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SUCH A TREAT : EARTH DAY TODAY. Just think about all that we treasure and love
about our earth and what joy and pleasure it brings us all. Amazing really. Just
yesterday I was cleaning out and bagging the leaves from the flower beds at our
home. It's sometimes back-breaking work and yet it looks so good once it is

TODAY our garden and yard at home will be breathing easier today as I cleaned,
and arranged and watered and it all is easier now for all the new growth to poke
up and out and grow up and kiss the sun's rays as often as possible.

WITH OUR FIRE PIT a lot of the fallen branches and twigs and dried wild grass,
etcetera has been burned along with firewood and warmed us as I grilled and we
sipped our wine : some of the BARBI Umbrian Italian dry rose On Special for
$8.99, and some of the ' new ' vintage JUSTIN Vineyard's red Cabernet Sauvignon
that our local rep Donna Quinn left me recently. The BARBI was so crisp and tart
and dry and flavorful : the JUSTIN was round and medium-to-light-bodied and
fruit-forward, balanced and overall quite pleasing. Nice. Thanks.

I AM MOST PROUD of our plaque that we have outside ( our daughter got it for us
and it is a treasure of mine as I love to garden and spend time outside ) that
states that we are a friendly natural habitat as we use no herbicides or
pesticides at all. Have to find other ' natural ' ways to deal with the Japanese
beetles that love the delicate , pale old-fashioned tiny pink roses that we have
thanks to my mother that gave us the plant years ago at our old home and which
we brought when we moved. Thanks Mom!

SO HAPPY EARTH DAY, enjoy it, what are you all doing to celebrate it today?

WE HAVE PLENTY of choices here for you all to celebrate Earth Day later when you
get off. Perhaps a picnic, spend time outside. if it's breezy and cold perhaps
some porter or stout or some port? We have selections of all of those.
IF IT'S RAINING LATER today on Earth Day perhaps you need something a bit more
warming as you return from a walk in the rain : some dessert wine, some bourbon
or even some good, flavorful apple cider like our local CIDERWORKS, Jefferson ,
Maryland hard apple ciders, especially the Jefferson Bottle that they make that
is aged for awhile in bourbon barrels? That will work, that will be splendid if
it's cold and drizzly later.

SO GLAD that the Boston Marathon went off well yesterday and that we have many
happy stories and stories of personal triumph to listen to, watch and learn
about this year, one year after the terrible tragedy there.

SPRING FINALLY seems to be all around us, everything is so verdant and
blossoming and shades of yellows , pinks, lavenders and greens. I love that, we
all love that, makes us all feel good to see things pushing up from the ground
and the bare brown tree limbs all now covered in the most delicate shades of
baby greens.

I AM SURE I WILL be out soon drawing in my backyard as I like to do.

ON EASTER I drove my family to the National Portrait Gallery where we went to
see the show on the book and movie called " The Monument Men " and I thought of
our customer and friend Amy that works there on all the Hollywood and film
exhibits and shows. Amy we loved what we saw as we walked towards the Monument
Men exhibit : the whole museum is quite inspiring. And to be in Washington D.C.
on a drop-dead gorgeous day and to see all the zillions of paddle boats out on
the Tidal Basin, and what looked like a whole group of enthusiastic visitors
frolicking under a group of Cheery trees, taking pictures, laughing - all pretty
wonderful. Loved the experience, the drive and the show at the National Portrait
Gallery : what a treasure that is for us all, and free. Now that's special.

YOU ALL KNOW THAT it's EARTH DAY today, right? Well, it is.

YOU MUST STOP BY today and see what we still have some of - a very little bit
of - in stock specially for you!

YES, FOR YOU, ONLY YOU ... I got the idea just now as I remembered last night's
episode of " The Voice " and where Usher said to one of the singer's that they
had to make every person listening that the song was just for them and no one
else. I like that. That's the way we should all be made to feel : special. We
are special, we know it, nice when others say it to us. Makes us smile, makes us
feel good about ourselves.

SO : Ale, Beer & Cider From Santos :


1) ' Original Sin ' Premium Hard Cider is Devilishly Delicious ( On Special
for $11.99 a 6-pack , 6% alcohol by volume, 12 Fl. Oz bottles, from Canaveral,
Florida ) : supremely crafted some tasty original sin hard cider for you all to

2) Cidre de Thierache Brut Methode Traditionelle from CLOS De La FONTAINE
HUGO ( $11.99 a 750ml bottle, Producteur Recoltant / Owner Producer , 100% pure
apple juice with no sugar added , 5% alcohol by volume ) : from Rozay sur Serre,
and brand new here, exciting.

3) Sagarnoa from TXOPINONDO ' eleve sur lie ' from the Pays-Basque, (
$10.99 a 750ml bottle, 6% alcohol by volume, Cidrerie Txopinondo, made in
Ascain, go to : www.txopinondo.com ) something really new and exciting for us!
Perfect for the spring and today, Earth Day!


1) : ' Jewbelation ' Reborn from HEBREW The Chosen One ( $13.99 a 6-pack of
12-ounce bottles, from SCHMALTZ Brewing Company , Clifton Park, NY 1 Pt. 6 Fl.
Oz bottle, go to : www.SchmaltzBrewing.com for more info ) : Born 1996, Reborn
2013 ...

2) ' Peaches ' WINDOWPANE Series Peaches Ale brewed with Natural flavor and
aged in Chardonnay Barrels ( $17.99 a 750ml bottle, from MOTHER EARTH Brewing,
Kingston, N.C. , go to : www.motherearthbrewing.com ) : " so delicate, so
smooth, so delightful, I really like how seductive and silky this taste and
flavor-profile is - a delight! Cheers.

LIQUOR - LIQUEUR From Malkit & Jagir :


1) Pecan Liqueur ' Original ' PRALINE Since 1850 ( $19.99 a 750ml bottle,
21% alcohol by volume, New Orleans, LA. ) : " PRALINES have been a New Orleans
tradition since the French first brought the candy to the Crescent City in the
18th Century. Pralines remain today the essential confection identified with the
city ... "


1) Sweet Tea Southern-Style from JEREMIAH WEED , sweet tea flavored vodka (
$   , go to : www.jeremiahweed.com for more info ) : something that has now been
popular for a long time, and it's the proper time of year now to start things
all over again!

2) Blended Scotch Whiskey Aged 12 Years from GRAND MACNISH ( $25.99 a
bottle, 40% alcohol by volume ) : I liked the finesse, the polish and the
overall elegance of this line of blended Scotch whiskeies that we will try here
on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 from 2-6PM with Vince Grande. Come taste, really
good taste and really good value, too.

3) Straight Apple Brandy from LAIRD'S ( On Special for $29.99 a 750ml
bottle, bottled in bond, from distilleries in both  Scobeyville, NJ and also
North Garden, VA., founded 1780, ) : From America's oldest family of distillers.

4) Bourbon Whiskey Special Release from BRECKENRIDGE ( $55.99 a 750ml
bottle, a handcrafted bourbon whiskey, 43% alcohol by volume ) : Made at 9600
feet with snow-melt from the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado. Something
special to be tasting and including on today's Earth Day!

WINE For Earth Day Today & This Week -

1) Malbec 2012 from La Rioja, Argentina from CHANARMUYO Estate, Chamas
Honnorat Family Wines ( On Special for $9.99 a bottle, 14% alcohol by volume ) :
a more earthy, complex, peppery, spicy dry red that is a steal at $10 and a fine
food wine, too : as you walk around later today and survey your domain, go to
your vegetable and herb garden, take a walk outside and in the park and back
home later in the comfort of your home. Cheers.

2) Cinsault 2012 " Barroco " Dry French red from CAMBIS ( $14.99, a
Languedoc Southwest, French wine ) : made from 100% Cinsault grapes, one of the
five grapes found in Cotes-Du-Rhone reds and in red Chateauneuf-Du-Pape. Cheers.
Hearty, robust, steely and tart and a food wine, medium-bodied, tasty.

3) Nebbiolo dry red from GABRIELLE RAUSSE , 2011 ( $21.99 a bottle, 13.8%
alcohol by volume, from Charlottesville, VA. 22902 ) : a light, delicate,
elegant, refined and delicious dry red that is perfect for this warm and how
weather when it comes - and it will, and it will be ideal for then - even now to
set the tone, set the stage, set the taste as we transition on this Earth Day
into the spring and summer months. Gabrielle also uses 100% Virginia grapes to
make his wines, he does not blend wine from other states as many do in Virginia

4) Cotes Du Provence dry delicate-shaded French rose, 2013 from the DOMAINE
DE PARIS ( $14.99 a bottle, from Brignoles, Var, France ) : Michel, Joe and I
all really liked this when we tasted it awhile back and we are delighted to have
it here now. What a refined, elegant, delicate, tasty and thrilling treat to
enjoy today on Earth Day and for the next couple of weeks. it's a winner, it's
perfect to sip and also to enjoy with many a meal.

5) ' Les Galets Dores ' Costieres de Nimes 2012 from the CHATEAU DU GRES (
$15.99 a 750ml bottle, 14% alcohol by volume ) : a dry and inviting white blend
of 40% Roussanne, 20% Grenache and 20% Vermentino - I enjoy this, and it's nice
with this slightly-cooler day today. Get some and enjoy some after work as you
prepare your meal.

6) ' Le Chant Des Griots ' Dry white French blend of Roussanne and Viognier
from CAMBIS in the Languedoc that needs a little food to really enjoy it fully.
Get some, take it up on a rooftop or a deck or balcony and enjoy! Cheerful,
zesty and engaging in it's flavors.


1) California Chardonnay ' Night Harvest ' from R.H. PHILLIPS ( $10.99 a
1.5ml bottle-size ) : we have sold the 750ml bottle size now so well for so long
and now have it for you in the magnum size, too!

2) THE Naked GRAPE California Moscato 3-liter box wine at $18.99 a box
offers value and a treat for everyone. Floral smooth, fruity, fresh and so easy
to enjoy all by itself on this day today, Earth Day, or for the rest of the
week. Once open it's good and fresh for at least a month!!



1) BUY ANY sparkling wine bottle over $20 a bottle and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker price ( except for VEUVE CLICQUOT ).
2) Mix six or more bottles and save 10% OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY 12 or more bottles of sparkling or still wine and SAVE 15% OFF the
marked sticker prices.
Includes Port, Sherry, Marsala, Madeira, Sake.


1) BUY ANY Still Wine over $20 a bottle and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
2) BUY SIX or MORE bottles of still ( non-sparkling wine ) and SAVE 15%
OFF the marked sticker prices.
3) BUY TWELVE OR MORE non-sparkling wines and SAVE 20% OFF the marked
sticker prices.
INCLUDED are Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala and Sake.
MIX THINGS UP. Have fun, get more of what you want this way. spread out
your experiences, too.



TONIGHT : Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 : Come meet Pierre Marselan today that
works with Dan Terrasa od the Willima Harrison portfolio and taste some of
Pierre's fine red Bordeaux wines that include an excellent 2010 dry red Grand
Cru Saint-Emilion. There will be other dry reds from the 2009 and the 2010
vintage! JOIN US soon tonight on Earth Day : let's celebrate Earth Day and fine
French ' value ' red Bordeaux wines from excellent vintages... oh yeah, bien
sur, venez nous voir ce soir ...

Friday, April 25th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : Tony's ' Picks ' this week, I will do
another tasting here on Friday. I enjoyed doing the one last Friday so much that
I will look around and find the wines I would like to taste here this Friday. Be
rewarded and surprised. Cheers, ...

Saturday, April 26th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : We have Vince Grande here to taste
the blended Scotch whiskey I mentioned above :  GRAND MACNISH - 12 and 15
yr-old, as well as ' Inspired ' floral and fruit-forward red from California
that is a delightful blend, and some 2012 Kiwi New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that
will be great for this weekend.

JOIN US, NEVER any charge, a treat for everyone. Everyone is always welcome.

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, we appreciate all that you do for us, all your faith in
us, all your business that you choose to give us. Thanks.

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HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE Enjoy some of it, stroll over here, stroll around your
yards , the park, see our earth.

OUR EARTH is changing and we have to know that and try and keep up and control
the damage we as humans do to it. But you already know that. I know.

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