Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reconnecting Just A Few Minutes Ago With The BOXWOOD Winery In Middleburg, Virginia When I Got A Call From Wendy This Tuesday Rainy Morning Here In Cleveland Park, Washington D.C., 20008, @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits Where I Manage The Wine Department : Nice.

" I'm looking for a particular red? Do you sell BOXWOOD? " asks Wendy. " Yes! " I respond immediately . " I've called five other s and you're the only one, you're number six on the web site . No one carries it anymore. " " That's our gain and their loss! " " oh wonderful ... " responds Wendy. " Which one do you want? " I ask. " The BOXWOOD. " I told her that they make three reds and one dry rose and that I would see what I have for her. It was the 2009 BOXWOOD, $29.99 a bottle.  She was thrilled explaining to me that she had gone to the BOXWOOD web page and that we were #6 listed that carried it, that we were the only one to have any as she called down the list. Wendy told me also that she's a real estate agent and that some did her a huge favor and that person LOVES BOXWOOD, and usually drives down to the vineyard to buy it. I explained that I know Rachel Martin and that I have carried it now for quite some time as I believe in what BOXWOOD is doing with their wines and will continue to carry them. I also explained that Wendy will be giving the very best that BOXWOOD Vineyards' makes , and that it has the bottle-age that the wine needs as they are designed to age gracefully and not be drunk immediately upon release, much like a fine Bordeaux wine that is their inspiration. Everyone wins! Cheers Wendy, cheers, BOXWOOD, cheers Rachel, and cheers CP Wine & Spirits, too. Have a great Tuesday Wendy, see you later. Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  4/15/2014

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