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Anthony Quinn's Store Email Of4/15/2014 On : DEMARIE Arneis, GIACOMO FENOCCHIO Arneis, CHATEAU BIANCA Pinot Noir, RIDGE Vineyards 1980-1985 Zinfandel, GOUGUENHEIM Wine, Patricio Gouguenheim, Kopper Kettle, VA. HAYMANS Old Tom Gin, DEKUYPER Papaya LEGEND Brewing, J.P. CHENET French Wines , VICTORY Brewing, Brooklyn Ale & More! ENJOY!!

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TODAY'S STORE EMAIL is about the celebration of being alive and here and in '
the now ', being present, contributing, enjoyment and feeling good about

I JUST HAD a tremendous story with Wendy over the BOXWOOD WINERY wines in
Middleburg, Virginia. I have just copied and pasted this from what I wrote
earlier and posted on our Facebook page. Have you LIKED us on Facebook yet? You
should, that's where I share daily whatever is going on here. It's a good way to
keep up with us as we speed along trying ourselves to keep up with everything
that is happening all the time around us. No easy task.

" I'm looking for a particular red? Do you sell BOXWOOD? " asks Wendy. " Yes! "
I respond immediately . " I've called five other s and you're the only one,
you're number six on the web site . No one carries it anymore. " " That's our
gain and their loss! " " oh wonderful ... " responds Wendy. " Which one do you
want? " I ask. " The BOXWOOD. " I told her that they make three reds and one dry
rose and that I would see what I have for her. It was the 2009 BOXWOOD, $29.99 a
bottle. She was thrilled explaining to me that she had gone to the BOXWOOD web
page and that we were #6 listed that carried it, that we were the only one to
have any as she called down the list. Wendy told me also that she's a real
estate agent and that some did her a huge favor and that person LOVES BOXWOOD,
and usually drives down to the vineyard to buy it. I explained that I know
Rachel Martin and that I have carried it now for quite some time as I believe in
what BOXWOOD is doing with their wines and will continue to carry them. I also
explained that Wendy will be giving the very best that BOXWOOD Vineyards' makes
, and that it has the bottle-age that the wine needs as they are designed to age
gracefully and not be drunk immediately upon release, much like a fine Bordeaux
wine that is their inspiration. Everyone wins! Cheers Wendy, cheers, BOXWOOD,
cheers Rachel, and cheers CP Wine & Spirits, too. Have a great Tuesday Wendy,
see you later. Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 4/15/2014

JUST ARRIVED!! @RachelMartin having a loving moment with our Baby Sauvignon
Blanc vines. WERE SO EXCITED!! Josh hopes to begin planting at the end of the
#boxwoodwinery #vawine #sauvignonblanc Virginia is for Lovers — with Rachel

A COUPLE OF WEEKENDS AGO our good friend and old customer Marco came to see us
here with his son. They were visiting from Florida and they were here on both
business and pleasure and it was great to see them. Marco was all worried that
his son would break a bottle, I was not worried at all.

MARCO HAD RECENTLY DISCOVERED the Chenin Blanc wines of South Africa and he
bought a bottle of the DE MEYE Stellenbosch 2013 dry white, $11.99, 12.5%
alcohol by volume, go to : for more info. He invited my wife
and I to join them for dinner later that night as we are all old friends. After
talking with my wife we heartily accepted their invitation.

IT WAS DARK and we did not know the way later that evening as we drove to
Reston, VA. and finally found their town house. It was well-worth our efforts,
we had a grand time. Always good to see old friends and reconnect.

MARCO GRILLED some delicious steak and served it up piping-hot with a grand
green garden salad, and a savory rice dish, too. I opened a bottle of RIDGE 1985
Lytton Springs Zinfandel that was a blend of grapes. I have had the bottle a
long time. Either my father brought it to me from California when he visited, or
I bought it. The price on the bottle was $9.95 a bottle: a small rectangular
white strip with the price marked simply in black ink.

I HAD NO IDEA what we would discover when we sampled the RIDGE Lytton Springs
1985 Zinfandel. It was a crap-shoot, you simply do not know?!? I was hopeful, I
was silently praying, I wanted it to be good, not old and tired and faded. The
cork came out all in one piece, that was a good sign.

THE LAST BOTTLE of RIDGE wine that I had was a low-fill bottle of 1980 Zinfandel
that our good friend Harry had brought back for me after visiting the winery
with a group of business associates. I shared it with Harry and his family at a
Thanksgiving celebration that we were invited to that included a lot of his

THE 1980 RIDGE Zinfandel was a touch faded, and yet it was magnificent as it
slowly climbed out of the bottle and over the rim of my glass. I was amazed and
impressed both. What a complex medley of earthy, peppery, spicy, leather and tar
and olive accents. All the fruit was so well enveloped by a sweet and rich oak :
both fruit and oak mellowed and living still in such harmony. This was pretty
amazing! It was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all. Thanks Harry!

THE 1985 RIDGE " Lytton Springs " Zinfandel was bright and radiant and fresh and
alive and cheerful and silky an red-berry-toasty-berry-cherry-flavored : simply
amazing! Who would have even thunk this possible, believed it to be so?!? It
tasted like it had been bottled for only a few years and not 29 years! Wow, this
blew me - us all away. It , too was thoroughly enjoyed by us and it went great
with the meal.

I SAVORED EVERY bite, every sip, and I could not have imagined a better time to
enjoy it. Made me think of my father and our visit so many years ago to RIDGE
way up at the top of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It's pretty impressive that view
along with the wines and the winery staff, too.

THIS IS ALL GREAT , but a bit of a ' tease ', I know. SO : we have the ...

RIDGE 2011 Paso Robles 100% Zinfandel from the Benito Dusi Ranch for you at
$35.99 a bottle, 14.5% alcohol by volume to enjoy if you are RIDGE fans! It's
young but delicious, balanced and quite a treat as well. Great with a meal as
well, anytime you grill outside, meats or vegetables, whatever - a delight, also
with cheese, pates, terrines, sausages ...  ENJOY!

JUST GOES TO SHOW that things can age gracefully and still be really impressive,
wines and people and more ... still alive, still kicking, still enjoying.

ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS , Greg that we have know now it seems forever came to the
store on Saturday and I saw him back here pondering the wines.

TURNS OUT GREG was about to celebrate this past Sunday was about to celebrate
Sunday and " a big one ", his 50th birthday. Wow, you look great Greg, you
really do. Congratulations! I am so happy I was here to help you find what wines
to serve with your birthday meal. That pleases me enormously.

A LITTLE DETAIL SLIPPED from Greg's lips as we spoke and he said that a Arneis
and a Pinot Noir were suggested by the chef, Roberta Donna that was cooking his
meal there at his home! Wow, that changes everything, really, that's BIG. We had
to recalibrate, we had to restructure, re-plan and get it right. This was
important on many levels now.

GREG THEN SAID TO : " pretend that I had not told you any of this. " I said : "
I can't do that. " Anyway after lots of conversation back-and-forth we found
some interesting choices to add to the Arneis and the Pinot Noir.

GREG BOUGHT the last of the DEMARIE Langhe dry white Arneis 2011, 12,5% alcohol
by volume, $16.99 ( I still have one bottle in th cold box up front, from Vezza
D'Alba, Piemonte : NOTE - Roberta Donna is from the Piemonte region of Italy
that makes such great wines ).

I ALSO SOLD GREG some of the Roero Arneis 2012 GIACOMO FENOCCHIO , $23.99, 14%
alcohol by volume to use as the aperitif wine as people arrived. It's softer,
rounder, and more fruit-forward than the DEMARIE that he would then use with the
meal itself.

FOR THE PINOT NOIR I showed Greg many Pinot Nero's from Italy and then we also
talked about some from the United States. I showed him the CHATEAU BIANCA 2010
Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $18.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume, and we decided
that it would work for his meal as well.

IT WAS QUITE the discussion about this meal. For me it all boiled down to two
things : 1) keep Greg happy, and  2) keep Roberto Donna happy ... and the rest
should all fall into place. I can't wait to hear from Greg now!

JUST ANOTHER GRAND celebration of life here in Cleveland Park and in the greater
Washington D.C. metropolitan region. Glad we were a part, glad I could help.
It's what I get so much personal satisfaction from.



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HEY SANTOS : What Beers/Ales Have You?!

1) Brooklyn " Wild Streak " Ale Aged In Bourbon Barrels ($23.99, 1 Pt.
9.4Fl. Oz bottles, New York,  ... " sometimes a little cavorting is a fine thing
... our Brooklyn Wild Streak is our barrel-aged Belgian-inspired golden ale
enlivened by the earthy funk of the wild yeast ... ".

2) " Red Thunder " Malt beverage aged in wine barrels from VICTORY ( $10.99
a 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, 8.5% alcohol by volume , go to,
Downingtown, PA. ) : " ... we filled oak barrels that previously held red wine
with our Baltic Thunder and waited patiently for results. "

3) " Lager " from LEGEND Brewing CO. in Richmond, Virginia ( On Special for
$9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, go to : for more info
) : " Not just a beer, it's a legend." I like that. Ballsy!

LIQUEUR - LIQUOR From Malkit and Jagir :


1) Tropical Papaya from DEKUYPER ( $12.99 a  750ml bottle, 15% alcohol by
volume, 30 Proof , since 1695, ) : my challenge to you is to come up with some
interesting drinks to use this Papaya with and I will post them on our Facebook
page and give you all full credit for your inventions!


1) Old Tom Gin  from HAYMANS Family Gin Distillers ( On Special for $27.99
a bottle, the authentic Victorian gin, distilled from grain, 40% alcohol by
volume, since 1863, go to : for more info ) : go back in
time, try it as it used to be a long, long time ago : drink in the tradition,
try it on for size, fit and feel!

2) Kopper Kettle Handcrafted Single Estate ' Grain To Glass ' from BELMONT
FARM Virginia Whiskey ( On Special for $30.99 a 750ml bottle, 86 Proof, from
Culpepper, VA. barrel-aged 4 years ) : go to : for
more info , matured in apple wood and Virginia white oak. Cheers.

3) Trinidad & Tobago Caribbean rum aged 7 years from ANGOSTURA , est 1824 (
$24.99 a 750 ml bottle, 40% alcohol by volume, ) : " ... we say the sugar cane
is only ready for making rum when it's been kissed by a butterfly." I can see
that, can you?!? Sure you can, sip some while you discuss this point ...


1) J. P. CHENET Reserve Pinot Noir 2011, $9.99, 12.5% alcohol by volume,
Landras, France ) : flavorful Pinot, will taste it tonight from 5:30-7:30PM!
Taste with Valentin Pellegrinelli tonight!

2) J. P. CHENET Reserve Merlot-Cabernet 2011 , 13.55 alcohol by France,
Pays D'Oc ( $9.99 a bottle, 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon ) : a hearty,
beefy, balanced and tasty dry French red in an old Cognac bottle found on the
property and used exclusively now by J.P. CHENET! Nice... Tasted tonight again!
With Valentin Pellegrinelli !!!

3) Torrontes dry white from Argentina's Valle Escondido in Mendoza, this
2012 , $10.99 will be tasted by it's owner himself Patricio Gouguenheim! Wow,
this will be great!!

4) Bonarda-Syrah dry red blend from Argentina's Valle Escondido region,
flavorful, good complexity and balance and flavor! Patricio will also taste this
soon here tonight!


COME TONIGHT : 5:30-7:30PM : Meet owner Patricio Gouguenheim of his family's own
GOUGUENHEIM Valle Escondido, Mendoza, Argentina winery and taste the
Bonarda-Syrah 2012, $11.99 a bottle ; and the Torrontes dry 2012, at $10.99.
Patricio I am sure will have more wine open for you all to taste;

ALSO : Come meet and taste with Valentin Pellegrinelli wines of southwest,
France : the J.P. CHENET two reds, 1) Pinot Noir Reserve 2011, $9.99, ... 2)
J.P. CHENET Pinot Noir 2011, $9.99 a bottle, and the ... 3) Chardonnay 2012 J.P.
CHENET, $9.99.

WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! Cheers, No Charge, Join Us tonight, Tuesday, April 15th,
2014  from 5:30-7:30PM. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn

WEEK'S ' Other ' Tastings :

Friday, April 18th, 2014 : Sotiris Bafitis is here to taste great Greek and
Italian classics from 5-8PM!

Saturday, April 19th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : Andrew Stover is here to taste some
great Italian dry wines, white CASA MIA Chardonnay, 2012, $9.99 ..., red VIS A
VIE 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Veneto, Italy at $9.99  and rose from TATI,
Piemonte ...  and BARBI, Umbria, as well as some ' killer ' fresh and floral and
fruit-forwars Spanish Garnacha from COLLADO, 2012, $9.99 a bottle. ALL GREAT
VALUES at UBDER $10 a bottle. Love that. No charge, join us.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we love you, we appreciate it, really we do. Cheers,

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