Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reconnecting With The RIDGE VINEYARDS Through The 1980 Vintage Of GEYSERVILLE Zinfandel That Our Family Friend Harry Brought Back From His Visit To The Vineyard Six Or So Years Ago : Still Shining & Drinking Brightly! Thanks Harry!

THE LAST BOTTLE of RIDGE wine that I had was a low-fill bottle of 1980 Zinfandel
that our good friend Harry had brought back for me after visiting the winery
with a group of business associates. I shared it with Harry and his family at a
Thanksgiving celebration that we were invited to that included a lot of his
THE 1980 RIDGE Zinfandel was a touch faded, and yet it was magnificent as it
slowly climbed out of the bottle and over the rim of my glass. I was amazed and
impressed both. What a complex medley of earthy, peppery, spicy, leather and tar
and olive accents. All the fruit was so well enveloped by a sweet and rich oak :
both fruit and oak mellowed and living still in such harmony. This was pretty
amazing! It was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all.   Thanks Harry!   Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn In my Cleveland Park Wine & Spirits weekely Tuesday store email yesterday,4/15/2014  Cheers, TONY

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