Saturday, April 12, 2014

Reconnecting Last Night, Friday April 11th, 2014 With CHATEAU JULIEN Chardoonay That's Both Oaky 'N Buttery & Great Value, Too! Bravo!!

By the way, Olivia bought the CHATEAU JULIEN Chardonnay and she and Karen enjoyed it thoroughly later last night. I know because they sent me this picture I took using Olivia's phone and they mentioned enjoying the CHATEAU JULIEN when they did! Cheers, happy Saturday everyone, it's nice here now in northern Virginia at my home as I get ready for work selling more CHATEAU JULIEN Moneterey County Chardonnay to our Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits customers, along with the Merlot, too that we carry : both of which have sold very well at the store for five or more years, ever since Delores a regular and fine customer asked if we could get any for her, that she had enjoyed it in a restaurant and wanted some for home? We did get it, and as this picture and the following entry I put onto our Facebook page - please LIKE us as we have Liked you - attests! Sun's out, the birds are chirping, the red Cardinal birds outside look magnificent in their deep, rich reds ... grand feeling, grand time ...

Last night was great at Cleveland Park Wines with people like Olivia and Karen and Jody Jackman pouring some fine wines from her Winebow portfolio and making this man laugh so contentedly! What fun! Thanks Jody, the CHATEAU JULIEN Monterey County Chardonnay that was buttery and oaky sure was a great treat On Special at only $9.99 a bottle, that will become a regular as so many of our customers still want that oak with butter taste! Cheers, 4/12/2014 Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn

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