Vodka CARDINAL Triple Distilled ( $24.99 a 750ml bottle, 40%
alcohol by volume, fromSchiedam, Holland ) : distilled product of superior
quality ... something really new and exciting!

2) Small Batch BERNHEIM Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey ( $32.99 a
750ml bottle, 45% alcohol by volume, www.bernheimwheatwhiskey.com ) : " Bernheim
is the only type of straight whiskey which uses soft winter wheat. ... The
result is a full-bodied, sweet, yet smooth whiskey that is produced in small
batches and aged to perfection in traditional open rick warehouses." Sweet!
Great to celebrate with ...

3) " Ruby Red " from DEEP EDDY Grapefruit flavored vodka  handcrafted in
Austin, Texas using real grapefruit and distilled 10 times! On Special for
$14.99 a bottle, 35% alcohol by volume ,,, beautiful color, too.


1) Liqueur D'Orange CLEMENT " Creole Shrubb " from Martinique ( $29.99 a
750ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume ) : " A vibrant orange liqueur produced
according to a historic Creole recipe dating back several hundred years. Creole
Shrubb is a blend of white rum and aged rum infused with bitter orange peels and
Creole spices that have been slowly brewed together and macerated with pure
sugarcane syrup in oak casks."  Great to sip at the end of the day that will
warm and help you to tell your wonderful stories and anecdotes, too ...

1) Blood Orange Bitters : blood orange juice cocktail mix from concentrate
by STIRRINGS , $5.99 a 355ml bottle, kosher, non-alcoholic, ... fill the glass
with 4 fluid ounces chilled sparkling wine ... nice!


1) Original Strong Tonic - Extraordinary Tonic syrup , $15.99 a 12.7Fl. Oz
bottle, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, go to : www.strongtonic.com for more info.
" Our syrups allow you to control the sweetness of a cocktail to your choosing."
Great idea.


1) Pinot Noir from SOLI, was $12.99 : this is classic, traditional,
old-style Pinot Noir that  is 100% Pinot Noir, the 2008 is mature and flavorful
and really showing well now. Ernie, if you have not tried this yet you should!

2) Rosado D.O. Manchuela Spain, this deep colored, richly-flavored and
silky-to-the-mouth-textured dry rose On Special for $8.99 a bottle, 12% alcohol
by volume, from VITIVINOS and made from the red grape Bobal is a pure delight.
Was enjoying some at home this weekend with my family and highly recommend it.
Cheers. Perfect for Memorial Day weekend!

3) Pinot Grigio dry Italian white from ANZIANO , $9.99 a 750ml bottle, 12%
alcohol by volume : I liked it a lot, I told John our rep that I liked it, that
he had a sale, and we bought extra again that was delivered today is it is
selling so well with a fun label, too! Recommended as well, perfect for sipping
outside on Memorial Day weekend.

4) A Dry Red Bobal from Manchuela, Spain, this 2012 CLOS LOJEN, $16.99 a
750ml bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, red that we tasted here with Amy
Troutmiller of her own company Diamond District wines is drinking beautifully
now - so smooth and full and rich and velvety and another GREAT MEDIUM-BODIED
smooth silky red to enjoy sipping and drinking with your meal this weekend
whether indoors or outdoors. Chill slightly, be amazed!! Cheers.

5) " Violes Velles " 2013 Dry Spanish rose from SIOS is a dry blend of 85%
Syrah and 15% Garnacha from Spain's Costers Del Segre region. Selling for $19.99
a bottle, 13.5% alcohol by volume, this deep-fleshed-toned-skinned rose is an
elegant expression of the Syrah grapes and lovely to enjoy with a grill, a
barbecue, a picnic, some smoked meats and fish, wild salmon ... lovely. Cheers.
John tasted it here two weekend's ago and people really liked the mouth-feel/the
fuller texture on the palate.

6) " Oenos " which means wine in Greek, this dry red 2011 from NAOUSSA,
$23.99, 14% alcohol by volume, made from 100% Xinomavro grapes that are
indigenous to Greece, showed FABulously, WONERfully, SILKily, last night at
Mourayo! What a wonderful treat, what a smooth dry red to enjoy with or without
a meal. We had it last night with a lamb stew with Orzo and it flattered so well
the thicker, denser taste of the lamb in it's rich sauce, giving clarity and
helping to make even better the lamb dish that was heavy and needed the wine to
make it less so! Great combination.

7) Cremant De Loire , this CHATEAU PIEGUE, On Special for $19.99, 13%
alcohol by volume, is made from a blend of 50% Chardonnay, 40% Chenin Blanc and
10% Cabernet Franc and I LOVE it each time that I sip it. Highly recommended for
it's crispness, liveliness and overall chilling freshness, too! Great for this
Memorial Day weekend if things are hot.


1) 4 Wines from Bulgaria TONIGHT from Parallel 43 Selections with Rhys
Davies tasting the Dreamy Wendy Muskat 2012 white, the Curly Rosie rose Cabernet
Sauvignon 2012  and the Curly Rosie Mavrud 2012  rose, and the Pamid 2011
Rainbow Rubie red : ALL selling for $8.99 a bottle. What fun. REALLY ' New &
Exciting ' wines!

2) THURSDAY, May 22nd, 2014  : working on a possible BEAULIEU BV California
wine-tasting from 5-8PM with BV's winemaker Domenica Totty ( her team brings
together 44 years of collective wine-making experience - from Calistoga in the
north to Carneros in the south, using so many innovations to make fine Carneros
Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and Rutherford Bench famous Cabernet Sauvignon ' dust
- pixie dust magic?!? ' - with cold soaking, whole-cluster pressing, whole-berry
fermentation, hand-sorting ( is that also hand-wringing and hand-shaking ?!? ),
and barrel-fermentation - to bring us all the best, since 1900, too! ) to taste
the three mentioned as well as possibly the 2010 Georges De Latour Cabernet
Sauvignon. We have to see if we can work out the details? So call for an update
at : 202-363-4265? We hope that at the very least that Domenica Totty will stop
by and say " hello " on Thursday even if we cannot work out the details for an
in-store wine-tasting? Let's see what happens. Cheers. Never any charge, join
us, everyone always welcome. JUST WORKED IT ALL OUT, we are on for this
wine-tasting and that's exciting news! JOIN US and Domenica, what a thrill this
all will be.

3) Friday, May 23rd, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Fernando Valenti with
Tradewinds Specialty Imports here tasting 4 FABulous Spanish wines : 1)
ROSSIGNOL Cava sparkling brut,  2) Gran Cardiel 2011, $14.99 dry white blend of
Verdejo and Viura, ... 3) the FINCA stainless-steel 2012  Chardonnay, $10.99
that we love so much as well as the ... 4) FINCA dry red Tempranillo, $10.99
that is equally dry and smooth, silky and all-purpose to enjoy this Memorial Day

4) Saturday, May 24th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Regis Scheithauer here to
taste an assortment of his excellent Californian,  Italian, Oregon and French
wines here that will be a great lead-in for Memorial Day weekend and our
Big-Theme Sparkling Wine-Tasting on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 from 5-8PM.

JOIN US : ALL wine-tastings are free and everyone is always welcome.

I KNOW THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN to say many things and yet I am out of time and
must post this now. LIKE us on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits,
FOLLOW us Twitter at : cpwinespirits as well as at : wineenabler. Thanks a
million for everything.

KEEP BELEIVIN' in Cleveland Park : we have a great neighborhood, great stores,
great people living here, the Uptown Theater and The National Zoo, and so many
other wonderful things, too! Cheers,  TONY

SAVE TONIGHT & TOMORROW : TUESDAYS : 1) BUY ANY sparkling wine bottle over $20 a
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INCLUDED are Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala and Sake.
MIX THINGS UP. Have fun, get more of what you want this way. spread out
your experiences, too.


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